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  1. I have a month old neo remote in silver. price:$400
  2. Looking to sell just add power 3g+Avp 3 transmitters and 3 receivers price $190 each shipped
  3. Looking to sell unopened brand newTriad 24x24 matrix.. 1500 shipped
  4. I have a triad one with digital input from tv and analog in from Dac from Roon..I have a fake CD player so I can select it manually for playing roon..I have it programmed to detect analog in to auto set to cd and volume to 100.since roon uses dac volume control..I also have event to shutoff room when audio detection stops..now I am seeing some weird behavior..audio randomly stops ..
  5. Just add power 3G POE RX...looking to get $150+shipping
  6. I have a extra ea1 and sr260 AA battery for sale.Looking to get $350 shipped..
  7. Looking to buy a used triad 24x24 audio matrix
  8. Looking to buy used neeo remote..
  9. Looking for EA5 preferably used
  10. where do i find the berto bridge to install on a vm
  11. Looking to buy hc800 or used ea1
  12. Looking for used triad one
  13. Looking to buy a triad TM-AMS8 matrix switch...
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