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  1. The trouble is now days is that people want convenience and cheap. We all remember when apple 1st launched the Ipod and every music insider just laughed it off. All saying it would never take off because people will not like or accept compressed music!!!!! We all know the answer. I also see it now days to a certain extent with home cinema. The amount of soundbars replacing the full AV experience is ridiculous. Same with blueray players, Most people just want to stream. The world is changing and while DIY systems will not provide the same high end experience it will still work and thats what people care about. For systems like C4 to survive they need to adapt and make it available to a wider audience. We might not like it but i'm afraid we are a dying breed.
  2. Yeah that does look tight!If it helps:- Dimensions: Single wand length: 432mm Single wand diameter: 21mm Lead length: 254mm
  3. Your correct but the wand they sit in is really small. Only just bigger in diameter than the AA batteries that sit inside it.
  4. I get your point but I dont think blinds are an overly complicated bit of tech tbh. I just requires a signal to either go up or down. If you combine with Domosapiens driver you can do a lot more. We shouldn't right off something if it works just because its old.
  5. Correct but can get the rts transmitter. Works great https://controlissblinds.co.uk/somfy-rs485-rts-transmitter
  6. Use the Itunes/airplay driver. works great
  7. Whats the advantages over Ring?
  8. You do not need a dealer to buy Somfy products so have a search. Something like Somfy Movelite 35 RTS Electric Curtain Track might be something alone the lines. Then you'll need a controller that integrate into C4 like https://www.somfysystems.com/en-us/products/1810872/universal-rts-interface I think thats the one for U.S
  9. I think this option is the one for me to explore more. Many thanks for the info.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I have sonos set up now with a mixture of connect amps, bridges ect from yrs ago. It works ok but the limited integration is now becoming annoying. I use apple music a shed load so having my playlists available is great but not being able to browse tracks is annoying. I have an EA3 in central rack
  11. I thought you could have Global inputs into this amp?
  12. With this set up is it still possible without a matrix to play the same source simultaneously into different zones? Basically if I want 6 zones and I fed into this an EA3 and a couple of Sonos Connects would this work as a multi zone setup without the extra expense of the matrix?
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