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  1. He might be based in Scotland but I would definitely get him to give @Crustyloafera call to discuss things. Super knowledgeable and extremely friendly.
  2. Yes please Mitch , I’m finding this really interesting and a great alternative
  3. Like the look of this a lot👍👍 Mind made up I think and it won’t be ring
  4. Is the outdoor outlet available for the uk market or just the US ?
  5. Not that I’m having any problems with my system but after watching a load of threads unfold i decided to upgrade my router. So I went and asked the company who manages all our company’s IT to get me a price on a Draytex Vigor 2862, he asked me what I wanted it for and then proceeded to tell me that I would be wasting my money because my switches deal with everything on my lan and nothing to do with the router. I just wanted someone on here to explain why it’s essential to move away from an isp router if it’s only used as a bridge to the switch? Bit confused and would love to set him straight
  6. tdougray

    BBC sounds

    Alan Is the cost for a license ridiculous ?which in turn , it became Uneconomical? Shame
  7. tdougray

    BBC sounds

    Yeah that’s how I use it now but was just looking for a nicer integration.
  8. tdougray

    BBC sounds

    Does anybody know if someone has made a driver to use the BBC sounds application? Is it even possible or just a pipe dream?
  9. I think your being told New gen dimmers will work but not with your existing setup! You will need to change your controller And upgrade your O.S. to use the new switches.
  10. I use The rs485rts transmitter with the free driver with no issues at all.
  11. With people turning to IPads or using their phone more I can’t see why they would bother investing any more at the moment on a new touchscreen when the T3 does everything needed. Not sure what there is to gain. Would rather see the budget spent elsewhere.
  12. Ah yes the 201 which will only set you back a mere $687.775 🤣🤣🤣
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