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  1. Zektor Prowler 8x8B Audio Video Matrix Switch 8x8 + 6 Zektor SoloCAT A/V Receivers & Misc Planet Wave RCA Cables FREE FedEx SHIPPING Features: VIDEO, AUDIO AND POWER sent down a single CAT 5/6 Perfect for retrofits where only one CAT5/6/7 cable is pre-installed, but video and audio are both needed at the destination site. VIDEO: 450MHz bandwidth local ouputs, DC coupled inputs and outputs, for the most demanding video applications. 150MHz bandwidth CAT5/6/7 outputs, DC coupled for deep blacks and bright whites, and for black and white transitions without loss of sync.
  2. I'm looking for (1) C4 LU1E Receiver. Doesn't have to be brand new. Slightly used is ok. Please contact me at (904) 472-9000 or mhsommer@gmail.com
  3. Looking to purchase a gently used C4-LU642D. Please e-mail me at mhsommer@gmail.com or call me (904) 472-9000. I do not want to purchase a new unit. Thanks in advance Michael
  4. I'm looking for a gently usedCONTROL4 LEAF 4K ULTRA HD 6x6 AV MATRIX SWITCH - LU642 or a CONTROL4 LEAF 4K ULTRA HD 8X8 AV MATRIX SWITCH - LU862 Please contact me at (904) 472-9000 or mhsommer@gmail.com
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