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  1. I installed 3.1 last night to check out some changes and on this driver it says connected to cloud, but cloud driver doesn't pick it up, and cannot see it in drivercentral portal either. For possibly similar reasons (being on an updated version that's only a few hours old) I had some difficulties getting the app to connect to the Control4 server.
  2. Does this drain client device battery really quick? Looks like you need persistent app?
  3. https://homeation.com/app-details/Spectrum_by_Digital_Watchdog I can't remember if it's useless or not. If I remember right it's only useful for DW NVRs. Otherwise for the cameras if they're ONVIF you should be able to find a similar camera or generic driver to pull in a stream or something.
  4. The other thing it could be used for other than stopping loops or executing is for UI reasons like changing the color of a button back to what it was or to the target color etc. Single tap executes on the release since it's defined as a press followed by a release. If you want something to be processed as fast as possible for example you would use on press so that it doesn't have to wait for the subsequent release to execute.
  5. We've had an open ticket with engineering for a while now on a certain project. At least on the model iPort we used, press/hold to dim connected lights/scenes does not send ramping commands correctly. It's been a while so I don't remember the exact details of behavior but it's a known issue. If you just use the buttons as standard buttons they seemed to work fine.
  6. Sonoff makes multiple output wifi relays, but unless you're willing to do some Linux stuff and setup Tasmota/ESP and run mqtt that isn't a very good option. You can pretty easily use the Sonoff switches if you have chowmain's driver (and also generic lighting driver), but that wouldn't be as stable and it would rely on Chinese infrastructure/cloud servers out of the box.
  7. If the loads are pulled centrally you could always use a din module. Kind of overkill for two loads though. I'm not sure if that's what you meant by "Control4 device that isn't a switch". You say you want something in the equipment room but that isn't possible if all of the loads are in that box.. Unless you either run data/control to that box or rewire HV, have decent wireless coverage at the location (zigbee or 802.11), or if by some chance the loads wires do in fact come back or used to at some point. It depends on a lot of factors. That timer looks like it controls 2 loads. Assuming they're all just basic light loads/you're on a budget/have good wireless or zigbee, and that box is weatherproof (doubt it), use a switch or a few switches in the box. Another alternative is run some low voltage control wires over to location and use that to control a relay(s). You could even do something like use a z2io indoors near the wall where you have good zigbee coverage and use that as the starting point for your control wire/relay(s). Nothing will be as good as a completely hardwired setup of course. Central module with loads running out from a din module etc.
  8. I think the RS1 driver worked well for IR. Try the rs440_x590r driver for ip and see if it works.
  9. If that's the projector I'm thinking (it was definitely D-ILA series, and at least close to the rs57 if it wasn't that exact model) we always have issues with the IP driver losing control after a week or two due to the network interface seemingly failing to wake up. You have to turn it on with IR once or manually turn it on once so that you can. It's not an eco setting or some kind of missed power/hdmi control/network setting. Happens at multiple sites and only ever with that model. To make a long story short I would definitely just use IR control with that projector.
  10. https://github.com/greghesp/assistant-relay Has anyone tried this?
  11. It looked possible through the Actions API so I guess I'll have to look at making my own driver or something for IFTTT to hook into at least. I was just hoping someone else along the line had already figured something out.
  12. I use a series of Chromecast audios for multi-room audio as well as Google home minis for voice control. I have no problem controlling Control4 with Google using chowmain's driver but only in that direction. Has anyone come up with a workaround or custom solution (even writing your own actions driver) to push commands to Chromecast devices or Google devices in general?
  13. Don't forget the Sonos network driver. The way I prefer doing it lately is to initiate the stream to a clouds/streaming/logical room and then join your physical rooms to that room. This works better for keypad control normally for me.
  14. Make sure the Sonos connections driver is placed into the corresponding room and configured appropriately. Make sure audio end points and volume are also correct. Once those are good you should be able to either go to digital media and join room, or you can go to the Sonos connection driver of the room you want and change input to network audio Zone x. If I remember right both of these methods will actually group the rooms within Sonos in real time when executed. I think the other way that would work is to change the audio source of the room you're sitting in to the Sonos connection of the room you want to be playing in your current room. This method though I think doesn't group the rooms within Sonos but it should be pulling the same stream. Volume control also works similar but it depends on your overall setup. If you only have one device capable of playing audio in the room (Sonos for both end point and volume) just send a volume pulse to the room. If you have to be more direct or you're dealing with a more complex setup send a volume pulse to the Sonos connections driver in the target room. I'm basing the specifics on memory but I'm pretty sure most of those will do what you want. There are a bunch of different ways to do it and it depends on the overall project I think. If you're just dealing with a basic setup though download the room control driver and use that for pretty much everything you asked for here.
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