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  1. Agree with all your points. There is a risk that they will pull the plug, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. My investment in this is pretty low and I personally think it’s worth the risk so far. That may change in the near future. Wanted to suggest it as it could be a good option for some on here
  2. Yeah would still recommend it. IMO I'm not concerned about google's game studios closing and is probably good for stadia overall. It narrows their focus on the stadia platform and allows them to work with 3rd party studios to offer the top rated games or contract exclusives instead of trying to dev their own. This has failed for amazon a few different times. If you compare it to last gen consoles, stadia graphics are on par or above a ps4 pro. CP2077 launch was a huge flop on ps4 and xbox because it couldn't run the game smoothly. Stadia actually ran it rather well. Another benefi
  3. I know this isn’t a ps5 but would recommend google stadia. Use chromecast ultra + stadia controller which is WiFi. Controller works anywhere in the house or patio and can game on basically any screen
  4. You can also control devices via the Josh app. Agree, doesn't make a lot of sense with 1 device + C4. You would likely want multiple micros in your project. I'm a new JoshAI dealer and can help get pricing if anyone is interested.
  5. I've been using an AVR-S930h with IP control, using the AVR-X2000 driver. This has worked well for the last year+. Allows you to change source and has discrete volume control
  6. Dealer found. Thanks all! Saw in a recent post that C4 has mechanical switches to match the smart switches. Looking to purchase C4-MSW-10PK-LA. Please PM me
  7. Same issue here running 3.1.3. C4 is attempting to set the date and time every few minutes and is causing the annoying beeps. There are times where it stops beeping for hours and other times every minute. Logs show "Panel reported date doesn't match system date. Trigger a Resync..." I have a the user code set and use that functionality. I'm also running homebridge
  8. Wanting to buy asap. Shipped to Texas. 3 x C4-KA-LA 2 x C4-CKKD-LA Also need a remote integrator to add some additional dimmers to a 2.10.2 project. Please PM me
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