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  1. I went to driver actions, did check drivers, hit set.... But it says invalid, error 102. EDIT: Nevermind, after trying it a few more times and waiting 5 minutes it now says success!
  2. I had family over today and I couldn't use my home theater for 30+ minutes while I figure out whats wrong. Then I needed to find my other remotes. Then I needed to charge my Shield remote since it is dead from not being used (since my C4 controls it). ETC... Biggest deal? No. But this is supposed to be a premium solution and most of what we are paying for is convenience. This was not convenient.
  3. OK, glad it's not on my end. This made me realize something though. How is everyone OK with being so attached to relying on them for our HOME working properly? This is a pretty poor system. I understand the need for licensing, but there needs to be a much more robust system (like if their servers can't be contacted, there is a week or more grace period).
  4. All my plugins that use drivercentral as the license providers stopped working today. Inside my director it says the licenses are "expired". I figured out it's because it says its not connected. Checking online, I can't reach their website (drivercentral.io). Are their servers down? @alanchow Any input? Some of the drivers are yours.
  5. App has been updated! I haven't had a chance to make sure everything works but I will tomorrow. Should be the fix for us, as the update notes mention the issue.
  6. Issue is still not fixed. Everyone else still having the same problem? Control4 finally replied a few days ago that they have no update on the situation.
  7. I definitely acknowledge it may take a week or two for a solid fix. But I haven't received a response in 5 days from them. I have my own business, so I understand you can't always reply right away. But 5 days is just ignoring the customer. Considering how much these products cost, I consider that terrible customer service.
  8. Has anyone had any updates? I messaged them a few days ago and go no reply. Mine still doesn't work.
  9. I've seen alot of mention of this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MDQ5JOC/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_4?smid=A1W38LIN57HDN1&psc=1 Is this the a good option? I am trying to future proof.
  10. I actually have 2 cat 5e ran to it.. that makes me wonder, maybe I should just do the hdmi thru cat option. Is it good enough for 4k though?
  11. I tried it and it works, but the intermittant part makes it hard to know for sure. And I haven't just sat around for 30 min waiting. I have talked to a few other people and they said its likely the cable. I just thought HDMI either worked or didn't.
  12. So I am having having a flickering issue with the projector. I know you guys aren't the AV experts necessarily but I thought it was worth a shot to ask. It gets worse and better and during the bad times it's easily a flicker every 5-10 seconds. I don't think that it's a bulb issue simply because if I go to the projectors "home" screen there is absolutely no flickering. I tried changing power consumption modes between eco/medium/high and that doesn't change anything. It's hard to test everything and be sure just because the issue does go away from a little bit at a time sometimes. It's also hard to test the HDMI cables because this is in a home theatre with cables ran through walls/attic. I changed my Nvidia Shield from 4k59hz recommended to 4k60hz and the issue went away. But it came back an hour or so later so I'm not sure that did anything. I changed the resolution of the Nvidia to 1080p and I haven't had not 1 flicker at that resolution. My biggest suspect is the HDMI cable from my Denon AVR to the Projector. It's a relatively long run and it's the original cable from 10 years ago. I was surprised 4k even worked with it considering the length of run. I know there is issues with long cables and 4k. I was just under the impression that HDMI is an all or nothing type thing? Is it possible the flicker is because of the old/long HDMI cable?
  13. I hope so too! I installed everything yesterday and am very happy with my purchase. I thought my Marantz was pretty decent quality, but after seeing the quality produced by this projector, I feel like I've been watching movies through a dirty milk jug! I'm also happy to report that 4k works and I don't have to replace the wiring. This was a huge surprise because it's probably like an 8 year old cable and its got to be pretty dang long. Easily 30+ feet. Now all I have left is to do the C4 programming and RMA my Nvidia Shield. Talk about bad luck. I pulled the plug at the end of the night and replugged it back in and it wouldn't turn on anymore. Bricked. Out of nowhere. Always something!
  14. Great! It was left off on them forwarding the issue to their engineers. I do appreciate that they respond to the emails reasonably fast (within day or so). Hopefully gets resolved soon. The doorstation has been great in other regards.
  15. They replied saying the issue shouldn't be happening as it was fixed with the update from a month ago......
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