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  1. A fan switch (4 button) had flashing red LED's after a power failure. Instead of a reboot button press sequence I applied the factory reset code (moving too quickly, thinking too slowly) and now the LED are all a steady green. I believe this means the switch is disconnected from Zigbee network. The switch is still available in the project (I can see it in Composer Home Edition, where it had an over wattage warning associated with it, which is probably why the LED's were red). Can I reconnect it myself, or do I need an installer to do it. If I can what is the procedure. Any advice appreciated - thanks. Andrew
  2. Neil completed a remote update to V3 for me recently. No problems at all - update went very smoothly, didn’t require any input from me and was completed in a short time. This is the second time Neil has helped me - both times i’ve been very happy. Highly recommended.
  3. Inherited a C4 system when moving to new home. Needed to change configuration. Neil was able to make the changes remotely and quickly. Very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
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