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  1. azkid, I just search eh web for free wav or mpg files. But here are some I have found for various seasons. I use WaveShop to edit file to short snippets. Have fun! yankeedoodle.mid Irish Washerwoman.mp3 Turkey Gobble-SoundBible.com-123256561.wav ice-cubes-2sec.wav Two Tone Doorbell-SoundBible.com-1238551671.wav Irish Washerwoman short.wav auld_lang_syne short.wav starsstripes short.wav ssbanner short.wav
  2. THanks for the feedback. I was also planning on using this programming to do things with lights. And since the variable is already set up, I will play around with it. So I would use a Boolean type of variable vs. number. Glad to know there are different ways to do this. thanks!
  3. Thanks to all the replies. I was interested in the variable option as I had never used this before, so I thought I'd try. Sorry for the long response, I did this partly so I could come back and refer to it.... I just want to make sure I understand it correctly (newbie here): 1) In AGENTS>Announcements, I added sound files to be used: 2) In AGENTS>Variables, I added a new variable called "Doorbell" and made it a number. ****[And just assuming that C4 pings the system and automatically assigns the variable number based on the date. I had to actually execute the
  4. Hi All I have created a scheduler for playing a certain wave file at different times of the year when the doorbell call button is pressed (Control4 Door Station). Two questions: 1) In this program, a "normal" doorbell sound should only occur if all the other conditions aren't met. When the doorbell is pressed, it does play the July 4 sound, but it ends with the normal doorbell...I just added the line for July 4 today, and before I did this, there was no normal doorbell sound after the seasonal sound. 2) I would like to change the IF statement for July 4 sound to 6/30 to 7/6 r
  5. I am trying to be able to set up Alexa to trigger stations/songs on Amazon music. I was told by our dealer to install the Echo input. They have hooked this input to our sound system (Triad system). But I can't wrap my head around setting this up. I am using Home Edition and I am able to set up an Alexa voice scene to evoke a e.g. sirius XM channel in a certain zone as Sirius is listed as an audio device. But how do I do the same for the Input? thanks melissa
  6. I am a newbie and I am using the Voice Commands in the C4 Home Edition software. All of the commands must start with Turn on or Turn off. This sometimes is clunky. If I want to dim the lights in a room, I have to say something like "Turn on dim in kitchen". I would rather say "Dim kitchen lights". Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks melissa
  7. Sounds like a good idea! I am a newbie and not an installer, so didn't know about this. Is this already included in the C4 suite of drivers or do I need to install? Thanks Dunamivora!
  8. I know I have done this before but I can't remember how. Once I turn on a TV video source (e.g Roku), I want to click the menu and also scroll to an app. And hopefully click enter. I remember it was something like left +/- 1 or right +/- 1, etc. Can anyone help? thanks melissa
  9. Hi All I am trying to set up some lighting voice commands via Alexa through C4. I am using the Extra Vegetables driver for Philips Hue lights. I have many lighting zones (set up through my dealer although I wish the end user could do this...) and I have several target colors. So I am going through hundreds iterations of the same thing just switching the lighting zone name and the color. Is there anyway to import an Excel, CSV or text file into C4 with voice commands? I am halfway through now so I will slog on but this may be helpful in the future for other things.
  10. AJBarrister Sounds cool! I was wondering about your trigger to come in from garage and turn on kitchen lights. Have you tried a geofencing trigger to activate kitchen lights when your smartphone enters garage? We are looking at various geofencing drivers. We found one by Homeation but we are waiting for support to contact us as we cannot install driver. Also...your comment about the hot water circulation intrigues me. We are having issues with our hot water circulator. Sometimes we have to turn a sink on to get the water to get hotter. Our electric bill has been higher
  11. Thanks, Did you try the same voice command to initiate your shower preset as well as all your other things (that is, if you want your shower to turn on the same time as all the other actions). Sounds like you are pretty advanced in using C4 and Alexa. Do you have any other "favorite" actions you do with Alexa and C4? I am trying to get the most bang for the buck out of our C4. THanks melissa
  12. Ajbarrister, Did you ever get the U by Moen to work with Control4? We have since finished building new home and we have the new U by Moen shower in and we use it ALL THE TIME with Alexa to turn on our preferred presets. So it works well (sometimes we have to wake it up again, but otherwise good). But we would like to e.g. play a radio station or perhaps set up a lighting scene when getting in the shower. Wondering if we can pair with other actions in C4. I can set up routines strictly in Alexa but just wonder if we could have a more robust control via C4. thanks meli
  13. Yes, my dealer adds the lights and groups them. It is a pain and I wish there was a way I could do it. I am already noticing that bulbs are being re-mapped and I can't figure out why. I grouped them in the Alexa app and I am able to turn on and off and adjust brightness but I can't control the colors....
  14. I am also interested! New to Control4. I am struggling with lighting scenes (we have all Philips Hue color bulbs in new home - 140 of them) and I would like help setting up scenes with color and linking to other actions (music, fireplace, etc.). Also geofencing? Triggered actions when leaving or arriving home. Thanks
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