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  1. Dragging and dropping works just fine in 3.0.
  2. What is the driver use when using a HS220 for dimming? The outlet driver works, just doesn't allow for any dimming control.
  3. Have the TP-Link driver bound to a Outlet Light driver? I just put 5 in today and they all work great.
  4. No energy monitoring Looks like Amazon is going to sell out of the HS110s soon
  5. If you would have just called their support line they would have replaced them. I had a lot of the original ones they sold at Home Depot and they all failed in 1-2 years. All were replaced with a simple phone call.
  6. Looking for the power supply for the 8 channel amp. PSU350W_SR03
  7. Running Blue Iris on a VM in a Linux box. There is a lot you can do with the software, very flexible and should work with just about any IP camera. Also has a iOS app that works pretty will.
  8. Anyone have any luck getting a Kwikset 914 Z-wave working properly? User control works fine and it can lock/unlock via programming, but doesn't provide proper status or lock/unlock through locks and sensors.
  9. I’m using a Kasa and the Chowmain driver for my outdoor lights. Works great, though it is only limited to 15a. Is the switching going to be done in the same location as you Control4 controller (equipment room)?
  10. Just installed a Ring with the Blackwire driver. It all works very well together, almost no delay to C4. Wasn't a fan of having to use another app and their subscription service, but it;s pretty slick.
  11. Really need Apple Music for C4. I was holding on to Spotify for use with my kids Echos but now that they work with Apple Music I’m dumping Spotify. Tidal and Amazon music work well enough with C4 though.
  12. I currently have a 10 drive Unraid server set up for storage and Plex. Also running a Windows VM for Blueiris. So far it seems to work pretty well. Only issue on the C4 side is I can’t get any video, just single frames of video.
  13. Works just fine in bridge mode with Unifi gateway and access points Just hope you don't have to work with Comcast customer service. It sucks as bad as people says it does.
  14. Seeing as the remotes are Zigbee I can't imagine it having anything to do with the network.
  15. Running Unifi here as well, work and home. USG Pros set as site-to-site VPN with multiple switches and access points on both sides. Cloud key on the work side controls everything. Everything as been great, just make sure you let other people test out new firmware updates. They don't seem to do very good beta testing.
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