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  1. I’m looking to move where my rack is located which would require extending the cat6 cables used for video Matrix. Now I know this is not best practice but I would like to know if it is even possible without encountering problems. I really don’t want to chase out the walls again as it’s brick not stud. If it is possible are there any recommendations for which terminals/ connectors would be best to use? Many thanks
  2. Erm 😒 wrong sort of C4 I’m afraid, this forum is for Control 4 home automation.
  3. I have been on Apple Music so decided to give Tidal a go around 1yr ago because of the integration and I have to say It’s been good. Of course you also have the option of high res audio if needed
  4. im sure @Crustyloaferwill be able to help you, I’m sure he’s in Scotland so give him a message. Super knowledgeable and so helpful.
  5. interesting piece for anyone who has hue lighting installed. Module to be put behind a lightswitch so the switch works rather than cutting power to the bulb. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2021/1/14/22230616/philips-hue-wall-switch-module-outdoor-light-bar-price-date
  6. No I haven’t, Tbf might not be working as we’re in lockdown.
  7. I’ve emailed and will let you know when he responds.
  8. I have installed the rs485 rts transmitter and have had zero problems whatsoever. I will ask my dealer who installed the transmitter why the capacitor was needed but I remember it was just known practice and not a biggy!
  9. I’ve still got 1 free hrs programming from Matt to use so might as well use that 👍
  10. Before I had the triad one in our Kitchen we used the Sonos beam soundbar which obviously had Alexa built in. Now we have moved over to the Triad my better half is now moaning she can’t just ask Alexa to play music. So my question is, is adding an echo dot as simple as connecting a 3.5 jack to rca cable to the audio input on the Triad one and job done problem solved or does it need binding within composer (ie need a dealer) or other setting configured ? Thanks
  11. I started an investment into Sonos but the clunky integration into c4 stopped me in my tracks. Like you, our main room for audio is the kitchen so I purchased a triad one to see how i would get on and I have to say I’m not disappointed. Not that I had an issue with the sound from Sonos but all the little bug bears I had with the integration disappeared over night. The sound is excellent and being able to browse artists and albums ( I use Tidal) through C4 is lovely let alone the ease of programming.
  12. Bloody hell !! someone’s in for a bargain👍
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