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  1. Really need Apple Music for C4. I was holding on to Spotify for use with my kids Echos but now that they work with Apple Music I’m dumping Spotify. Tidal and Amazon music work well enough with C4 though.
  2. I currently have a 10 drive Unraid server set up for storage and Plex. Also running a Windows VM for Blueiris. So far it seems to work pretty well. Only issue on the C4 side is I can’t get any video, just single frames of video.
  3. Works just fine in bridge mode with Unifi gateway and access points Just hope you don't have to work with Comcast customer service. It sucks as bad as people says it does.
  4. Seeing as the remotes are Zigbee I can't imagine it having anything to do with the network.
  5. Running Unifi here as well, work and home. USG Pros set as site-to-site VPN with multiple switches and access points on both sides. Cloud key on the work side controls everything. Everything as been great, just make sure you let other people test out new firmware updates. They don't seem to do very good beta testing.
  6. Anyone know if the TL880LT/TL880LE Dual path module is C4 compatible?
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