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  1. No it doesn't anymore unfortunately. We always set C4 and other networking/AV equipment as a static out of range, and have noticed a lot recently that systems are becoming unresponsive or not functioning correctly (even just core C4 stuff that has nothing to do with Internet access). Apparently C4s stance is that the thing that can cause this now are some 3rd party drivers or cloud driver managers etc.
  2. I've had a bunch of them for I think around 3 years or so, with no down time. They're actually super reliable, and now the chowmain driver allows them to be added to advanced lighting scenes.. So really as long as you don't need a whole bunch of them (extra wifi congestion), and don't mind the other points already mentioned, they work very well in my experience so far.
  3. Pushover works well for me unless you mean a completely local method.
  4. off to on 16/02/2020 19:23:59 - ReceivedFromProxy [5001] : CLICK_TOGGLE_BUTTON 16/02/2020 19:24:00 - Sending encrypted packet: {"smartlife.iot.lightStrip":{"set_light_state":{"on_off":0,"transition":1,"brightness":0}},"smartlife.iot.lighting_effect":{"set_lighting_effect":{"enable":0}}} 16/02/2020 19:24:00 - Sending packet: {"system":{"get_sysinfo":[]}} �� on to off 16/02/2020 19:25:20 - ReceivedFromProxy [5001] : CLICK_TOGGLE_BUTTON 16/02/2020 19:25:21 - Sending encrypted packet: {"smartlife.iot.lighting_effect":{"set_lighting_effect":{"enable":0}},"smartlife.iot.lightStrip":{"set_light_state":{"on_off":0,"transition":1,"brightness":0}}} 16/02/2020 19:25:21 - Sending packet: {"system":{"get_sysinfo":[]}}
  5. There's not really a rush since it's just at my house, but the C4 UI definitely doesn't respond to state properly (huge delay) even though issued commands from UI happen fairly quickly. The end result is, you press the light button, light strip responds about two seconds later, but UI doesn't respond to your press or physical state change for ~10 seconds. I have a bunch of HS200s in the house as well and both command and feedback happens nearly instantly.
  6. Get the roku ultra if it's for C4 because it has a lan port.
  7. On the KL430 I'm getting a different behavior than the rest of my Kasa stuff on power on/off. With the switches if I power on or off from C4 the C4 UI responds instantly and the light responds almost immediately after. If I turn off the light from the switch or from kasa for example, I understand that I have to wait for the set polling time to kick in for the C4 status to update. With the KL430 when I turn on/off, I get zero response from C4 but I get an almost immediate response from the strip, and it seems like I have to wait the full duration of polling interval for C4 to catch up with what I pressed in the C4 UI. Is there any way to make it more responsive like the rest of your drivers or is this something to do with how the light strip communicates? I'm ok with status lights not updating instantly when state is changed from another source (as expected with wifi polling), but if I send the command through C4 I think it should react in the UI like the others if it's possible.
  8. I have had 4 of them for a few months
  9. Strong signal isn't my issue because I'm under -40 RSSI. I think right now it's got a reservation with auto-discovery on, which I think is the same way I had kasa switches (I can't remember if you can set them statically). Yeelight strip at some point had like 900hrs uptime but still dropped maybe a couple of times. Auto-discovery off fixed drops for you?
  10. Which one of these works better? I own both drivers and already have one yeelight strip in my house, as well as a ton of the kasa switches (no dimmers or bulbs). The Kasa line has been absolutely bulletproof at my house and has never actually went down or caused any sort of issue with C4. The Yeelight maybe 3-4 times I've had to essentially re-submit the ip into the driver to regain control (I always set devices for static). I've had this happen with a few different devices since I've started programming and sometimes it's an SDDP device, sometimes it's not, but more often than not it's on a receiver or something. With the chowmain tp-link driver I've never had to do that. Now that I've established that in my experience the tp-link/chowmain setup has been more reliable than yeelight/chowmain (by a very small margin), I'm just wondering how the integration is for the KL430 and if it seems to be just as stable as the HS200s. Has anyone used the KL430 with chowmain driver yet?
  11. The basic layout for programming I was playing with to test them, is to essentially have a "follow me" toggle experience button, each room having an "occupancy" variable to act as a container for the roomme variables as they come in. When toggle is active when roomme sends entry events, I use that to set the room variable true, but also use the entry to set the others (only other roomme interior rooms) as false (other than the garage for example) so as not to rely on roomme's sometimes inconsistent exit events. The exit isn't as well defined as the entry even if you calibrate it multiple times. I have noticed though once in a while even if you're sitting in one spot under the sensor it will still show that you left the room and re-entered. Then you just tie light loads to the variables with the conditional being the experience button is on. You could just tie that to a keypad button or something if you wanted a physical button somewhere to toggle.
  12. From a dealer standpoint I would definitely pass. This would only be for clients that are already technically inclined and understand the difference between experimental and stable, third party vs certified etc. I'm enjoying playing around with them as well as a couple of my co-workers. For a programmer or anyone on this board I would say I probably recommend them for a personal system in conjunction with other sensors. I have three in my house at the moment but I feel like it really works best as a percentage of overall sensors. They would really add to security and motion sensors, and actually probably best used as a fallback for motion lighting so that the room knows that someone is still there (motionless/sleeping for example). For room entry it doesn't seem to be super consistent (sometimes 20ms, and sometimes like 2s) and seems like it depends on if your phone has a wake lock or not. So it shouldn't be relied on for lighting or anything that requires consistent instant feedback.
  13. I did but I didn't attach anything to the device events yet. They're a little bit finicky to setup because it seems like you need to go through the calibration completely uninterrupted or the entire system of sensors has their calibration corrupted or something.
  14. I installed 3.1 last night to check out some changes and on this driver it says connected to cloud, but cloud driver doesn't pick it up, and cannot see it in drivercentral portal either. For possibly similar reasons (being on an updated version that's only a few hours old) I had some difficulties getting the app to connect to the Control4 server.
  15. Does this drain client device battery really quick? Looks like you need persistent app?
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