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  1. So a factory reset has fixed this. Download: 437M Upload: 33.6M -s
  2. Just connected up and old RE-2 I've had sitting on the bench for a while (never used) Download speed: 417M upload: 33.7
  3. I've had a few minor setup niggles with the RK-1 connecting to my FTTP initially, but the it has been running now for 3-months with 420M download & 36M upload. RK-1 is connected straight into the the ONT box presently through WAN-2 which is set up for PPPoE. WAN-1 would only ever connect at 20M down & 6M up so that is why I'm using WAN-2. Today I got a notification on the RK-1 there was a new FW update ( and made mention of some DSL speed fixes so after backing up the RK I applied the FW. Now I can only get approx 24M download & <10M upload. Doesn't matter how I connect and have tried the following combinations: * WAN-1: PPPoE straight into the ONT box * WAN-2: PPPoE straight into the ONT box * WAN-1: DHCP through the Xyxel VMG3925-B10B cable modem/router provided by my ISP * WAN-2: DHCP through the Xyxel VMG3925-B10B cable modem/router provided by my ISP All tests are carried out using the Speedtest App on my MacBook Pro with a wired ethernet connection. I get 440M down & 34 up when testing directly connecting my MACBox to the Xyxel. Anyone else seeing similar issues? Cheers -s
  4. Cyknight, thanks - I realise PF introduces a security risk. Unfortunately I have a few appliances that require it, Plex being one of them, my rather 'ancient' DVR being another, and I have a couple of service ports currently open for a manufacturer to diagnose some hardware issues (these will be closed once complete). I have VPN setup for my remote access. This slow page load is weird as it seems to come and go. Last night the pages loaded quickly, today they are slow again. Parental controls is also affected. -s
  5. Well I just found the source of the Plex issue. NAS was on a static IP from previous install, I'd set up DHCP reservation on the RK-1 so I could see it from within the network. Set the NAS to DHCP and it picked up the RK-1 default gateway and bingo. Port forwarding is working and Plex is happy. -s
  6. As there are no replies to this I'm assuming these are just bricks now. I'll see if Pakedge will fix them. Thanks for viewing -s
  7. Next month my home internet is being upgraded to 400M fibre to the home. In preparation for this I've just removed my old Draytek 2860 and replaced it with a simple Vigor 120 modem. I initially had a few issues trying to get the RK-1 to connect on PPPoE but eventually got that resolved and the current ADSL is working fine. Now admittedly when I had the 2860 in place my network had become a bit of a hotch-potch and I was handling all the port forwarding in that. Now that I have a bit of time to sort the network out once and for all the RK-1 is now set up for the purpose it was designed for. All VLAN's are configured and generally everything works great. Hopefully when my ISP turns up next month with their 'Pro-Active' installation team we should be able to swap out the 120 for the fibre modem, so I'm looking forward to some stunning internet. My ISP also supports 900M ftth so I have the bandwidth in the RK-1 to upgrade to that at a later stage should the need arise. So I'm now migrating all my port forwarding to the RK-1, but this is proving to be really tedious. Each time I click on Port Forwarding/1:1 NAT or Static Routes in the ribbon I have to wait at the very least 4-5 minutes before the page appears. Worse still, when I click [Add New Item] I have to wait another 4-5 minutes before the UI inserts a new line. Even worse if I make a typo, it will also wait forever before informing me of such. All other pages load quickly. Anyone else seeing this? It's turned a 5 minute job into half a day. Apart from that the RK-1 is performing really well, network is fast everything connects. Just a few small issues remain: * My music is stored on a Synology NAS on VLAN-1. Initially I had my Sonos players on the AV-LAN (VLAN-3) and although they could play internet streams, they could not see my NAS music library. I've now moved the Sonos onto VLAN-1 for the time being until Sonos can get their act together and fully support UPnP. * For some reason none of my PC's or Macs can connect to the Plex server running on the NAS, all mobile phones and TV's work fine. Simply can't get my head around that one. Thanks for reading. -s
  8. Hi Guys, New on here, so Greetings to you all. Having invested a while ago in Pakedge I have a few minor niggles. The NK-1 & the WK-2's were provided by my employer a while back before they ceased trading. The remainder of the kit was sourced from eBay. System comprises: RK-1 NK-1 WK-1 (x1) WK-2 (x2) Generally the system is fast & stable but I have a problem with one of the WK-2's which has now developed an odd fault. It appears on the network and has a DHCP address and the MAC address confirms this. However I cannot ping it, or connect to it either on it's assigned IP address or the default address of and it has stopped broadcasting. All the AP's are PoE powered (I even tried the supplied PSU and PoE+) and this one won't play ball. The power indicator lights & LAN1 flashes but the 2.4 & 5G LED's never come on. Does anyone know how to factory reset these with the reset switch? - I can find no info on this apart from the mention in the manual and factory default through the web UI. I've tried the 30-30-30 reset trick and this flashed the LED's in this manner: LAN1>LAN2>5G and continued to do so until reset was released. I don't mind having to send this back to Pakedge for repair but if I can resolve it myself with your help that would be really cushdy. Any help much appreciated. Kindest regards slip
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