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  1. Is there another Sonos device(s) that aren't hooked up to the matrix that are also not added to C4? I know some weird stuff can happen if you leave a Sonos device out of C4 that exists on the network somewhere, even if it's like a random Sonos One in a guest room or something.
  2. Send audio from C4 into line-in on a Sonos device that has one. Make sure auto-play is enabled in the Sonos device for line-in. Make sure that ALL networked Sonos devices are added to C4. Program in C4 when audio is sensed on Sonos device that takes in the C4 audio, to connect the target soundbar(s) input with the line-in Sonos device input.
  3. Forwarding question from another topic that was asked previously in this thread. Is there any way to send POST commands using bearer tokens like OAUTH etc?
  4. I've been trying to figure out how to make it work with C4 but haven't been able to yet because it uses OAUTH. How do you send post commands through C4 when there's a bearer token used? Using Chowmain's driver it looks like I should just be able to put all of the info in as a giant data block but I'm not sure how to get the formatting right. Has anyone had any luck with authenticated HTTP post commands elsewhere and how did you accomplish this? I use HTTP Get on 99% of everything else which doesn't require the same level of auth or return any info back.
  5. I just set it up and was able to send commands to Google home. Now just need to tie it into C4.
  6. Has anyone had success with this? Assistant-relay seems like it could work in this way but I forgot about this.
  7. RoomMe, but like someone else said, don't think there's a way to switch the mobile client over to a different room in the way that you want.
  8. No it doesn't anymore unfortunately. We always set C4 and other networking/AV equipment as a static out of range, and have noticed a lot recently that systems are becoming unresponsive or not functioning correctly (even just core C4 stuff that has nothing to do with Internet access). Apparently C4s stance is that the thing that can cause this now are some 3rd party drivers or cloud driver managers etc.
  9. I've had a bunch of them for I think around 3 years or so, with no down time. They're actually super reliable, and now the chowmain driver allows them to be added to advanced lighting scenes.. So really as long as you don't need a whole bunch of them (extra wifi congestion), and don't mind the other points already mentioned, they work very well in my experience so far.
  10. Pushover works well for me unless you mean a completely local method.
  11. off to on 16/02/2020 19:23:59 - ReceivedFromProxy [5001] : CLICK_TOGGLE_BUTTON 16/02/2020 19:24:00 - Sending encrypted packet: {"smartlife.iot.lightStrip":{"set_light_state":{"on_off":0,"transition":1,"brightness":0}},"smartlife.iot.lighting_effect":{"set_lighting_effect":{"enable":0}}} 16/02/2020 19:24:00 - Sending packet: {"system":{"get_sysinfo":[]}} �� on to off 16/02/2020 19:25:20 - ReceivedFromProxy [5001] : CLICK_TOGGLE_BUTTON 16/02/2020 19:25:21 - Sending encrypted packet: {"smartlife.iot.lighting_effect":{"set_lighting_effect":{"enable":0}},"smartlife.iot.lightStrip":{"set_li
  12. There's not really a rush since it's just at my house, but the C4 UI definitely doesn't respond to state properly (huge delay) even though issued commands from UI happen fairly quickly. The end result is, you press the light button, light strip responds about two seconds later, but UI doesn't respond to your press or physical state change for ~10 seconds. I have a bunch of HS200s in the house as well and both command and feedback happens nearly instantly.
  13. Get the roku ultra if it's for C4 because it has a lan port.
  14. On the KL430 I'm getting a different behavior than the rest of my Kasa stuff on power on/off. With the switches if I power on or off from C4 the C4 UI responds instantly and the light responds almost immediately after. If I turn off the light from the switch or from kasa for example, I understand that I have to wait for the set polling time to kick in for the C4 status to update. With the KL430 when I turn on/off, I get zero response from C4 but I get an almost immediate response from the strip, and it seems like I have to wait the full duration of polling interval for C4 to catch up with
  15. I have had 4 of them for a few months
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