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  1. Many thanks, I will check that.
  2. Ok I will try that. Thx
  3. Hi, I have a similar situation with one of my customer... He ask me to control4 windows (Glydea Somfy motor). I'm in Belgium, no myLink available ... Any suggestions ? Thx
  4. no only a EA-3 on the video matrix. I can program to turn on the TV is passed on the AE3 output on the matrix video. But how to program the display of the video stream ?
  5. Hi, I have a DS2 mini and a T3 screen in my kitchen. I miss sometimes "rings" at my door when I'm in my office (another floor), it's possible when someone rings to put the video door on the television in my office? Thanks for your help
  6. ... I will try to contact the creator of this plugin, it may be easier. Thanks for the help
  7. It's not clickable (it's grey) This is he driver: https://drivers.control4.com/cable_belgacomtv.c4z
  8. Edit with the Composer Pro ? (Driver -> Edit existing drivers ?) I don't found the driver there.
  9. Hi I'm not sure if it's the good place for this topic ... I have client with a Proximus TV (belgian tv decoder) and the interface of the decoder is totally changed few weeks ago, and now every time my client push the button of the Control4 remote, The action is doubled. (maybe the ir Flashing time is too long now?). (I use the belgacom TV driver) Example: he push "Channel up" and he zap two channels at a time. (and same for all another buttons) Any idea to correct that ?
  10. I up this port, because I have the opposite, it is in day mode and the night does not pass in sight of night. (And I do not see anything ) And is there a way to control the contrast of the camera because it is very dark (even during the day). THX
  11. surveillance´╗┐ station, yes I will try with that...
  12. Hi, I just install a DS2 mini Door Station, and I would like to know if it is possible to record the Camera Stream on my Synology when i'm not at home Programming like: - Variable "at home" is on 0 - when motion detect on the door station - save stream on my nas That's the idea. Best S.
  13. Hi everybody, I just buy the driver from Unilogiq for the Hue Motion detector and any Idea why the "temperature display" display 48.9┬░C ? And why the motion detector have any reaction ? The connection with the Bridge and the detector is correct (display the 30 numbers) ... Thx for you help Best S. RESOLVED: I forgod to copy past the HUE string into the driver. MANY thanks to the support from the dev team of the driver.
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