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  1. Hey, finally found it. For anyone else looking, look for Digital Media!
  2. Hey guys, Really dumb question probably, but I can not find where the conditional "If the room [roomname] is in a session..." is in composer. I've obviously found it before, because I've used it. Anyone know where it is? Take a look at the screenshot of what I'm looking for please! Thanks!
  3. The lutron hub. Small white square. Not sure which model, honestly. All my roller blinds are working properly through it with C4, however.
  4. For those of you who have the nyce sensors, how do you get configure lights to come on when you enter a room then turn off 5 minutes after you leave? I have tried the "when stop sensing motion" trigger, but it simply doesn't work.
  5. I think I asked about this several months ago when the Lutron wood blinds were new, and no one knew much about them. Has anyone had any luck getting them to work correctly? I have the standard roller blinds, and they work fine- they open, close, and can be set to a %. The wood blinds (they only tilt open and close, no up/down) can be detected, but telling them to "open" just has them rotate up or down one step on the motor. It sounds like either a driver issue or a config issue. Anyone had any experience with these and gotten them to work? These are the ones Lutron release about a year ago.
  6. Also, I recommend a couple of things : 1) If you don't absolutely need to control each light, you don't need to put them all in the project. Use light groups instead. You can control a light group even if the individual lights are not all in the project. It is much more consistent when controlling multiple lights to do that than using light scenes, etc. 2) Turn off polling for the hub. It doesn't work correctly, and adds a lot of delay and lack of respsonsiveness. 3) Advanced Lighting Scenes don't always work correctly. But on/off for a light group or setting a light group to a % works very well generally. 4) If you do use lighting scenes, set tracking to "do not track". That way, if a light doesn't react correctly, you can hit the button again and it will resend the command to the bulb. If tracking is on, director will not think anything is wrong and ignore it. I've got 300-350 hue lilghts across 9 hue hubs. Everything works 98% of the time if you do the above.
  7. Hey all, Lutron released wood blinds (not the roller shades) a few months ago. I can get them in the project, but they don't tilt closed or open. There are some options for type of blind in composer, but none of them seem to work correctly. Best I can do is get them to tilt 1 degree at a time when I hit open or closed. Anyone have any luck with these new guys yet?
  8. hey, looking for an integrator with some Voice Genie experience to help me. I have this driver running just perfectly at my house. I had it installed at my parent's place and it's misconfigured. Can an integrator msg me when they have time who are willing to do some remote help?
  9. Hey, since Dark Sky is going to be going away, I've started trying to use the Open Weather Map version. However, I don't get anything for the forecast. I DO get current conditions. Any ideas why or if I am doing anything wrong?
  10. Well, I got to meet Neil (over the phone) tonight. Just outstanding - thanks Neil. For everyone else here, Neil knows his stuff. Had been working on a problem getting IP control on my TV working for hours. Neil got it done in 30 minutes. Definitely recommended. Thanks Neil! Next time you're up here, I'll buy the first round!
  11. What's the opinion on the best Hue driver? I'd like one that does color and I would also like it to work with Alexa.
  12. Does anyone know if C4 will control HUE lights across multiple bridges? For a variety of reasons, I have 5 bridges. Does anyone know if C4 will control lights across all of them? Is there a limit to the number of bridges? Thanks!
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