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  1. https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/cat/automation-apps-and-drivers/control4_drivers/surveillance_cat/
  2. can you select radio stations on the presets?
  3. There are plenty of good guys on here who can remote in to do this. If you want someone in the UK give @Crustyloafer a message. He'll look after you.
  4. Gotcha👍 And best of luck. Need more dealers here in the UK.
  5. I’m sure I must of read this wrong, are you saying you’ve become a uk dealer without knowing the difference between an EA1 and a EA5? or are you looking to become one?
  6. Oh no !!! Lights and switches 🙈🤣
  7. Have you experienced any major problems with Wi-Fi and I take it it’s the “roku premier “ you’d suggest? or +?
  8. Would you always prefer to use Roku over a TVs mini apps? Looked at going over to it but in the UK it’s over wi-fi only which sort of put me off.
  9. you need a driver but philips hue motion are cheap and work well.
  10. Have you re-synced the app? I think it’s called “sync settings”
  11. About 2 yrs too late 🙈 im I’m sure there should be a “not” in there Somewhere 🤣🤣
  12. So what would you recommend for waps? Ie would you endorse unifi’s?
  13. Yep done that but for the life of me can’t get anything to show up in favourites. The only thing I’m thinking is that you need to create a tunein account 1st?
  14. FFS can everyone please stop now. it’s been exhausted!!! 😱
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