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  1. Feedback I try with the 'shorting' method. attach cable 1 and 3 and make a manual contact with the cable 4. And nothing happen. Any idea ?
  2. Ok, I will investing that... I was sure that will be simple but no . MANY thanks for all you advices. I will first try the 'shorting' between 1/3 and 4.
  3. In attach here the notice of the module (no more info I think...)... Maybe the resistance is on the EP141 module ? EP141 (Multi).pdf
  4. So, if I understood correctly (I'm a newbie with electronics :)) I take the diagram N°1 and I put 1 and 3 together in COM and put it 4 in NO? |------1 COM--------| |------3 NO------------------4 Right ? For the moment I do not have a push button (only the remote control). So I bought the relay module for the motor so that I could use a keypad or my app. I have a NYCE detector on the door that lets me know if my she's open or not.
  5. Hi everyone, I need more info how to connect a garage door relay (Marantec Confort 220 relay) tu my EA3 relay. In attach you can see the diagram of my Marantec Relay. Need to know the good order of the cable like: AE3 --- Marantec COM --- 1 NC --- 2 NO --- 3 etc. Thanks for your help. 3809_001.pdf
  6. SOLVED My cable Jack to RS232 the jack side cable was a TRRS Jack (4 rings) and not a TRS (3 rings) ... I cut a jack TRS and I soldered the cables on the RS232 pin and that works now... WHOUHOUUUU
  7. I use the Somfy RTS URTS II 16 channels. And the null modem on my port 1 is enable. On the URTSI 2 channel wheel ? if yes, it's done too.
  8. Same problem for me, manually on the Somfy Interface my blinds "works". But when I try to add into the composer doesn't work :(... any idea ?
  9. HAHAHAHAHA I thinking first something more "Agressif". The goal is to scare away intruders
  10. I will test the manual launch and see if the T7 displays something.
  11. Update of the post I took a raspberry pi and I installed a displaycameras service on the boot. And the Hdmi direct into my Video Matrix. And it's work PERFECTLY and real-time video. (9 videos on one page).
  12. Hi everyone, I use NCZ-3011 for door detection, and I make a macros "Alarm start", when the alarm in ON... and if someone opens the door I start the macro: - I put strip led of the room in red and blinking; - I make a vocal announcement "You are in a restricted zone !!! "; - I send a push notification "Alarm : Door XYZ Open" And for the last "step" I will add a alarm song. How can I do that ? First I thinking to add a MP3 into my nas server and -> Select Media -> Album -> alarm song.mp3... but the problem on the T7 of the room ou can stop the song... easy enough for th
  13. Hohooo I did not know this product. Thank you for the info.
  14. On the tv (with the remote) I see streaming. maybe 1fps but streaming I thing I will use a raspberry and put it on the video matrix.
  15. I have the Ubiquity NVR... and no access (no HDMI out)
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