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  1. Not C4 specific, but I'm looking for recommendations for NVR/IP Cameras that can do people counting including the time a person is in a place.
  2. But I do have an EA-1 in some of them, but only to serve as zigbee repeaters and on-screen menu.
  3. Yes, that certainly would help. Straight up C4 Video and Audio matrix. No local AVR in room.
  4. I thought I would be able to do this by using watch and then listen. But it didn't seem to work. I want to use airplay screen mirroring to show a slideshow and meanwhile play airplay from someone's phone with Apple Music in same room. And then repeat that in other rooms as well. How can I do this?
  5. And I should have added, this is why I'm thankful for this forum.
  6. Too bad we don't have WAP here to comment. I also have a dealer who has let me down numerous times despite being platinum status. The incompetence and lack of follow through is astonishing. I've found that once the initial install is complete (and all the profit has been made), the motivation for service is gone. No money in maintenance calls, so not a priority anymore. Shame.
  7. These events may be coincidental, but last night my audio would only play static sound in all rooms through the audio matrix. My theater with dedicated AVR behaved normally. Here is the sequence of events: Watching normal content, audio sounded fine Changed to a Dolby Digital via Apple TV No sound, TV popped up a message about switching to Atmos for better sound (or something like that) Fiddled with ATV to disable Atmos, but could not find an option Changed back to different content on ATV ... static Changed sources... static Turned off room and on again... static Moved to different room ... static Moved to Theater... no static (expected result) Next morning, static on all sources Changed ATV to different content (not Atmos)... no static Other sources back to normal I have the downmixing matrix, so I would have expected the Atmos to be downmixed in my stereo room. Any suggestions on what this might be? I feel like it is related to the Atmos content
  8. I'm having the remaining modules installed tomorrow. Turns out the firmware was incorrect on the ones I had previously, so it required them to be swapped out. If successful, I will have modules for the following: Wolf Steam Oven Wolf Oven Subzero Integrated Refrigerator Subzero Integrated Freezer Subzero dual drawer Refrigerator All that being said, the C4 integration does not exist today. I understand that it is in the works and will be released at a later date. Until then, we are limited to the mobile app.
  9. Reviving this question. I have a need for this solution too. Simply put, once the home was constructed we missed a few natural locations for keypads. We have no infrastructure anywhere closeby to run the wired keypad, so it wouldn’t be a simple matter of cutting into the drywall and taping off of existing electrical AC. Aesthetics are crucial in our home design, so a 3rd party solution would be very noticeable. As to the questions of market, I suppose I would agree that it is small. Most of my older homes had plenty of switches in the Natural places. It was this custom home that missed a few. The lesson learned is know your furniture and cabinet layout as well when planning placement.
  10. I use VMware and actually prefer using HE on the same keyboard/screen rather than going back and forth between machines. Much easier to copy/paste, and work with all of my other apps at the same time.
  11. Did you do this as a connection in Pro or in programming in HE/When->Then? I had similar behavior when my dealer had the button binding defined. The light it would do the dealer defined action first no matter what I did in HE. By removing his binding, I was able to reprogram it back in HE and it all worked better.
  12. i purchased my appliances a year ago. I'm not sure if today's appliances come with WiFi built in. The module i pictured above is a sub-zero module, but was purchased after the fact. I have come to learn that the driver that was mentioned previously on this forum was for a discontinued module. There is no C4 driver available today for this specific module. So for now, we can only use the consumer app on a mobile device. I'm hopeful it will change soon.
  13. I can’t seem to find a telephoto ip camera that I can tie into my white label hikvision NVR and compatible with C4 I want to view my gate from about 250 ft away with enough detail to make out a license plate. I don’t need AI to capture the plates, I just want to be able to read them manually. All of my other cameras are 4K so I hope to match that as well. Any recommendations? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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