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  1. I have encountered this problem every time I have a power cut. Rebooting the controller once the system is back up fixes the problem every time also. Would love to know why?
  2. Yeah I agree but would be nice if you could power both from one back box location
  3. https://joshdotai.medium.com/josh-ai-and-lutron-partner-to-launch-new-voice-controlled-keypad-3bfd96ca25c5 would love to have this integration into c4 keypads
  4. You get a trial period with both of the paid drivers which can give you time to see which one fits your needs best.
  5. Just read an article stating the new Tahoma gateway supports Control4, does this mean this will allow voice integration for somfy blinds?
  6. I bet she’s popular right now 🙈🙈
  7. If you want lossless then try Amazon music.integration is good and I believe that if you subscribe to music unlimited you can now get their hd music for free.
  8. So the speed of the iOS app is increased further with 3.2.2? sorry I didn’t understand your reply . The increase was seen around a month ago on 3.2.1 not because of the update to 3.2.2 👍
  9. I can confirm this is the case but not down to 3.2.2 , it has been like it for about the last month. No matter what the reason, it’s brilliant so thanks C4 👍
  10. I use the somfy rts transmitter in the UK and has been solid
  11. If your in the uk you can use lightwave rf sockets that are flush mount but that’s all I know of.
  12. We use the chowmain paid driver for wemo smart plugs. Also the tp link smart plugs are great. Chowmain also have a driver for these. I’ve used both and both have been rock solid. I ended up going down the tp link route solely because the package is smaller and the plugs are ridiculously cheap 👍
  13. EH-TW7100 I assume you mean - that's not a 4K projector. It's a so-called "4K enhanced" projector. Yes your quite correct but does a great job at a ridiculously low price. That why I thought they might get a deal rather than the latest
  14. Epson TH-TW7100 on a budget The US is usually the same in $ as £ so I would look at the Sony VPL-VW270ES can get that for just under £5k in UK so you might be lucky 👍
  15. Why do you need an Ethernet device, do you not have Wi-fi in your house? Roku +is rock solid I have 1 in my matrix and have a couple in local rooms. Had absolutely zero problems.
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