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  1. I just updated to 3.1.0 and setting up the google assistant integration. I can see that now I can control C4 devices from the google home app. But can you go the other way around? For example, my google assistant is connected to my roomba. Can I have control 4 tell google assistant a command, like activate roomba? Side note: I have the Chowmain IFTTT plugin and I believe I can do something like this using it;s integration with pushover services. But I would obviously rather use a "built-in" method than relaying on email pushover.
  2. Just wanted to update you guys. I got my hands on an iPhone to test things out and it worked with no issues. It turns out there is likely 2 bugs in the Android version. They are working on it now! Jakblak has been great.
  3. Yep, I'm back in talks with him through PM. I'll update you guys.
  4. I just wanted to give a shout out to their GREAT customer service. There are many outfits out there that make all sorts of drivers. But not every company provides customers service at the level of what I just experienced. I have a Vantage Qlink system which is a bit outdated, but luckily I found a driver made by @Cinegration to hook it up to my C4 system. It's worked great for over a year. Then OS3 came and something in the update broke a main feature of the driver. I contacted Cinegration and they responded FAST. They worked with me over the next week to troubleshoot and fix the issue. The issue was a bit tough to pinpoint, but they went as far as having a phone call with me to help diagnose and remote into my system. Then they fixed it and it now works great again. I know it might sound like this is just "how it should be". But in my experience, good customer service like this is a rarity. Especially considering this is an OLD driver of theirs that I am guessing isn't even used by many people anymore. 10/10
  5. Unfortunately his look at the logs didn't really help, although I did appreciate that he took the time to do it. He looked at the logs and just confirmed that the logs say that the issue is that the DS2 wasn't responding the call, hinting at a network issue.... But again....If the NVR connects great and for that matter just a ping using CMD prompt connects.... the issue is definitely part software. I sent him a message saying almost the same thing as my post. We will see if he has any feedback.
  6. I'm still having mostly the same issues. After doing what I can to optimize the CAT run and junctions, I can now mostly connect from intercom anywhere to the DS2 (very slow and laggy though). But I am always missing calls from the keypad and whether I get pinged on my phone is completely hit or miss. I understand that it's obviously partially a network issue, since connecting the DS2 with a short wire to my network removes all issues. But I can't do anything about the wire that goes underground to my front gate and that would be a very expensive job to run another. Luckily, it's also obviously a software issue. Either the app or the DS2 itself. I just don't know who to contact to try and get it resolved. I know it's a software issue as well because of 2 reasons: 1. My NVR is recoding the video/audio of the keypad camera at all times and has ZERO issues or lag. So the connection is more than good enough to pull the feed with no issues, and the feed makes up almost all the data entirely. However, even if I turn off the recording of the feed, my DS2/intercom anywhere issues remain. Once the connection is made through intercom anywhere, the feed and video is mostly ok though. Not great, but workable and doesn't disconnect. So it may have to do with poorly written handshake/invite? No idea, just guessing. 2. I have my C4 system ring my houses doorbell whenever I get someone press the call button on the keypad. This works flawlessly EVERY TIME. So I can be sitting inside my home, hear the doorbell, and watch my phone waiting for the call to go through (while having great reception).... And nothing. So OBVIOUSLY once again, the network is more than strong enough to send the signal through that there is a call and it works EVERY time to get it back to the C4 ea5 unit. But it's completely hit or miss to get it to intercom anywhere. Notice how the entire route from C4 to my phone can no longer be blamed on the long run... It's a great connection from EA5 to the internet. So once again, points to a software issue. I understand the code works well when everything is perfect... But as you guys know, things are rarely perfect "in the field". Any advice? Once other thing I was thinking about....does POE injection deteriorate connections at all? Maybe I can hook up a power supply to the DS2 and keep the Cat power free? Has anyone ever seen that help?
  7. Router: Asus RT-AC87U Switch: 2x NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch
  8. Well, 9 hours later and I have a mostly working doorstation. I changed the splice to IDC's and I shortened the cable in my media room. This enabled it to get the calls intermittently. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it doesn't. The next thing I tried is changing the port that the POE patch cable goes into on my network switch. This actually made the biggest difference. I have a router, and then 2 switches inline for my ethernet. I tried a few different positions on the switches and now it works. It is slow, laggy, and sound is choppy. But it works to connect every single time and a ping test shows no lost packets. Why did the position on the switch matter? For that matter, I'm sure maybe connecting directly to the router may be even better. Unfortunately the router is in a different place. I'm thinking that it used to be connected to the router during the initial install and maybe thats when it worked ok. Theres a 50ft Cat6 between the router and switches and my other 12 things connected to the switches have no issues. EDIT: The Web GUI is working good now though. So it seems like the network is atleast alot better than it was. I also lowered the frame rate to 10 but raised the bitrate to 1024 and that seems to of helped a little. I would guess that the extra cable from the router to the switch is weaking the signal to a certain degree. Is there a way to re-boost the signal? Does a managed switch help with that?
  9. Good point. Before putting on the idc's, I will pull the wire back out the conduit and try to connect the door station to that wire. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  10. Yea, unfortunately a new wired didn't help. The new connection is wired correctly and good for data, according to my Klein Network tool. The signal is obviously too weak after the splice? I used a new keystone jack (which is actually what was there before, I was wrong to call it IDC.). I'm gonna try to now use the "3M Scotchlok IDC Butt Connector" instead and maybe that will work better. If that doesn't work any better, the last hailmerry I have is that where it terminates in my media room, there is actualyl alot of extra wire rolled up. It's probably a good 20+ ft. I'll cut that down to only what I need to reduce the wire length and see if that gives it enough extra juice.
  11. Well, looks like you guys were right. Connecting the doorstation with a patch wire durectly to the POE worked. LUCKILY, connecting the doorstation to the junction box at the end of the driveway worked great as well. So the issue seems to be from the junction box to the keypad pole. The 25ft run should be easy enough to drag a new wire through, which I am planning on doing right now.
  12. Appreciate the response! I cleared the logs, tried to unsuccesfully connect to the keypad 3x, and then immediately saved the logs. I sent you a PM with the log. Thanks
  13. 1 of the splices is an IDC junction Box type thing and the second I am not 100% sure, but I believe it is the same way (I can check though)
  14. In my estimation that would either be impractical or ridiculously expensive. Most of the wire is in conduit underground.
  15. It's probably around 300ft or so from the media room (hard to know exactly.) That includes atleast 2 splices. For months the intercom DID work just fine though.
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