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  1. Very helpful, thank you. May as well close down forum responses and have an autoresponse saying "contact your dealer". 👍
  2. The issue goes away if I power cycle the C4, but it randomly comes back and that means I can't open the gate for someone like my landscaper when I need to. C4 has been the worst system to work with. Does anyone have any advice on how to actually diagnose this that isn't just contacting your dealer? I have full access to Composer. All my drivers are up to date. Where can I find logs to show me glitches or memory hogs. Thanks
  3. When you are having an Alexa issue, can you try logging into your c4 through your phone app while not on wifi. Let me know if it connects or not.
  4. In the last few days the connection to my C4 through the android app has been hit or miss when not on wifi. It successfully goes through all the stages of connecting, then just gets stuck on "getting wake/sleep info" and won't move on from there no matter how long. Right now I have been trying to connect for 2 hours and havent been able to. My 4sight is up to date. EDI: Manually power cycling the controller did finally let me login. This has been happening a few times now though, anyway to get to the bottom of it?
  5. Mine has also had intermittent issues. I posted about it the other day and no one really replied with any viable solutions.
  6. Anyone else having Alexa/control4 issues? My Alexa stopped being able to control things on my c4 today. I went into the Alexa app and decided to try updating the authorization. We'll after logging out , I couldn't log in it just says it's experiencing an issue connecting to the skill and to try again later. Anyone else?
  7. OK guys. All figured out. The problem was a combination of two things that coincidentally went wrong. I will outline what I did and heopfulyl if someone else runs into this issue they dont have to kill 6 hours 1. It looks like in the webgui setup of http api, the "system" option was never changed from secured to unsecured. Everything else was. So for opening/closing and basic tasks Composer could communicate. For system level access to change settings, it could not because it tried to do Basic, but DS2 required Digest. 2. The webgui password was different than the API password. No idea how it happened. But it did. I solved this by finding a little unknown apitest.html that is included with the ds2 programming. Using that I was able to force send API commands in secure mode (Digest) . I downloaded the configuration file and manually changed the password hash to default. This works out to the T0talc0ntr0l4! password, which worked and then it asked me to reset the password to a new one as it's supposed to. Issue solved. But I still hate this POS doorstation as it is always nothing but trouble compared to every other electronic I own.
  8. Assuming the API username/passwrd is correct, is there a way to communicate to the doorstation using the API, not through composer?
  9. Resetting would be a total nightmare. I have a bunch of things changed/programmed in the doorstation webgui and composer. Setting everything up would take atleast a whole day and even then I'll have to stumble through for weeks remembering parts that may have been left out. The only thing that doesn't make sense is that Composer SHOULD have propogated the new login to the DS2. As I said, when I change the api user/passwd in composer, it now has login issues and the ds2 shows as offline. So that is hinting that the password in composer is in fact correct and SHOULD work in the webgui. Is it possible to change the websui password without changing the api password. I was under the impression that DS2 automatically uses the composure api password as the webgui password?
  10. It was changed to something personal. I think part of the issue may be that even though I changed it on the Composer side of things, I believe it may be possible it never changed it on the actual DS2 because of these connectivity issues. So even if I didn't care about fixing these connectivity issues (since there is little functionality I lose as long as I can access Webgui), the issue becomes that I don't know what the autogenerated password was! Unless you guys know of a way to salvage what it was or make it reset? (Without factory resetting the ds2!) edit: Changing my API username or Password takes the DS2 offline in composer. Changing it back , takes it back online. So I believe this means that the API password has in fact propagated to the DS2 and it SHOULD work. Something else i noticed is that when I go to the webgui, I get a certificate error "This CA Root certificate is not trusted because it is not in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store." So there may be issues with the certificate on the DS2 and maybe lack of secure connection is causing issues? Or is this how other peoples connection is too?
  11. Anyone else have any ideas? I needed to add user codes ASAP and can't because of this! I noticed inside the driver panel itself it also mentions an invalid connection type.
  12. Well I can't do it through software, which is part of the issue of my post. You mean by manually unplugging and plugging back in? I have not, but honestly I am a bit afraid to do it since it's functional in the most important ways right now and I don't want to invest 8 hours fixing it when power cycling breaks that. The API username inside of composer is "composer". I don't remember how that was set instead of root/admin, but I am sure it's not one of those because when I try to change the name it now has authorized user connectivity issues. If oyu are talking about in the webgui, I have tried it all. I know it's supposed to be admin, but I have tried composer, root & admin.
  13. Just did a LOG while trying to do both restart and auto config. Here is the issue I am getting: <---- ExCommand --- [LUA_ACTION]: { ACTION = "RESTART" } Executing Restart Restart Unsuccessful: { "success" : false, "error" : { "code" : 7, "description" : "invalid connection type" } }
  14. I am having 2 issues with my DS2. I can't login to the web UI. I know things have changed with the password setup. I already have a new password in the API section of the C4 driver, and I try using that to login and it isn't letting me. I tried hitting auto config in driver actions, thinking it maybe updates the passwords with the DS2, but that didn't fix it. I could have sworn I have already used the web gui since the password change, but I can't be sure. When I try to restart the DS2 from control 4 (in driver actions). Nothing happens. No restart. (Trying to restart the DS2 with programming also doesn't do anything) Any idea what is going on? Everything else I have tested works. The DS2 is integrated and calls when it should. All my programming associated with the DS2 is triggered properly. etc... Thanks
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