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  1. Have you thought about downloading the app through a proxy? If it's not a big deal to you then might be a hassle. But with a $50 phone (or old phone you don't use) and signing up under USA proxy, you could have much more intuitive commands. You may even be able to run an android emulator on your computer, but I'm not 100% sure.
  2. Great. Just added it to my project and also added so that every time a 30 min timer expires it takes away Auth. Will test out if it worked shortly. EDIT: All works like a charm! Thanks for this!
  3. Ah ok, I understand. So just to confirm.... We should go to the Composer programming menu, clicking on the project name on the upper left corner, then under "When Project X Loads" , we put your command. The reason I want to confirm is I'm not sure of the order of events on project loading, so I can imagine putting it into the wrong area would have the AUTH OFF run before autoconfig sends.. Which would then be useless.
  4. Right, thats a good point. Is there a reason we need a command for it? I can see a setting in C4 just to turn off authentication. Does it just randomly turn it on all the time?
  5. So to make the screenshot work, We have to have authentication on the DS2 camera off? I haven't thought it through too hard, but does anyone have any problems with this? On it's face it sounds like it makes things alot less secure. However after thinking about it, I'm not sure I care if someone wire's into the camera that just shows my street. Would it be possible to turn off authentication, send screenshot, turn authentication back on. It sounds "easy" but I wonder if something like this would be prone to messing things up.
  6. Yep! Also, you may already know this but I only mention it since all your examples use the "turn on" phrase. You can make some commands ALOT more intuitive by using Alexa Routines and having them trigger scenes. With routines you can program ANY phrase to trigger things, without the "turn on". You just have to be mindful of the phrase not sounding too much like a built in phrase or else it sometimes may trigger the built in functionality (like Alexa bye bye , would sometimes trigger what you want but other times you would have alexa reply to you with a bye). So for example when I say "Alexa, next song". That runs the programming to play the next song on the station. Hmm, never heard of Tidal. It's like Pandora ? What are the benefits over Pandora or Spotify?
  7. The only reason you would need an echo hooked up is if you want alexa to be the source of the music itself versus services that can be implemented on C4 already. Do you need that specifically? You can tell Alexa "Alex, turn on X room pandora" (using routines) or other commands and it will play in the respective service in the respective room. It just takes a bit of programming. I've never seen others talk about this, but with a bit of creative programming ,I have it setup to where i can verbally play the next song or even change stations between 5 that i have preprogrammed. I guess if you want to verbally command alexa to play stations you havent programmed , then yes you may need to hook up an Alexa directly?
  8. Ok well the app was finally updated and they fixed one thing but broke another. Now, it seems like a call always does go thru. However only one of the users gets the phone call from intercom anywhere. My wife and I are both users. So when someone rings the keypad, either my phone gets the call waiting notification or she does. The weird part is that if we open the app and both have it open, then we both get the notification. Otherwise it's only one of us. Very frustrating that a year later this thing still doesnt work reliably. ...possible pertains to this but maybe not: the call everyone command seems to gave changed from sip:AllCloud@ip to sip:All@ip . I don't know exactly when this change happened but I had programming that no longer worked to call and I had to to do this change to make it working again. Not sure if this change in C4's end had anything to do with it, but maybe them changing it broke some kind of functionality? EDIT: Last night someone was at the gate and neither my wife or I got a call from intercom anywhere. I programmed it so that that when someone calls we both get a notification through c4 with screenshot sent. We both got that right away, screenshot and everything. So once again, it's the app and not my setup. So it is still NOT fixed for android.
  9. Any update? It's past the 2-3 week window you mentioned. Holidays are coming up and many of us are going to have alot of people at our gates....
  10. Android app has not been updated and I still haven't heard back from Jak, after messaging him a few times for an update. I will be trying to put a POE extender around the middle of the run to improve my connection. But disappointed in the lack of update on the app, especially after a bug was confirmed that made the app completely unusable.
  11. iPhone app worked just fine..... so I cant say if android app works well with perfect connection...but it is definitely not properly built to handle less than perfect connections. Edit: or it doesnt work well with certain version of android maybe?
  12. Thank you for the advice. I will try it out. At the least, it will remove one of the junctions, and hopefully once they fix the Android app it will also improve some of the lag.
  13. These are worst case scenario estimates based on google earth...... 5ft from router to POE. 115ft to junction outside garage. 170ft from junction to Gate box. 10ft from gate box to doorstation. So that's basically right at 300ft TOTAL. that is 295ft from the POE, which is within spec but near upper limit. If I would put the POE inside the gate box, it would only be 10ft, which is great. But again, worried about summer temp's.
  14. I do. It's inside the box that control's the gate. I'm just a little worried about summer time temperatures (up to 115 outside, who knows how hot inside).
  15. MY other question about the POE, would it of been better if I put i much closer to the camera? Right now it is in my media room which is far from the gate. If I put it right behind the door station, would there be less interference since there is power over a smaller run and possibly lead to a better connection? I know I could just try it out, but since all the junction's are now IDC spliced, I would have to redo alot to try this out. Plus, barely any cable is still sticking out of the ground by now, after needing to keep chopping cable off as I reterminated it for prior experiments. Thinking about it further, it would have been better to do that from the start, as it reduced the number of junctions in the line by one. On the other hand, it does get to 120f here and I'm not sure how well that switch would work in the summers, roasting inside a gate box.
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