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  1. I don’t think you can choose output type per app. You can set it to be optical all the time which will be rock solid, but you loose any high resolution audio format. May not matter depending on your setup.
  2. ARC sucks because it can be so inconsistent. Get a streaming device (Roku, Shield, ATV etc). IMHO.
  3. That’s how I was doing it, it’s just a lot more programming and have to do it per switch where as the LED Wizard can, or could do it it with one line for arm and one for disarm.
  4. Looks like with the upgrade to 3.1.1 this isn't working anymore. None of the toggles work.
  5. Sound like a good excuse to get LG OLEDs to me.
  6. Meh. Not really Don't want to cut some drywall and move a stud? Slacker.
  7. Yup they work well. Currently using the POE IP2SL without issue.
  8. How about the Nvidia Shield? I think it supports Atmos better than the ATV, has Netflix support now. And has miniapps. If you are doing full Bluray rips and Plex the only thing to support bitstreaming would be via a shield or PC with compatible video card.
  9. C4 compatible pool controller seems to be the easiest route. You might already have a temp probe installed around the pump/filter intake or discharge connected to your controller.
  10. Any experience with Powershades?
  11. What would the proper setting be? Never mind, it was "Toggle LED Current". Works like a charm, thank you.
  12. Why not? There are optical HDMI cables that are rated at 48Gbps at 100ft. Not going to get that with HDBaseT.
  13. I'm a fan of using Roon, my music collection was to large for a EA-5.
  14. Unless I'm missing something it doesn't completely work. It will change them, but not based on their current state and when you cycle states of the light, the LEDs revert back to their original color.
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