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  1. It's slightly louder than loudest equipment in the rack barely perceived. But you need to put the silencer on it. Def moves about 4x ir more as much air as a simple bath fan.
  2. When in doubt exchange you'll have piece of mind.
  3. If one is on display maybe ask to have or power cycle to see? If not than exchange.
  4. +1 for the engraved all buttons club. We waited about 8 months, knew what we wanted and ordered. Looks 100x better and now everyone knows what controls what easily and in the dark!
  5. What about experience button?
  6. Add backlights to hard buttons and that list would be perfect for me.
  7. So got my AC Infinity set up today. Super simple took 30 minutes. Placed temp probe in the rack set to keep 75 or below. Mounted controller so when I open door I can see it quickly. Probably never will get that low but def helps and now I can finally keep the door closed lol.
  8. Depends if you have hydronic you can use C4 therm but not in the floor w remote sensors I believe. We have remote sensors and put them just on top of each other vertically w floor one lower and AC/Forced air above. I always make sure heat is set a couple degrees lower than the forced air to minimize forced air use for heat and works great for me. If doing local thermostat can likely do in floor. For electric have to have one that can handle voltage I understand.
  9. You should be initiating the call from your phone on the c4 app. If on OS3 app is integrated with C4 if on OS 2x need separate app. You all need 4 sight license to make this work when not on local network.
  10. Works for me as well. Might go to customer website and double check that.
  11. Remember most OLED come from LG anyway, at least Sony's def do. That being said Sony processes better especially w motion (sports). I'm biased probably bc I have Sony's in my house but would buy them again any day. Love them IP control has been rock solid and no burn in yet on my 2 OLEDs.
  12. FYI Sony makes a new I think 83" OLED w over 1300 nits brightness. https://electronics.sony.com/tv-video/televisions/oled/p/xr83a90j Best of both worlds.
  13. Basically what Matt said but yes they can be set to "monitor" so just put tape on it to be sure.
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