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  1. im also very interested what it looks like. Could you please show me a pic thanks.
  2. Hi Derrick, I'm new to Control 4 ecosystem, i have a few questions to asked. when my dealer downloaded the new update they asked me to provide them an email email address to use with my IntercomAnywhere app, do i need to do that? I now have 2 email address register to my control 4 customer portal. It just seem odd that i will need to use another email address to use interocom anywherem, i would expect that i can just use my standing customer.control4 email address i had setup and sign into my intercom anywhere app. One issue i have notices is that it seem that i have a double up on a device name (on my iphone) in my intercom anywhere app i cant seem to be able to delete it at all, its also showing on my T3 touchscreen under the intercom options. And is that true about the DS2 can be connected to NVR? I have an NVR setup is it easy for it to be done?
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