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  1. Triad one is in a remote location ( by the pool) so dont think its an option.
  2. tdougray


    Alexa does help but can’t help you browse through playlists. I have some playlists with over 100 tracks. Not being able to choose where I want it to start playing is soooo annoying
  3. tdougray


    Yes it is possible via the Sonos driver. Just bare in mind that you will have limited control and only over audio stored in “my Sonos” . Playlists radio stations etc need to be added to this folder via the Sonos app for them to be visible through C4
  4. Haven't used but these look good https://www.iwalldock.com/
  5. Beginning Oct. 2019, SnapAV will be anational distributor of Sonosproducts, including the new Sonos Port, Sonos Move, and Sonos One SL. The full Sonos line will be available through snapav.com, as well as each of the company’s affiliated local branches in the United States – Allnet, Volutone, MRI and Custom Plus. Sonos is currently supported through SnapAV’s OvrC Pro platform, providing dealers with remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. better integration coming??
  6. Hopefully. I just checked the link on their website and it goes to houselogic 🤔🤔
  7. Am I correct in assuming that a dual load dimmer would require a jumped neutral to both loads?
  8. When you say it’s a C4 house what is actually left? Wireless routers are unfortunately not the main part. Have you still got a controller? Are all the lights/ hvac control C4 or at least smart? Do any of the tv’s have a C4 controller behind them or do you have anything there with control 4 written on it if so can you say what they are?
  9. Yeah I can’t see that option either. Think I’ll stick with the Neos app for now as I don’t see the point of integrating something which has less functionality just for integration sake. Shame coz I really like the idea of it.
  10. So if the motion sensor goes off I can get a notification but can’t see the video, is that correct? Also to retrieve the video I will have to take out the sd card from each camera, plug it into a reader then into a pc to view it?
  11. Alan with this driver where does the video get saved once the motion detection is triggered? Is It on the memory card ? if so can you access the video through C4? Cheers
  12. I haven’t invested heavily in hue but do have them alongside native C4 dimmers and haven’t had a problem touch wood.
  13. You could also keep your hue bulbs and just replace your dumb switch with the C4 keypad.would work well together.
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