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  1. I agree 100%. Probably won't know anything until it just shows up, if it ever does at all. Lack of good native Siri/Alexa/Google voice integration is current weak point of C4 IMHO.
  2. C4 really needs to get onboard with Homekit support and Airplay 2. Natively. I would love to a dump Amazon.
  3. I'm running BI in a Unraid Windows VM, zero issues. I never use it with C4, just to many clicks to to get to them, a lot quicker opening the BI app. The big advantage I see with BI is you can use it with any camera. V5 does now require paid support if you want updates after the first year. Pretty lame, I'm guessing most people will wait until a major update that has a feature they want, purchase a month of support, then wait again.
  4. So chime has motion detection but not via ai like Ring? Hard pass.
  5. Just look up “HomeBridge” and it will will be the with GUI version. I believe I just followed the normal setup for HomeBridge.
  6. There is also a Homebridge docker if you have a system that can use them. I have it running on my Unraid server.
  7. That is super slow, it's under a second from BI. Are you really needing to use C4 for viewing the cameras?
  8. I would say night and day for me. I'm using Blue Iris and it's just about instant now.
  9. Another happy UniFi user. UDM Pro, 2 24Port Poe switches, AC Pro, Nano HD. Flat LAN. Hopefully they will come out with a good AX access point soon.
  10. DMP makes one as well, I have one and it works great though all my contacts are wired.
  11. I know enough to be dangerous. Shoot me a PM and I’ll see if I can help.
  12. Just looks like bug fixes.
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