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  1. @Gary Leeds UK i do not know which software it is i'm quite an IT idiot. @knowitall the dealer said the upgrading price is by control4 and not dealers. So is the upgrading system really free? If so we can do it ourselves isnt it?
  2. Sorry i don't quite understand all these. How do i " go to 2.5.3 or 2.6"? So does it mean that i definitely have to pay and upgrade my version of the system ? I still have the older app in my phone , i can't continue using it? And if so does it also mean that moving forth everytime there's a software update i will have to pay to update the system via the dealers? Sorry for the amatuer questions .
  3. Hi, I understand that recently c4 has upgraded the system to suit newer iphone and android version. However i was told by the dealer that so long as i maintain the old ios version i can still continue using it without having to upgrade. But this is not the case. Im denied access despite changing password mulitple times to make sure everything runs smoothly. So may i ask why is this so? And it seems like im forced to upgrade my system when there isn't a need to , if not i wouldn't be able to use it. Anyone able to help and solve the problem? Thanks!
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