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  1. Apologies must of missed this previous mention. only saw the 4 ohm reference.
  2. That's good to know but IMO does beg the question why would you consider them over the aforementioned considering the hefty price tag and being difficult ( should say more difficult as correct pairing wouldn't cause issues) to drive. would open up a lot more options on the AVR front. I.E I too love Denon and would endorse the AVR-X4500H but I would not know if it would struggle drive the Triads.
  3. There are so many great speaker manufactures who make ceiling speakers which are 8 ohms and easy to drive (B&W, Kef, Monitor Audio) to name but a few. Have not heard the triads are they that superior in sound?
  4. I might be missing something so please correct me if i am wrong but I personally dont get this as a reason. The dealers will have the project saved for the customer and will know within minutes if its the customer who has broke the system. At this stage it becomes a chargeable service to fix creating more revenue for the dealer network.
  5. If he connected the soundbar to the display using ARC and put the display as the rooms video audio endpoint, would this not work?
  6. Your quite correct but Really!! Oh come on! Its a virtual matrix and not with the limiting closed structure as the matrix being spoke about.
  7. http://justaddpower.com/implementation.html
  8. If you want to future proof don't buy a video matrix.
  9. I would seriously look at Just Add Power. from what you have said you do not require 8 inputs and to start off with you are only going to have 4 displays. With the JAP system you can grow the system as you expand and could have 1 input shared across 8 displays or have 8 inputs shared across 2. It is so flexible and will grow with your system.
  10. Agree, You might as well have a shield hidden behind each tv and use the irusb for control.If you done that for all 4 locations it would still be a lot cheaper than looking into a matrix. If you had a lot of sources you wanted to share between all displays and your not worried about cost i would also look into Just Add Power or Video storm( Video over ip).
  11. In the UK it is common to have the neutral at the light not at the switch so my question is could you install a puck at the light then use a keypad to replace the dumb switch? I.e if the puck was a dimmer can you wire a keypad from it without a neutral or would I still have to run a neutral down to the switch location?
  12. Just because the OS would go to 3.0 does not mean we are going to get a massive step change. 2.10.7 could be no different than 3.0. I think we all just hope 🤣
  13. Sorry to hijack this thread but are these switches available in square uk 240V format?
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