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  1. You can program a single, double, triple tap on the micros themselves to perform an action
  2. Clarifying question : please define what is offline? are you saying if connectivity is offline it asks you additional questions? generally it won’t respond with questions to voice commands. The dealer will configure it so when you say “watch movie” it will close the shades, dim the lights, etc
  3. ntpd is a time service which keeps hardware in sync and signal 15 is a restart service request. ntpd can restart itself if the clock drifts too far from actual time. This could indicate a hardware problem or something is triggering a service restart. Are there any logs before the signal 15?
  4. I might be late to the party on this but just noticed the volume up/down now gives some haptic feedback within the c4 iOS app. Hope they start adding this to more or all of the buttons within the app. Makes control via c4 app so much better for the end user.
  5. Yep I noticed some errors being returned from their API saying too many requests. They may have tweaked some rate limits. Control4 and Jandy are both aware of the issue now so hopefully we'll have a quick resolution
  6. Spoke too soon. This did bring the controller online and I was able to read temps but was not actually able to control pumps. C4 status page now shows
  7. In the driver properties, I erased username password and serial number and click set next to each. I waited a few minutes and added everything back. For the serial # I did not use any dashes. From actions tab I clicked each of the items, get new session, get home screen, get devices. Controller went from an offline state to an online state and regained control through C4.
  8. Was able to blank out all settings, serial , username and password. Set it all again and everything connected and is reporting online. Not sure if that was the actual fix or if it forced a reconnect.
  9. Agree and thanks for checking. I'll post something through the dealer portal and see if the issue can get raised. Thanks
  10. We have a project where pool control through C4 stopped working within the last 48-72 hours. Don't believe there were any changes to the project or network. Using the latest iaqualink driver, we're seeing xml errors. ReceivedFromCom ReceiveBuffer is now Failed to post v1/mobile/session.json: HTTP response code said error HandleMessage. Message is ==>Failed to post v1/mobile/session.json: HTTP response code said error<== Error: message is not valid xml Anyone else having similar issues or can you confirm pool control is still functioning?
  11. Agree with all your points. There is a risk that they will pull the plug, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. My investment in this is pretty low and I personally think it’s worth the risk so far. That may change in the near future. Wanted to suggest it as it could be a good option for some on here
  12. Yeah would still recommend it. IMO I'm not concerned about google's game studios closing and is probably good for stadia overall. It narrows their focus on the stadia platform and allows them to work with 3rd party studios to offer the top rated games or contract exclusives instead of trying to dev their own. This has failed for amazon a few different times. If you compare it to last gen consoles, stadia graphics are on par or above a ps4 pro. CP2077 launch was a huge flop on ps4 and xbox because it couldn't run the game smoothly. Stadia actually ran it rather well. Another benefi
  13. I know this isn’t a ps5 but would recommend google stadia. Use chromecast ultra + stadia controller which is WiFi. Controller works anywhere in the house or patio and can game on basically any screen
  14. You can also control devices via the Josh app. Agree, doesn't make a lot of sense with 1 device + C4. You would likely want multiple micros in your project. I'm a new JoshAI dealer and can help get pricing if anyone is interested.
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