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  1. Well I ordered http://www.in-homeautomation.com/store/wireless-zigbee-to-ir-module.html and haven't gotten anything beside an e-mail confirmation. Fair warning, I would never buy anything from these people again. Please be careful. If anyone has that item from a reputable dealer, I'm interested. Thanks guys.
  2. Has anyone ordered anything from https://www.in-homeautomation.com/store/? I'm just wondering how reliable they're. I apologize if I wasn't allowed to post this.
  3. I'm in the market for a CardAccess Wireless ZigBee-to-IR Module. If anyone has one that is looking to sell please let me know. Thanks
  4. I would just like to say I just purchased John's HC-800 and I received it without issue. He went out of his way to keep me up to date with emails regarding shipping and answered every question he could for me. I appreciate and would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase anything he maybe selling. Vinny
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