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  1. Thanks - - appreciate the point of contact
  2. chopedogg88: I have an integrator / system vendor - but he is CLUELESS regarding this issue. I have the amazon_echo_v180.c4z file which was installed several weeks ago. Is there any way with composer HE to confirm the installed version? My current version C4 OS = 10.5. I also have Composer HE 2.10.5 Alexa cannot detect any control4 devices - although I have defined "Ceiling Cans" as the trigger which matches the C4 device name The ONLY smart home skill I have enabled is TPLink KASA. IF the Epic Driver requires a specific Smart Home Skill (I could NOT find one specific to Epic - nor do they list one) - please let me know which skill to install. Thanks
  3. Greetings. I have an HC-250 based system - in service now x 4 years. Any warranty is long since expired. As a Geek was curious regarding the guts. In addition, I've had problems with ComposerME (supposed to allow control over media sources - but with over 3TB music and video files, the ME database clogged up my HC-250 memory with music folder images and other garbage). I do have ComposerHE - but it does NOT allow data file cleanup - I have to pay a dealer/installer to do that with Composer Pro. In addition, there are internal conflicts as my current OS is 2.9.1 but some files are 2.9.0. I need to update my version of Epic Echo controller - from ver 110 to the current Ver 180 (which I've downloaded) - but of course can't install. Dealer says (of course) will take a service call visit (Ka Ching) - So - - Anyway: I noticed a CR-3032 backup battery - so while system powered up, I replaced that with a new one (old one has been in there x 4 years) AND I noticed a 4GB SanDisk Micro-SD card. I plugged it into my PC - and of course whatever format is on the card could NOT be read by my PC. In addition - not even my disk clone program could see the SD card. I suspect the card is formatted with some variant of Linux or possibly an even more obscure OS ?? - Anyway - before my dealer comes out to "re-flash" my system (yes - I will use ComposerHE to back up my configuration first) Should I consider replacing the 4GB MicroSD card with an 8 or even 16GB card ??
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