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  1. I think your being told New gen dimmers will work but not with your existing setup! You will need to change your controller And upgrade your O.S. to use the new switches.
  2. I use The rs485rts transmitter with the free driver with no issues at all.
  3. With people turning to IPads or using their phone more I can’t see why they would bother investing any more at the moment on a new touchscreen when the T3 does everything needed. Not sure what there is to gain. Would rather see the budget spent elsewhere.
  4. Ah yes the 201 which will only set you back a mere $687.775 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Does anybody know if this essential type switch will be extended to the square range to cater for us in the UK market?
  6. IMHO if you want full integration where you can have physical switches to work 100% time or use motion or use a combination of the both just USE native c4 light switches. They just work!!! It doesn’t matter if someone presses a switch( like hue which renders the whole light circuit useless ) they always work and have sooo many combinations so you can custom the look and functionality of Different switches.
  7. Can you please work closely with bond to get it released in the UK 🤞🤔🤣
  8. I’m in the uk and use Rs485 RTS transmitter. Use it along with the free driver, rock solid and works a treat. As said above Bond is also an option but it’s not available here in the UK so can’t comment.
  9. Alan are the magnetic trigger sensors supported with this driver?
  10. Yes the same ridiculous lag as on your phone. If lag is an issue go T3 100%
  11. If your going to use the app why do you want to select it 1st via C4? Just use the app in the 1st place. If configured properly c4 will know it’s playing so can still use volume buttons etc through C4.
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