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  1. There's an updated driver now in beta testing. This is using the new iaqualink API and looks promising so far. Hopefully there will be limited issues and will release soon
  2. Anyone else seeing issues with concord4 integration? Panel is showing offline but manual key presses through the C4 interface seem to pass to the system based on keypad feedback. However there are no events being logged within the history and the panel shows offline within composer. I also had a random alarm triggered today and can't find the reason. The alarm isn't logged in history but all other sensor events are there and logged for about 10 minutes after the alarm. Nothing has logged since. IIRC there were some bugs related to date and time around this time last year. I'm guessing there is something wrong with my panel but wanted to double check to make sure it's isolated to my project. Thanks
  3. I’ll try calling that number tomorrow Here’s the reply that I was sent We are looking into these reports and will get some information from the Home Automation developer team. Best Regards, Our office will be closed on Monday, May 31st for the Memorial Day holiday. Pool Owner Technical Support Technical Support Rep (O) 800-822-7933 2882 Whiptail Loop # 100, Carlsbad, CA 92010 FluidraUSA.com
  4. They replied to me from techsupport.vista@fluidra.com. Could try that one as well
  5. I've contacted their product support email and it sounds like they are at least aware of the issue but I couldn't get an answer if they are actually working to address it or if they are deprecating support for this. I would recommend everyone to email productsupport@fluidra.com to report this problem
  6. You can program a single, double, triple tap on the micros themselves to perform an action
  7. Clarifying question : please define what is offline? are you saying if connectivity is offline it asks you additional questions? generally it won’t respond with questions to voice commands. The dealer will configure it so when you say “watch movie” it will close the shades, dim the lights, etc
  8. ntpd is a time service which keeps hardware in sync and signal 15 is a restart service request. ntpd can restart itself if the clock drifts too far from actual time. This could indicate a hardware problem or something is triggering a service restart. Are there any logs before the signal 15?
  9. I might be late to the party on this but just noticed the volume up/down now gives some haptic feedback within the c4 iOS app. Hope they start adding this to more or all of the buttons within the app. Makes control via c4 app so much better for the end user.
  10. Yep I noticed some errors being returned from their API saying too many requests. They may have tweaked some rate limits. Control4 and Jandy are both aware of the issue now so hopefully we'll have a quick resolution
  11. Spoke too soon. This did bring the controller online and I was able to read temps but was not actually able to control pumps. C4 status page now shows
  12. In the driver properties, I erased username password and serial number and click set next to each. I waited a few minutes and added everything back. For the serial # I did not use any dashes. From actions tab I clicked each of the items, get new session, get home screen, get devices. Controller went from an offline state to an online state and regained control through C4.
  13. Was able to blank out all settings, serial , username and password. Set it all again and everything connected and is reporting online. Not sure if that was the actual fix or if it forced a reconnect.
  14. Agree and thanks for checking. I'll post something through the dealer portal and see if the issue can get raised. Thanks
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