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  1. I know enough to be dangerous. Shoot me a PM and I’ll see if I can help.
  2. Just looks like bug fixes.
  3. The fact that they mentions apps from the Google Play store would seem to give it away.
  4. It will do exactly what the Shield already does since they have run on the same platform and are at the mercy of Google and the apps made for each streaming service.
  5. Looks like it will do what every other android device will plus have their own aggregator app? Have to subscribe for the app I’m guessing. They are pushing Sling pretty hard. Dish can die in a fire as far as I’m concerned. For C4 control it does mean the IRUSB should work.
  6. My dreams of AirPlay 2 keep slipping.
  7. I already have a Raptor so it better be amazing.
  8. No streaming service offers lossless Atmos. It's all going to be compressed DD+, which may not matter depending on your ears and equipment. If you want uncompressed TrueHD Atmos is either going to be from a UHD BD or a rip from that BD. It's also has to be played back on a device that can bitstream the audio track. Shield is currently the only one that can besides a Windows PC from a rip. The only one that will do what you want is the 2019 Shield and give you the option to go Plex with a local library of TrueHD movies. Only reason I asked about the projector is because the one limitation currently with the Shield is that it can't tonemap HDR from UHD to HD. If you have all HDR UHD displays you are golden.
  9. If you have local media you can install Plex server on any PC(Windows, Mac Linux) and check out the Plex interface on any PC(Windows, Mac, Linux, including the one the server is on) If you only want to stream and don't have any local media then as mentioned Plex isn't for you. Now you mentioned Atmos. You are not getting Dolby True HD Atmos (lossless) with any of the streaming services, it is DD+. It will be Atmos but compressed and not at the same quality as the BD. If that matters then you might want to look into setting up a local library. To go deeper into the weeds, a Windows PC and Shield are the ONLY devices (minus dedicated BD players and boxes like Kalied$cope) that will let you bitstream Dolby True HD. Do you have a theater room with a projector?
  10. Biggest drawback about C4 is the screens which I also find mediocre and the lack of ability to make them more custom. Maybe look at Crestron which a good dealer can make amazing for ballers.
  11. Upgrade them to Protect when video adapter becomes available. It will have HDMI out.
  12. I was hoping for Airplay 2 drivers. Guess I will need to keep holding my breath.
  13. IPSec yes with hardware offloading. Supposedly can do 800MBps. They can do OpenVPN but I’m sure it’s pretty slow.
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