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  1. Thought I'd buy a couple of these to try out and have to say really impressed with the range of dimming. Opted for the Daylights and the colour is epic also, Great recommendation 👍
  2. I totally get that and tbf being in the UK I don’t think I understand the scale of C4 in the US. i manage within an engineering company and some of the most knowledgeable reps/ account managers that I deal with only sell to me a minuscule amount of business over a course of a yr but they are always there when I need advise. I have other suppliers that we buy a ridiculous amount off but aren’t the best technically. i suppose in a world of so many companies trying to get involved in “smart home”, as an end user I would want c4 to get bigger so the more people plugging it the better 👍👍
  3. I totally get that but surely they hold workshops? Also you could work on a shit load of installs but programming only. Just because you don’t sell big money doesn’t mean your not working on systems does it?
  4. I’m just curious as an end user why there is a minimum sales target? Does It cost C4 anything to have a dealer? Are C4 just not happy more people have the potential to sell their product and grow the brand? want to stress not a criticism just curious as seems a bit backward.
  5. I’m pretty sure this help breakdown was only to do with lighting. Basically Instead of having to say “Alexa turn on kitchen lights” you can just say “ Alexa turn on lights” enabling the command after the wake word to be shorter.
  6. Living room Kitchen Master Bedroom Guest Room / garden You asking how often they displaying the same content is really funny because I do not think i have changed the inputs / outputs on the existing matrix for years. Living room & master bedroom are using the main SkyQ box and the Kitchen / guestroom/Garden share a SkyQ mini. the 3rd input is my blu ray player which I dont think has been switched on in over a yr. the 4th was a games console which i have now disconnected. I think anything else but local would be ridiculous given my current requirements. In fact might as well keep the 2K matrix to distribute the sky Qminis as they cant't handle 4K and send the skyQ 2TB(4K) ( via my Denon) through a HDBT extender to the display in the Living room.
  7. At the moment I have at the displays Ir control is through the baluns. If I got rid of the matrix would I not need a ea1 to fire ir at the display? Please excuse me if I’m being thick
  8. 4 displays and really only 4 inputs.Mitch that is my other option as most things nowdays are streamed., should I just get ea1 ‘a and sky q minis at each display. I really don’t know which way to turn. Especially as some of them are a big investment.
  9. Ok when I first had C4 installed I only had a 2K HDanywhere matrix system which I have to be honest has been faultless bar a few receiving baluns going down. I’m now at a point where I think it’s time to make the jump to 4K. I have had endless therapy to make me realise getting rid of the pioneer Kuro is a good thing but I’m soooo split between another matrix vs video over ip ( in the uk I’m tempted by ( blue stream)As used by @Crustyloafer but would love to know in an age of streaming what everyone would choose if they had to choose a system from scratch?
  10. This is exactly the point I believe you were trying to make about the noise earlier in this thread. Its all about the motor. Fabrics are a matter of choice.
  11. Exactly! here in the UK our region news is still in standard def, can’t even manage Hd. 🙈🤣
  12. When Sony released the oled A1 it was a top top screen but since then the latest panels haven’t been quite so good imo and now I wouldn’t pay the hike in price over LG. As has already been said LG make the Sony oled panels but unless I’m mistaken I think LG make all oled panels for all manufacturers. Qled is getting better all the time and in the not to distant future once they can emit their own light through quantum dots gen2 (which is coming) the results will very impressive.
  13. You are so right and even reading it makes me realise how stupid it is not to do so. Every day is a learning day and what is so glaring obvious for one can be so oblivious for another.
  14. Demon avr-x3600h performs way better than the price point should allow!
  15. Ok thanks Mitch, Didn't know if there was a short cut ( just me being lazy). What action would I use to do nothing? would it be stop? Ie if party mode true then stop, else....
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