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  1. That is a known problem with the OEM C4 driver for Amazon Fire it has a slight delay on some systems. There is a third party IRUSB driver that has zero lag along with the required IRUSB hardware, the driver and hardware are paid along with programming time.
  2. Is your Denon being controlled with IR sensor or over IP network by Control4. Does the Denon have a little IR bug emitter stuck over its remote sensor? If it is IP controlled, not IR, you can use Alexa with Control4 to operate that rooms volume up, down, mute etc. you could also create a voice skill in programming like “Alexa set theater to standby”, switches volume to discrete 15% and plays classical music etc This needs to be done by your programmer of course.
  3. Here is a list of Denon compatible receivers with Alexa skill built in, you could also create an Alexa voice skill if your Denon is IP controlled with discrete volume regardless of the list below: Denon AV Receivers (AVR) AVR-X8500H AVR-X6500H AVR-X6400H AVR-X6300H AVR-X4500H AVR-X4400H AVR-X4300H AVR-X3500H AVR-X3400H AVR-X2500H AVR-X2400H AVR-X1500H AVR-X1400H AVR-X950H AVR-S940H AVR-S930H AVR-S740H AVR-S730H AVR-S640H
  4. Hello, As with many other offerings in this sub forum we want to be a resource for anyone looking for fast and efficient programming, updates, and service of their Control4 system or programming when local or existing relationships have failed to come thru. We have programmers that have been dealing with Control4 since it’s initial launch and experienced thru the latest operating system OS 3.1+. A benefit we may be able to provide those looking, that may not already be offered here, is an exemplary level of online organization and up front cost structure. With our vast and deep experience we also excel at troubleshooting existing problems quickly and creating a solution when one does not exist. You can visit our site and read more about our programming service and offerings, as well as provide your information if you rather have a specific quotation drawn for you. Programming work is done around the clock as well as service and support. In these trying times of no-contact service and delivery, remote/offsite programming is where it’s at! Try us, we make it simple! Automated Now www.automatednow.com
  5. The Nest Hello is great, I prefer it over the Ring Pro, but it has literally NO C4 integration, the Ring has some basic integration via a third party driver.
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