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  1. Eggzlot is correct I am serious looking a dumping Hulu because of the constant price increase, and they dump the many sports channels and I can not get local Hockey. And I have been with them for 4 years for my primary Channels and DVR.
  2. Hi Faught, My local dealer also did not know a lot of what can be done with add on drivers to really make the system come to life. I have been working with Matt via remote and he is very knowledgeable and a great guy to work with. Anytime I have a new idea or a issue he is right on top of it. Very responsive and easy to get ahold of. Rocky
  3. Yes correct, Just HDMI overlay. It would be nice to see push notifications while I am watching a movie or TV. Also could this include sports scores, Camera overlay if the Chime doorbell is activated. etc.?
  4. Using HDMI Input only, switched between a Roku (Primary), an Apple TV, and a Amazon Cube.
  5. Hi Everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback on controlling Somfy blinds through Control4. There are a couple of different drivers available and some are new: I have 21 shades all Somfy controlled using two myLinks. The drivers I am aware of are: The Control4 driver (currently using) Somfy Generic RTS and DCT - Domosapiens Inc. (looks like if you purchase this driver you also get the one below) Advanced Blind Control - Domosapiens Inc. Somfy URTSI – Cinegration LLC What I am looking for: Create scenes and have the blinds open to a fixed percent. Have slide control for the blinds, like my dimmer lights. (I understand this is not 100% accurate as it is not 2-way communication but would be close. Each room has a keypad so I would like one of the button to toggle between open – stop – close. Currently it is open - close. Primarily I am looking for the slide control, which looks promising in the Domosapiens drivers. I was hoping someone here had experience with them and could elaborate on their experiences. Thank you for your time, Rocky
  6. What's the name of the driver - I can't find it on Blackwire, would you happen to know the cost?
  7. I assume this driver has to be purchased by the dealer and installed? Or is it something I can install?
  8. That is a great point. Thank you for the tip.
  9. I have 2 APs from the previous setup. When they are plugged in I do have wireless connectivity, which makes it all more confusing. But they were setup using the cloud key 2. I am afraid at this point to reset them as it is the only connectivity i get. In the app they show controlled by another device.
  10. Yes but it is on a different floor, I ordered a USB to Ethernet for my laptop which will be here Wednesday then I can connect to it while being right at the rack.
  11. Thank you, I had to order a USB to Ethernet for my laptop so I will try this Wednesday evening.
  12. The cable modem is from Spectrum Hitron Docsis 3.1 Voice Internet Cable Modem. it is plugged into port 9 (The internet port). The UDM sees the internet just fine and will do a speed check through the app showing 950+ up and 40+ down. When I plug something into the ports (1-8) they see a connection but do not see the internet.
  13. Yes it showed there was a LAN configured on the UDM, and yes was trying to use the ports to the left of the internet connection.
  14. Utilmatly I would like to only have the UDM and everything controlled by it and sell the cloud key 2
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