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  1. @StroTek LLC Do you also do Lutron lighting with the keypads instead of light switches?
  2. I would be open to doing it remotely and paying someone to do the pre-wire separately. However, I would only want to go that route if I would have access to purchase the equipment and there would be a considerable savings going that route. Otherwise, it would probably make more sense to go turn key. I’m a very DIY type of person (I’m actually general contracting the house myself for a considerable savings) but I have to be honest I’m not well versed in the home automation stuff. I’m doing a lot of reading and learning but it’s a big investment so I want to make sure I do it right the first time.
  3. @msgreenf I prefer Lutron because it’s compatible with almost every home automation system as well as functional as a stand-alone system as well. With how quickly technology changes you just never know what systems will be around tomorrow and I don’t want to have to rip out an entire lighting system to go with another brand.
  4. Hi, I am getting ready to start on a new construction home in the Houston area. We are looking to do lighting control (Lutron) in the main areas of the home as well as a Control4 system that integrates the lighting system, whole home audio (including surround sound in living & gameroom) , security system, security cameras, HVAC, front door intercom, gate control (open/close), garage control (open/close), pool integration. We are considering an AV matrix for the main TV's but will likely nix that first due to cost. Is this something that could be easily added on later if desired? I am searching for a reasonably priced integrator who can do the above including the Lutron lighting. Can anyone recommend an integrator they worked with? I have a bid or two so I have an idea of the ballpark pricing but I don't have any recommendations/reviews for any of them so it makes me a bit nervous since a badly designed system replacement would be costly down the road. Any input is greatly appreciated!
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