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  1. In case anyone else is searching for the same info, here's what I got back from Lilin support. Looks like Control4 and Lilin are still working out the kinks for this integration.
  2. Yup, agree. Just cannot figure out how to reconfigure. Happy to have an agreement with someone who is willing to log in remotely, diagnose and resolve the issue.
  3. I do get the video stream on the touchscreens, which is even more confusing to me. But despite the fact that they show up on the touchscreens, the quality is a pathetic 320x240 which makes it pixelated and not really useful. On the Netviewer app, everything is crystal clear and in HD.
  4. The cameras don't have IP addresses as they are not IP-based but the NVR does. The NVR settings show the cameras to be 1920x1080 resolution, however C4 only sees them 640x480. Which is not only incorrect but it is also the wrong ratio. No matter what value I put instead of 640x480 in the composer pro camera settings, it reverts back to 640x480 when I click out and back in. Where do I change the resolution in composer? Extremely frustrating.
  5. Where would I find/change camera settings directly? Is there an app or interface of some kind or is it done through the NVR?
  6. The camera settings in Composer Pro are shown in the attached image. No matter what I set the resolutions to, there's no change to the output on the app. The problem remains. Also, the end point for the "Get Snapshot URL" and "Get MJPEG URL" are the same. Is that the way it is supposed to be? When I "test" the MJPEG stream, the framerate is 1 fps, which is also not normal (I think).
  7. Super, thanks for the tip! I will get hold of a 12v trigger cable and try this out.
  8. Ever since the update to 3.x, I have had a tough time getting the cameras to output decent quality image/video to the C4 iOS app. The same setup, with no changes, sends great output to the NetViewer iOS app. Things used to be ok when director was on v 2.1x. At present, I am on the latest version of C4, both on director and on iOS. Equipment: Cameras: Lilin AHD844AX4.2 NVR: Lilin DHD508A Driver for NVR: LILIN DHD RECORDER DRIVER v1.1.6 Driver for Cams: NDVR v1.1.6 When I load up the cameras in the iOS app (cameras in grid view), all I see is a static image from the camera (no live video feed), which I am assuming is normal. However, when I click into a particular camera, I don't get a video feed, I just get a blank screen and then after a few minutes, the same static image shows up. My dealer has given up. Since the NetViewer app works fine and is able to show high quality images and videos, I am assuming this is a C4 config issue and not a hardware/wiring issue. Any clues?
  9. Found the trigger settings in "Connections." Given my options to connect the 12v trigger for the amp (highlighted in gray below), which device is the best to connect it to? EA-3 Audio Matrix Switch?
  10. It's the Triad 8-Zone Power Amplifier (100 WPC). Here are the settings in Composer Pro: https://i.imgur.com/AHzEYKk.png Unfortunately, I don't see any settings for Power Save.
  11. Is this setting in composer pro or does the amp have its own config interface (web or app)?
  12. My amp is from C4. Would you happen to know where this setting is on the C4 matrix amp?
  13. I have an announcement configured and when I hit "execute" on the announcement, the first time nothing happens. When I hit it again, the announcement works fine. It will then continue to work fine for a while and then we're back to square one. This means if this announcement is then used in any programming, even if it executes, no sound comes out of the speakers. Is there something obvious that I am missing? I am simply trying to have this announcement trigger when someone rings the doorstation.
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