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  1. I still have a C4 LU642D 6x6 4k HDMI switcher with down mixing available. PM if interested. Ken
  2. Includes two baluns, possibly three. Unit is about two years old and worked perfectly when it was removed, I downsized so no longer need this piece. Retail is $6,000, best reasonable offer gets it as now it is just taking up precious closet space.
  3. Somehow missed this, yes I still have the switcher, make me a reasonable offer. Ken
  4. Asking $2500, comes with at least 2 baluns. I am sure I have a third and possibly fourth but haven't found the last two since the move.
  5. I have a C4LU642D 6x6 4K HDMI switcher with audio down mixing for sale if you are interested, it is bigger than you need but will give you room to grow should you ever need it. PM me if you are interested.
  6. A change in my system freed up my former 6x6 4k HDMI Matrix switcher. This was professionally installed in my rack and just recently removed. Includes two, probably three baluns (been consolidating households so I saw the third while unpacking, I just need to locate it again for the sale!) Retail is $6,000 for this piece and it include audio down mixing for lone displays. Best offer gets it! PM me for any serious offers. Ken
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