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  1. I'm not familiar with the DSC Neo alarms, but I recently tried to setup service in the Bay Area for my Honeywell VISTA 20p system integrated to Control4 and had serious trouble. I tried with 3 different companies and they all needed to use the same interface that Control4 was using communication. Hopefully that won't also be an issue for your system.
  2. Is there a Control4 version of the Zigbee Kwikset 916 Series Lock or is it the same lock that's sold in Home Depot and online? It looks like they are the same, but that's what I thought with the Yale Real Living lock, but then I found out that there's a Control4 version of the Zigbee module that's actually required! Is the Kwikset 916 lock similar?
  3. Has anyone used a Phillips Commercial Android PoE In-wall Tablet with the Control4 app before? They are considerably cheaper and actually look nicer than the T3s IMHO. I’m wondering if anyone has tried them before and, if so, did they run into any issues or limitations?
  4. I noticed when I updated my Apple TV that the "What's New" screen listed supporting Control4. I can't find any details about what that means though. Does anyone have more information?
  5. Is it possible to upgrade from embernet to zig bee using an EA controller?
  6. There’s no way I could afford that lol It’s not that hard to find online...
  7. I purchased some used 6 button keypads and I am trying to connect them to the zigbee network, but they aren't being recognized. All the buttons on the keypad are showing a blue light. When I click on a button it briefly turns green. I've searched the forums and read about a number of "reset" codes, but none of them seem to be doing anything. How can I diagnose what the issue is?
  8. So I have a C4 16 channel audio matrix (c4) hooked up to a EA-3's stereo out. I had some Shairbridge drivers in the project and everything was working great. Until today. Airplay looks to be working fine from the iPhone, but there's no audio and the Control4 app shows "No Active Audio Zones" and the now playing screen is blank. I've tried everything. Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions?
  9. The Device Image Updater utility did the trick. Thanks for the help!
  10. I'm trying to update a slave EA-1 controller (2.9.1) connected to my system's primary EA-3 controller (2.10.4). I'm seeing the following on the update screen though. Any suggestions on how to update the EA-1?
  11. That just seemed like overkill, but I guess that's probably the best/cheapest solution. Thanks!
  12. That's a really good suggestion to move the CBM to the C4 controller, but unfortunately, the home is already built and adding that sort of wiring will be a real pain. Is there a way to either transmit the serial connection wireless or to convert the serial connection to IP and connect the C4 controller via IP?
  13. Hello, I'm trying to connect a Honeywell VISTA 20P panel to Control4 via a serial connection and the Connected Building Module. The Honeywell panel is a very far distance from any Control4 controller though. What's the best way to do this? Do I need to run an extremely long cable? Brian
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