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  1. Hi, not yet, didn’t have too much time to check and recheck what’s wrong. any help / suggestions will be appreciated. thanks in advance
  2. The answer is yes because on my Automation project (HDL Automation equipments) I got the temperature from Daikin Unit trough CoolNetLink.
  3. Ale, I found the problem. Accidentally i saw it was actually set on L4 instead of L1 (in my automation system is set to L1 and works...no idea). Anyway, now it looks good, only issue is i dont have temperature feedback only setpoint. Is CoolNetLink providing also the temperature value or you should take the room temperature from other source? Thank you
  4. Thank you, i found something, but is not working fine or maybe i miss something.
  5. Hi, please if anyone have a functional T25 Mobotix and Control 4 video-intercom, i need some suggestions about how to setup. I have a C4 Driver Version: 1.0 rev20160210 About Mobotix T25 , in attached screenshoot. (maybe needs newer firmware) Looking forward, thank you in advance!
  6. Hi Ale, thank you for the answer. I have an automation system that controls the Daikin unit trough CoolNetLink gateway, and it works well. Using Control4 i can also integrate multimedia and control that automation system. I will try using HVAC + UFH Zone instead of CoolLinkNet HVAC Zone + HAux but same problem. I think "Driver Information" should display connected instead of actual "Sent Cntrol4 settings to zone" I know Igor, was in contact with him but didnt get yet an answer.He try looking for suport in my area.
  7. Hi, can anyone please help me understand why i am not able to control Daikin unit (ururu sarara) using CoolNetLink and Control4? The gateway is setup correctly (SDDP) with fixed ip address also. Then the CoolLinkNet HVAC Zone will point automatically to the gateway. Setup L1 and address 000 (as there is a single device into the network and there is factory setup, so addres might be 000) Gateway fw is 0.2.1 Thank you
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