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  1. Hi guys, someone can give any sugestion how to troubleshoot my dimmer module,its showing solid green lights(link/activity)all buttons not responding.i try to reset but nothing happen. thanks in advance
  2. why the temperature reach up to 38.9, the load only 0.5A
  3. what is the normal temperature for dimmer relay. the thing is if the temperature reach to 38.9 it will send notification
  4. the load of one circuit is 0.5A. only one circuit is connected, actually the 5 channel is already damage only 3 channel is working.
  5. any suggestion please for my 8 channel dimmer relay, temperature is 38.9 degree even only one cercuit is connected, the rating is 0.5A
  6. the other module is normal, it send notification 41c to 49c
  7. if i disconnect the load it will be come normal, but if connected after 5min. become hot
  8. Im facing for overheating c4 8channel relay module.
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