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  1. Hi I have a Sony KD-55X9500G and suddenly I have no transport controls if I open Netflix (or any other app) Via the Apps Menu. I can start TV and navigate all over C4 Gui but if I choose a TV station from a shortcut the TV changes channel but there is no channel changing via the channel up and down button and not by entering digits. If I press the C4 button I cab select Netflix but then cannot move up down etc.. I have factory reset the TV. Entered the preshared key, using Web API. TV will turn on and off and change inputs but nothing else. Everything works with Sony remote. Any ideas please ?
  2. I went thru this also - had about 9 kasa wall plugs using Chowmain's driver but they were not reliable - the wifi went off line and therefore wouldn't turn on or off devices. Yes I have good wifi signal. I have now used C4 wireless switch pucks which are housed inside an electrical box. I cut a short extension lead in half and drilled 2 small holes in electrical box and wired puck inside. Now I have a reliable switching on all my devices.
  3. Thanks lippavisual - I tried reinstalling but still got the same result. Fortunately the guys at Blackwiredesign were able to sort out the issue. I had loaded an old driver and once I loaded the newer one all was good. Thanks for you suggestion and a BIG thankyou to Blackwiredesings for their support. Was very impressed.
  4. Hello I have just purchased Engineering Solutions DMX RS232 engine and 4 x PX24500 and Advanced DMX for Control4 from Blackwiredesigns. I have successfully added the DMX Engine and the 4 PX24500 and all test correcting when testing from System design. I bound the DMX engine to Serial 1 of EA3. I added the driver for DMX RGB colorwheel. I then setup the first 3 rgb channels and the last channels were found automatically. When I double click on the Colorchanger Driver in system design it pops up the windows but on or off (for testing) can not be clicked. Its like a connection is missing. When
  5. Hi ChrisM I had same issue - I did format mine as fat32 and all was good. Fortunately it was only for music therefore file restrictions of fat32 didn't bother me.
  6. Hi Everyone I am attempting to connect my reed switch for my gate to DS2. I am using the relay contact to trigger the gate to open & close. Not sure if I can connect the reed switch to DS2 to monitor if the gate is open or closed. Is this possible and if so which terminals would I use - Thanks Gary
  7. Hello All Is it possible to ask Alexa for the current volume that my Integra amp is at ? If i ask "Alexa what is your volume" I get the volume of the alexa device - not my amp. I have looked thru room variables but nothing is jumping out ? I can set the volume of Integra amp via Alexa but it would be nice to know what the volume is before saying "Set Verandah to 55" Thanks Gary
  8. Thanks Dunamivora for quick reply. I'll stop trying now.
  9. I have been given a c4-tsmc7 and Composer 3.1.2 sees it under discovered device but cannot find a driver for it - I presume this touchscreen is not compatible - Is that correct ? Thanks Gary
  10. Thank you Thank you Thank you - Didn't realize standard were listed there. All good now. Thanks again for your quick & helpful responses. Really appreciate it !!
  11. Hi chopedogg88 - Thanks your your reply - If I use my tablet or T3 and press and hold in lounge room I get 6 icons which include watch and listen with ability to turn on or off. If I do the same on living room I only have 4 icons and watch or listen is simply not listed. I am going to remove EA3 and resetup - there seems to be no reason for this behavior
  12. Thanks sonic30101 I am a sub dealer - I have refreshed the nav. If I use the Watch button on SR260 and not the EA3 on screen display all connected devices work as expected. I thought that if the bindings were incorrect none of my devices would work or am I missing something ?
  13. Hello I'm using CP 3.1.1 & EA3 and suddenly my Watch & Listen Icons have disappeared from my Living Room TV. If I push the left arrow and scroll down both watch & listen are listed and work perfectly. It seems the shortcuts that appear on the Main screen have gone. It is the same on all devices including phones, tablets & in wall touch screens. Other rooms are OK - its just the living room. I have restarted EA3 many times Would appreciate any help please Thanks Gary S
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