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  1. HI All We are installing Control4 in our newly constructed home. We are getting a recommendation of Episode 1500 and 1700 speakers. We already have 8" holes cut for speakers. But we just wanted to know recommendations for speakers for a medium audiophile. We don't know much about the specs, etc., but what should we look out for? (wattage, etc.). thanks melissa
  2. Hi All, I am new to the forum and do not yet have Control4 installed (new home build to be completed in a couple of months). I am a huge fan of Phillips Hue Color bulbs and we are planning to sub out for the most part smart C4 switches with Phillips Hue lights. However, I have just learned that the Hue Bridge can only support 50 hue lights. We will have more, at least that was the plan. Speaking to Phillips you have to have an Alexa/Hue dedicated to a group of lights. So if you want to turn off the exterior lights, and you are not in the area of the Alexa controlling the Exterior lights, you have to either use the app or walk to the room with the Alexa... I am hoping that our Control4 system will be able to manage more than one Hue bridge, making all Hue lights in the house available for scenes and commands (preferably one command) to Alexa, regardless of what Alexa you are standing near. I see there are drivers, but I know nothing about this. Something about Extra Vegetables??? Our Control4 installer does not have alot of experience with Hue. I have seen on this forum it can be a pain to control more than 50 lights. But that someone at least was able to control the light colors based on the date (IF it is 10/31 THEN turn lights to orange) - WHICH IS COOL - but some lights drop off... I hope this is not a deal buster for us and being able to add more than 50 lights. Looking at our electrical plan it MAY be possible to limit to 50 bulbs, but ideally we may be more like 70+ Also, wondering if anyone has used the new Phillips Econic Exterior light and how it looks. thanks in advance melissa
  3. Thanks for your response. Are you concerned about losing total control? I mean my husband is already thinking about a way to include manual valves to turn on the shower if the U fails...I think the warranty is 5 years? So if the parts fail, we can get a replacement. But if there is something else (like power outage, I know we can get a battery backup, but...) and something I am not anticipating, then we are kinda out of luck. I would just hate for my husband to say "I told you so...." and have to demolish the shower to install a normal shower system. But I REALLY think this is cool and need to somehow convince the better half...
  4. I am new and do not have Control4 installed yet, we are under construction now. I am wondering if the Majestic Fireplaces will work, in particular Pearl and Twilight. http://www.majesticproducts.com/ Thanks!
  5. For ajbarrister, did you get the new U by Moen? We are building a new home and will use Control4 and I am looking at the U by Moen but afraid of glitches. And also wondering if you got it to work with Control4 thanks
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