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  1. Just look up “HomeBridge” and it will will be the with GUI version. I believe I just followed the normal setup for HomeBridge.
  2. There is also a Homebridge docker if you have a system that can use them. I have it running on my Unraid server.
  3. That is super slow, it's under a second from BI. Are you really needing to use C4 for viewing the cameras?
  4. I would say night and day for me. I'm using Blue Iris and it's just about instant now.
  5. Another happy UniFi user. UDM Pro, 2 24Port Poe switches, AC Pro, Nano HD. Flat LAN. Hopefully they will come out with a good AX access point soon.
  6. DMP makes one as well, I have one and it works great though all my contacts are wired.
  7. I know enough to be dangerous. Shoot me a PM and I’ll see if I can help.
  8. Just looks like bug fixes.
  9. The fact that they mentions apps from the Google Play store would seem to give it away.
  10. It will do exactly what the Shield already does since they have run on the same platform and are at the mercy of Google and the apps made for each streaming service.
  11. Looks like it will do what every other android device will plus have their own aggregator app? Have to subscribe for the app I’m guessing. They are pushing Sling pretty hard. Dish can die in a fire as far as I’m concerned. For C4 control it does mean the IRUSB should work.
  12. My dreams of AirPlay 2 keep slipping.
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