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  1. If your going to use the app why do you want to select it 1st via C4? Just use the app in the 1st place. If configured properly c4 will know it’s playing so can still use volume buttons etc through C4.
  2. Then I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. Control4 is a dealer only platform and this Forum and the people on it will not be able or willing to help you. My advise to you is to find a Dealer( either local or remote ) and purchase HE. If you do not you are entering into a world of pain with no support or an avenue to purchase equipment. good luck 😉
  3. These wireless switches are brilliant. I have SAPD ( square adaptive phase dimmers) SDAPD( square adaptive duel load dimmer). If your Dealer denied them selling these find another ASAP.
  4. As advised earlier apart from reception 2 all other rooms will not have 4K available through Sky
  5. Your quite correct with the integration but as a soundbar for tv it would be fine. I have a beam in the kitchen but only use it for the tv and works great. I use native for Home audio
  6. Well the Sonos Arc has just been released and has had rave reviews. Even if you don’t use Sonos for music and just as a sound bar
  7. Just bear in mind if you go sky locally the sky q minis do not support 4K so unless you can have skyq 2tb at each location you will not get 4K. You will not go far wrong with LG Oled and also something to bear in mind, if I’m correct the B&O sound bar doesn’t have upward firing speakers built in for Atmos but instead uses electronics to fool you.
  8. Just curious 🤔If you get the channel changed do you have to re identity every zigbee device?
  9. 1000% I only use hue for bedside lights which work really well and around a yr ago I switched the bulbs for coloured ones thinking it would be really cool to choose different colours. Well over a yr later I don’t think I’ve ever changed them off cool white except for the 30 times over the 1st week of installation 🤣🤣🤦‍♀️
  10. I believe OS 2.10.4 was the earliest OS to offer the add music driver which enables the end user to add native Music services without a dealer getting involved. Also try not to get hung up too much on cost, once up and running it doesn’t actually require too much intervention. I would highly recommend HE and 4sight. If you do need a dealer there are ones on this site with Great reputations and also charge extremely competitive rates and some by the 1/2 hour.
  11. I’m in the UK have used HDanywhere with great success but as mentioned by @mujtaba.khokhar blustream and wyrestorm have great reputations.
  12. It works reliably and is rock solid as long as you choose a decent manufacturer and keep within the max stated cable lengths. They have been doing 4K over single cat 5/6 for years.
  13. My advice is to take it to an electronics expert as this can be a very cheap easy fix. It’s not always a power supply and it can be a 12v regulator chip failure on the main board due to over heating and can easily be replaced by an expert.
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