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  1. You don't have to be there for an OS update as long as your system meets requirements. I'm sure some of the dealers/programmers here will get with you.
  2. Shivam's calendar driver is pretty great. Announces 35 min before a shift where I'm working and that I have work. Won't show up to the wrong place again! (I work at like 9 hospitals)
  3. So when I got my Z2io w garage remote and 2 Nyce sensors installed (Thanks again Ari!) I can toggle the doors fine and the door state is good. Only issue is the Doors show in my garage and show door state but to toggle I have to have a separate relay image favorited and that toggles the door. Not the end of the world but pushing on the garage door to toggle the relay would be most ideal. Any way to set this up?
  4. How many items on the zigbee/project, how many audio feeds you want, etc.
  5. Dam-It is also an option. Simple and easy to use.
  6. Generally bc API changes won't break IR control, it's the most fool proof but has less functionality with no 2 way feedback.
  7. Just got chop to get me 2 nyce sensors and a z2io for a soldered remote. Seems easiest way to go.
  8. PM Sent instead

  9. Need 2 for my garage doors. Dealers or anyone who has some new unused (not looking for used as too many unknowns at this point) let me know!
  10. So question is what would you do to change it?
  11. I had the same thought. Wonder if they will ever add garage doors. Would make life easier than soldering a remote.
  12. gotcha, well then that won't help will it.
  13. Suppose you could copy those meetings onto a non-secure calendar and do it w Shrivam's Google Calendar driver?
  14. I would just do a timer that you can do when a contact opens. If window x open start timer y. If that timer expires turn off HVAC unit. If windows x closed stop timer, reset timer.
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