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  1. It's the new hardware with USB ports and LANs ports coming out with 3.1
  2. Does the AP-10 work with sonos or is it just Siri ?
  3. if you search on Neeo remotes - that's what is coming out - They are drivers for the remote and Hub for version 3.1 if I remember or 3.2 Nice remotes
  4. For Siri integration you will need a EA Controller
  5. Agree about Qmotion - very easy to install
  6. Good call - wait for 3.1 and then wait to see if the new hardware bits are worth investing too . i guess Cedia but could be earlier depending on the new remote
  7. Is the rumour true that HE is being withdrawn for end users with OS 3.0 and the delay is down to legal situations in each country ?
  8. Check out Blackwire - they sell hikvision drivers for DVR 's
  9. Hang on a bit more T4 touch screens coming out with Alexa and C4 are testing 3.0 which HC250 will not be able to run its like buying a new car with C4 at the present time - change is a coming
  10. In the UK just stay away from Somfy it will to issues going forward Sorry
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