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  1. Yeah I can’t see that option either. Think I’ll stick with the Neos app for now as I don’t see the point of integrating something which has less functionality just for integration sake. Shame coz I really like the idea of it.
  2. So if the motion sensor goes off I can get a notification but can’t see the video, is that correct? Also to retrieve the video I will have to take out the sd card from each camera, plug it into a reader then into a pc to view it?
  3. Alan with this driver where does the video get saved once the motion detection is triggered? Is It on the memory card ? if so can you access the video through C4? Cheers
  4. I haven’t invested heavily in hue but do have them alongside native C4 dimmers and haven’t had a problem touch wood.
  5. You could also keep your hue bulbs and just replace your dumb switch with the C4 keypad.would work well together.
  6. Doesn’t Sonos use tunein for all bbc radio stations?
  7. Oh great!! so hoping to get access to BBC sounds is a pipe dream if we cant even get their radio stations!!😰
  8. https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/blinds-shades/somfy-generic-rts-and-dct-driver/
  9. I use the free somfy ones. Not as much control as the Domos one but works fine for me. No harm in trying it first to see if it works for you.
  10. Interesting read https://www.residentialsystems.com/blogs/analysis-control4-and-snapav-complete-merger
  11. If your outside the states or Canada I believe mylink will only work with VPN. The other option is the Somfy rs485 rts transmitter.
  12. I had a TP link managed switch and to start off with i was shutting down the router and switch together. It was just bugging me that when it did go down the router was still signalling that everything was ok so the next time i just took a punt and re-booted the switch and hey presto all come back online.
  13. Not sure if your using one but I had this exact scenario and it turned out to be my network switch. It turned out that the reason my router and ISP wasn't showing a problem was the fact there wasn't one. 😱😭
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