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  1. Don't forget the Sonos network driver. The way I prefer doing it lately is to initiate the stream to a clouds/streaming/logical room and then join your physical rooms to that room. This works better for keypad control normally for me.
  2. Make sure the Sonos connections driver is placed into the corresponding room and configured appropriately. Make sure audio end points and volume are also correct. Once those are good you should be able to either go to digital media and join room, or you can go to the Sonos connection driver of the room you want and change input to network audio Zone x. If I remember right both of these methods will actually group the rooms within Sonos in real time when executed. I think the other way that would work is to change the audio source of the room you're sitting in to the Sonos connection of the room you want to be playing in your current room. This method though I think doesn't group the rooms within Sonos but it should be pulling the same stream. Volume control also works similar but it depends on your overall setup. If you only have one device capable of playing audio in the room (Sonos for both end point and volume) just send a volume pulse to the room. If you have to be more direct or you're dealing with a more complex setup send a volume pulse to the Sonos connections driver in the target room. I'm basing the specifics on memory but I'm pretty sure most of those will do what you want. There are a bunch of different ways to do it and it depends on the overall project I think. If you're just dealing with a basic setup though download the room control driver and use that for pretty much everything you asked for here.
  3. Make sure the LED isn't just tied to the button press. It should react to the event of that station starting instead, that way if for example you initiate it from an app or a different button the LED will still react the way you want it to. The other thing I forget sometimes is to get rid of any connections I may have had bound to that button in the past if you're changing things up. Any connections will break that programming. Make sure the button is set to keypad and button behavior is set to programmed as well. One thing that made it easier for me was to use the room control driver. As the event use the trigger "listen device selected" and from that point add whatever conditionals you want as far as it being a Pandora station and then each specific station, and then the action would be to change the LED.
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