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  1. I looked at Savant prior to installing Control4 for 2 different dealers. Both said even if I wanted a simple change, far less then what can be done in HE, there was a charge. They both told me I could not change a single thing without them. I am very happy I went with Control4 and have talk to some great very helpful people on this forum.
  2. I have tried MANY streamers. I have Fire 4K, Fire Cube, NVidia Shield Pro, and Apple TV. Here is a quick breakdown from my experience. First and for most I have Samsung Q80's so no Dolby Vision (DV) but I do have HDR 10+, as well as a Integra DHC60 running 5.2.2 ATMOS, and full Control4, hence lies the problems. Fire 4K - was ok but really no different than the built in apps of the Q80's - I gave it away. Fire Cube 4K - bought it last summer because of the HDR10+ compatibility and ATMOS - but EXTREAMLYYYYY slow, to the point of unusable. Apple TV - Apps work solid has ATMOS, but no native support for control4 to go right to the apps (that I am aware of). NVidia Shield Pro - Like the unit but I have had nothing but lip sync issues using it with Hulu. This brings me to my last purchase. I just ordered a Roku ultra (Not in yet) do to the seamless integration with control4 (as I am told and have seen on the forum). I guess I am going to be living with HDR but do have Atmos. Does anyone know since it will do DV will it default back to at least HDR10 on the Samsung?
  3. I did Somfy blinds a little over a year ago when I built my townhouse. Every window has motorized shades including the patio door. They are a little noisy but cost was a factor as I have 22 windows and one french door for a total of 23. With the volume I purchased I was able to get them installed for about $440 total for each window including the tax. I have had very little problems with them interacting with my Control4 EA5. My ONLY regret is not pre-wiring for low voltage to the top of each window for the motor. Currently they are battery controlled and most are used everyday. I have not had to change any batteries yet but the day is coming soon I am sure.
  4. Hi J3, Can you PM me so we can discuss some programming I would like to do on my Control4 system.
  5. Hi, I have and EA5, with a traid 8x8, and triad switch, also using a Integra DHC-60.7 for tha main living area. The problem is when I setup the keypads, or switches through HE, selecting Tidal as the audio source, the only playlist I see under equipment, I only have the ability to select playlist that are created by Tital. Any playlist I have made (In Tital it states created by me) do not show. Is there a way to select a playlist that I create. I would like the ability to tap once for 1 playlist, tap twice twice for a 2nd and tap three times for a third. I would also like the LED to change color on each tap (color coded play list). Is this possilble? Thank you for you thoughts, Rocky
  6. I can get it for close to that with a warranty and everything. That's why I am saying I would need it much cheaper to forgo a warranty. But I see you are a dealer can you sell it as knew with a factory warranty? If so can you do 1900.
  7. I can get it for almost that new. if you don't sell it and you are willing to come down to 1500 let me know.
  8. What would be the lowest you would take for both.
  9. Do you happen to have the matching amp also?
  10. Do you still have this matrix? It is the current Triad 8x8 matrix one offered by Control4 correct?
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