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  1. I've been struggling with the Apple 4K TV boxes on our system lately. Presumably this is to do with the latest iOS13 updates about which there are several helpful threads on this forum. Our dealer has tried to implement a work-around - I think they've reverted from IP control to infrared, but this is slightly beyond my technical knowledge. Unfortunately this has left us without some quite important functionality, such as the ability to stop or pause TV on the Apple TV, and it usually takes us two or three goes to get the control4 system to fire up the apple TV box. So it doesn't feel this is a viable long term option. And I get the sense this won't be the last of the unhelpful Apple updates. All we really want to do is watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other mainstream streaming services. As streaming services are probably at least 50% of our TV viewing, the main criteria is that the hardware we stream them through is robust and works reliably with the control4 system. What products do people on the forum have good experiences with? I see Roku mentioned a fair bit - but its not something I'm very familiar with. There also seem to be a number of versions of this - most of which rely on wifi connections rather than ethernet connections. I'm UK based, which may limit choices. Our system currently has 5 TVs on it, and our current video sources are three SkyQ TV boxes, 2 Apple 4K TV boxes, and a bluray player. I think we have space for 8 video inputs and 8 video outputs. Many thanks...
  2. I think at least one of them is, as at least one of the visits involved replacing one of these for the principal media room TV. Not 100% sure for the other TVs though.
  3. Thanks for all the input. We've had pretty much every piece of hardware replaced now - the video matrix, the AV unit, various cables, and while it's improved, we're still having random gremlins. Our problems have now narrowed down to the control4 video source spontaneously turning on and off while we are watching TV (the picture goes off, then a blue C4 waiting logo comes up, then picture comes back on, all within about 5 seconds). As far as I can tell, the TV itself doesn't turn off, nor do any of the inputs like Sky TV etc. This happens about twice a day, pretty randomly, on all 5 TVs in the house, and agnostic to whether we're watching Sky, Apple TV etc. It is slightly more common immediately after we switch on the TVs to watch something. It feels like it's a problem with the Video Matrix, albeit this has already been swapped out. Our dealers have certainly tried hard to fix it (must have had a couple of dozen visits now over the past 8 months), but I sense are running out of ideas here, and probably hoping we will just live with the problem. I suspect we're probably just going to have to hire a new firm at great expensive to start afresh, but is there anything obvious anyone can think of that I should be suggesting to them to troubleshoot. Any suggestions hugely appreciated...
  4. Ticking 'frequent IP changes' on the app seems to have fixed the problem! Thank you!!
  5. Will look into those modem/router suggestions too - thanks
  6. Thanks - I hadn't thought of that being a factor. It's showing on the customer.control4.com website that our 4sight licence is valid until 9 June 2019, but I'm wondering if somehow the system has got confused and has decided it isn't active. We find our various IFTT automations tend to be a bit hit and miss - probably 1 in 5 fail to operate, with no obvious pattern why they work one day and not the next. Perhaps there's something corrupted in our Control4 account profile...?
  7. My control4 iPhone app has stopped working when it is used on 4G. It still works on my home wifi network, and it also works on any other wifi network away from home. Same thing on my wife's iphone. We're both on the latest version of iOS and the latest version of Control4 Our dealer has suggested deleting the app and reinstalling, which we have tried multiple times but with no luck, and he has now somewhat run out of suggestions. We've generally had quite a buggy installation - we're 8 months since moving in, and still having weekly visits to iron out bugs, albeit I think we're nearly there. Any suggestions where we might focus our investigations?
  8. Thanks everyone for the thoughts - and the detailed suggestions for where the problems might be coming from. I checked out the CEC suggestion over the weekend, and it seems to be turned off on all the TVs, so sadly it doesn't seem to be there. There has been some mention from the dealer of power issues - which from the above sounds like it may be an electrical rather than an AV issue. As an illustration , the TV turned off about 15 times over the course of this weekend, and completely random intervals. Sometimes it lasts an hour or so, sometimes 10 minutes. On one of the occasions the AV Receiver for the main movie room TV took on a life of its own and started randomly turning the volume up and down! Then it stopped working entirely until Sunday, when all was back to normal again :-) Another of the TVs has given up responding to control4, so we're just left with using it as a dumb TV with the built-in standard streaming apps. All very odd indeed! We're going to give them one more go at trying to troubleshoot the problem, but failing that we'll have a look for a recommended UK-based dealer to switch to, to help out.
  9. The only thing that's changed on the project was the settings on the Rako lights. They were set to 4 standard levels at installation, and we asked for slightly more nuanced settings. Things like precise times for wakeup programmes were obviously requested once the system was in. The three sky tv inputs, apple tv input, TVs, positioning of TVs etc etc were all specified at the tender of the overall contract which was in January 2017, and haven't changed at all. Networking was part of the contract, so there's 3 x wifi, a router installed and all the associated cat 6 cabling in the equipment rack
  10. We've just had a Control4 system fitted for the first time as part of a whole house renovation. 5 TVs, 8 audio zones, CCTV, Sky TV boxes, linked into 30-40 Rako lighting circuits and all the underfloor heating thermostats, so reasonably complex, I'm guessing. We had project handover back in late May, and are still having problems with getting the system working. The last four weeks, for instance, the TVs keep spontaneously switching off, which has involved a number of largely fruitless attempts to fix it. A month ago it was the heating, and we've kind of given up trying to get the control4 to work all the lighting circuits. It's generally a bit buggy and unpredictable, particularly with anything that requires programming like timed events. The Apple app just stopped working this morning for no apparent reason. Most weeks something new crops up, or something we hadn't tested out before doesn't work. I appreciate no installation of this complexity is ever going to work perfectly on day one, but I was wondering if any dealers on here could put this in the context of similarly sized jobs they do? Should we realistically be expecting 6 months of snagging to get a smoothly running system, assuming we're at the unlucky end of the scale? Or shoudl we be thinking about finding an alternative dealer to help us fix everything once and for all. When it works, it's a very slick system!
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