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  1. SOLVED My cable Jack to RS232 the jack side cable was a TRRS Jack (4 rings) and not a TRS (3 rings) ... I cut a jack TRS and I soldered the cables on the RS232 pin and that works now... WHOUHOUUUU
  2. I use the Somfy RTS URTS II 16 channels. And the null modem on my port 1 is enable. On the URTSI 2 channel wheel ? if yes, it's done too.
  3. Same problem for me, manually on the Somfy Interface my blinds "works". But when I try to add into the composer doesn't work :(... any idea ?
  4. HAHAHAHAHA I thinking first something more "Agressif". The goal is to scare away intruders
  5. I will test the manual launch and see if the T7 displays something.
  6. Update of the post I took a raspberry pi and I installed a displaycameras service on the boot. And the Hdmi direct into my Video Matrix. And it's work PERFECTLY and real-time video. (9 videos on one page).
  7. Hi everyone, I use NCZ-3011 for door detection, and I make a macros "Alarm start", when the alarm in ON... and if someone opens the door I start the macro: - I put strip led of the room in red and blinking; - I make a vocal announcement "You are in a restricted zone !!! "; - I send a push notification "Alarm : Door XYZ Open" And for the last "step" I will add a alarm song. How can I do that ? First I thinking to add a MP3 into my nas server and -> Select Media -> Album -> alarm song.mp3... but the problem on the T7 of the room ou can stop the song... easy enough for the intruder to stop the alarm. Second, I thnking about a announcement with the mp3 ... BUT if I start a announcement can I stop it ? (the MP3 alarm is a loop song of 1 hour long... :)) Have you a Idea ? Thanks.
  8. Hohooo I did not know this product. Thank you for the info.
  9. On the tv (with the remote) I see streaming. maybe 1fps but streaming I thing I will use a raspberry and put it on the video matrix.
  10. I have the Ubiquity NVR... and no access (no HDMI out)
  11. ho damn.... I wanted my client have an overview of all their cameras in the event of an intrusion...
  12. os3, and Composer 3.1.1. I install the navigation but only have access to cameras not the overview page.
  13. Hi everyone, I try to make a macro, when the alarm is running, I will turn on the bedroom tv with the cameras page. I found a way to display one camera on screen, but not display automatiquelly the "page" security->Cameras. Any idea ? Thanks.
  14. This driver look amazing, but doesn't work with the Philips hue Motion detector... too bad
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