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  1. Can you provide a link to the toggle switches you use? These sound like a good option where I do not require the full C4 adaptive dimmers. I take it if I were to replace a 3 gang I would require 3 Pucks? IE they do not do a duel load puck?
  2. So can these be installed into a standard back box then controlled by any touchscreen, keypad, app etc. to act in the same manner as an adaptive switch/dimmer exc double triple tap function?
  3. My LED lamps get to full brightness at around 50% on the sliders when using the app or touch screens,. Just wondering if you can change the settings somewhere to make this show as 100% ? Thanks in advance.
  4. 1) I have my Living room blinds grouped as one channel and also have 1 of them on a separate channel which I use to block out the Sun when needed. 2) Have the same problem but not a big issue for me, 2 just get to the bottom before the 3rd.
  5. I have a similar setup but I grouped my 2 bedroom blinds to a Channel with the somfy remote then group the 3 in my living room to another channel so i effectively only have 2 channels. then within C4 I integrated them. Works a treat.
  6. Try grouping them with the somfy remote 1st ie so they are all using Channel 1 . Then configure using C4. I believe they should all be assigned and working before C4 configuration.
  7. Please post if you get a solution as I'd be interested how you sort out the I tunes side. I currently have a laptop in a always on state using the itunes driver. I would love to get away from this and store on a Nas but to my understanding because a Nas doesn't have an operating system as such you can't store the whole I tunes application only the music library.
  8. I use Somfy motored blinds and haven't had any issues. I do not think they are as good as Q motion but quite a bit cheaper.
  9. Do you know if by any chance these switches will ever become available in the UK?
  10. Love that Pounce!!! Wade straight in with the $3000 offering!! Brilliant 🤣🤣
  11. Totally depends on your budget but you will not go far wrong with Denon. IP control and easy integration. AVR-X3500H is a great Mid range performer.
  12. Hi Wap please dont take this as being rude or offensive but this seriously has to stop. Control4 has never made it easy for you because it is a dealer only platform. You knew this before you bought into it. It will never be easy for you because they do not want it to be. But you do have a choice..... Build the bridge and get over it or stop using it. It is that simple. You seem switched on so surely you must agree that you are using any thread you can to bang the same drum!! We all know your feelings so please please please leave the posts for relevant responses. Cheers
  13. So can we now browse through playlists with this new driver?
  14. Your absolutely correct and I totally agree. What is the point!!
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