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  1. Use a screen capture app and make it a video?
  2. I'm all about DIY but if you are not sure what to do with the white and black wires you might want to get some pro help. Way to necro-bump.
  3. What would give you Alexa and transport control? Sonos Port?
  4. I do see it works with a Bluetooth remote. I’m sure there is some overly complex solution to make it work.
  5. Is there any way to control an Echo Dot other than using voice commands? Would be nice to control via remote/keypad once music is playing.
  6. How is the new Shield Pro? Any chance have your tried to 4K HDR to HD with tone mapping?
  7. Couldn't it be done with SIP via a FXO/FXS?
  8. Never done it, but I think you would want to use a normal switch and a 120v relay to do the switching or a keypad that controls a zigbee remote relay. Could even run it back to the controller if it has any free relays. Electrician should have a good idea on how he would prefer to wire it.
  9. I'm with Eggslot on the BlueIris route if it isn't to much of a pain to run Cat6. Gives you the ability to run just about any IP camera out there. Can get decent cameras for cheap on places like Amazon.
  10. Already had the locks. Did not report lock state fine. It reported the first time it connected after a power cycle but that was it. Swapped in a C4 module and it all works now.
  11. And you are using the same IP/port/login credentials in the driver? Are you then able to select and set a camera?
  12. Can you log into Blue Iris with your browser? What URL is it coming up with?
  13. If you enable the RTSP stream in Protect and use the generic IP driver it should.
  14. The other light goes out when one is unscrewed? If that's the case someone wired them completely wrong, in series. Might want to get an electrician out to get them wired properly.
  15. I'm no expert but I'm guessing you will be just fine. I also have a all Unifi network and have no issues. I think problems come up when putting things that require multicast on different VLANs.
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