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  1. We have a fixed touch screen but it was put in an impractical spot so id like to get a portable or maybe use the app on an iPad or other tablet. Tradeoffs? Recs? Cheers
  2. Thanks to Matt, I am now able to refer to C4 without using expletives. New construction...had a terrible integrator who wired things incorrectly, was unprepared, upselling unnecessary things, and usually answering questions with "can't do that" or at best--will be a few months and always at least $1K. Enter Matt Lowe via these forums. He listened to me first, then proposed a range of solutions and recs. He was always immediately available, honest, and knowledgeable beyond C4. And didn't stop til stuff worked the way I expected. Between Matt and the other helpful folks on this great forum (many good people offered to assist--thank you), it has made me not regret my decision to go with C4. The hardware is high quality, the integration foundation rock solid, and having Composer HE puts a lot at an end-user's fingertips. Thanks Matt--well done. I only wish you were able to do the whole install from the start. Guys like you deserve the business. And I will certainly have more come your way. Cheers Frank T
  3. Has anyone gotten an update from a dealer on the SnapAV native application for their surveillance products? Their previous web NPAPI-based interface does not work in most browsers anymore since most stopped using the Netscape API due to its vulnerability. In the meantime, I only have it on my phone and can't access customizations etc. Here is last I heard:
  4. Asking because if have an opportunity to buy a NIB item off eBay that dealer would load when able, I'd want to at least check that it powers up and can register an IP from the router
  5. Would be secondary. Thanks...I removed dimmer from question above after I realized that was not possible.
  6. Will a C4 IP device (say an EA-1) show up with an IP on my network or as a read-only item in Composer HE, if I connect it to the network prior to a dealer adding the device into the project?
  7. Perfect...I'm figuring either an NAS or something similar may be the way to augment streaming capability down the line.
  8. Dealer said that was not the case Tuesday...but my system is on 2.10.0
  9. Now thats cool news. And very good to know!
  10. So i have a simple audio arrangement with two pair hardwired speakers and want independent audio. Have an EA-5 but have not chosen an amp yet. If feasible, is there a cost-effective way to use the EA5 for stereo audio distro to those two zones or should I add a combo switch/amp? I dont think id be expanding hardwire speakers in future. maybe wireless speaker points most streaming is via amazon which i guess is not part of native capability of the controller But I can switch to whatever is native if needed
  11. That's fair. But this did follow an extended sitdown and multiple interactions where I asked questions and laid out what I use, and where I plan to get to. One example is SONOS was being pushed as an amp solution for our two rooms of wired speakers, and when I asked about integration given the latest API baseline, and asked for a comparison with a TRIAD or similar solution, I got crickets. The install tech was highly capable, but the integrator-dealer maybe is not very C4 savvy, so we have a lack of unified communication. You are right. I will fix that part.
  12. For #1 I maybe should have known that was not a fair public forum question, but how about is it typical/sufficient to consider iOS interfaces as a suitable alternative to an integrated remote? I'm not getting what is integrated about this that I couldn't have done myself. And right now it seems the only thing preventing me from doing it myself is permissions.
  13. Thanks...Just logged into the controller via my PC...seems OS is 2.10.2. so my mistake. As for number 2...yes it didnt make sense to me either. I know these are broad questions without a lot of context, so even limited feedback appreciated.
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