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  1. Can I ask why you use this rather than JAP or VS? Reason I ask is because I’m looking to upgrade my matrix in the not too distant future and I’m thinking video over ip is definitely the correct way to go to try and future proof my system. As your based in the uk I would love to know your experiences.
  2. No, no they are not. If yours is, good on you, but even a cheap consumer router is liable to do better than most ISP equipment. I do use my isp router but it is only there to make a connection to my switch. Everything else is done post switch including all ap. I’m not having any problems but would like to implement best practice. With this kind of setup would you still recommend changing the router? many thanks
  3. I don’t think I’m explaining myself very well. I had these switches installed a yr ago and by dealer set them up. I have a duel adaptive phase dimmer in the kitchen and a single adaptive phase dimmer in my dining room which is on a 6 button keypad. He set the top button to control the load in the dinning room and the rest he set up for starting playlists/ watch tv etc. I just want to change the 2nd button to control and dim 1 of the kitchen loads. is this possible via He? many thanks if I’m being thick 🤦‍♀️
  4. Really? Oh ok but thought I might be able to do this through he. Thanks anyway 👍
  5. This will be the easiest dumbest question I'm sure but I have decided to try and change one of the button functions of my ADP dimmer I have located in the Dining room to switch on and dim another dimmable load in the kitchen.I can program it easily enough to turn on and off but not sure how to get it to Dim the load. Thanks in advance
  6. Can’t say for sure but I think your dealer is trying to push through a sale. Of course he would try to look after his business it’s only natural but to say it’s forbidden I believe to be wrong( guys will correct me if I’m wrong) A lot of dealers would be very wary of any bit of kit they haven’t been involved with for obvious reasons but there are really good guys on this forum that I’m sure would be able to help remotely.
  7. Yep. as for the rest I really can’t say for sure I’m afraid. I think the reason you don’t mix is because of sync issues
  8. Just because it’s part of the native music services available. I run Sonos and not fortunate enough to have an audio matrix and amp setup so cannot say for sure but I think all services show up under the listen menu providing you have enough audio outputs available to support the amount of services your trying to use. Again I can’t say for sure that this is 💯 correct and others I’m sure will correct me. so apologies in advance is not correct.
  9. There is an iTunes driver but does require a pc or equivalent to be always on and I’m not sure if this works with OS3 ( others can correct me on this). amazon has better integration but a lot of people on here swear by Tidal for look and functionality.
  10. I am thinking about buying a few of these sensors as they are cheap and seem to be quite reliable. Have you had any problems whilst using and where did you purchase the driver from?
  11. Because Jap is not a closed system like a matrix would you not consider sticking with it and just upgrading to the 4K Bits a bit at a time, especially as you can mix and match? or like me are you impatient and want it all straight away 😂
  12. Make sense, I assumed it was the 3G type already as it is only 2 yrs old. My bad
  13. I am curious also, what specifics are you requiring that the Jap system doesn't deliver on? Cheers
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