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  1. Definitely depends how you use it. I have automation like shades and lights go up/down on/off different times based on sunrise/sunset. I have my daughters room/bath set for bedtime at night on a schedule, cleaners arrive put in their code all lights on, music on, shades up, take snapshot before and when they leave goes back way it was, we use mocupancy when we vacation etc etc. If you just want control use homekit/alexa/google and their built in apps. You will be happier having that control it sounds like. That being said maybe you didn't fully get what c4 was capable of, maybe peruse this thread quickly to get an idea of what can be automated and where C4 shines way above the rest.
  2. Agreed looks like it's getting the command the light isn't doing the command so it's setting the value on the screen to match the light's current value. Also consider is there any programming, a scene or something that's staying active or reactivating. Had that issue with some lights trying to turn on and they turned off realized it was an issue I created.
  3. I have distributed video and I can start a TV stream then start an audio stream and the TV will remain on but play new audio stream.
  4. I did for android even in the beta program, nothing available says up to date last update May 1st.
  5. Maybe only for out of the US? Mine still on 1.0
  6. If that's all you have w no lighting, security, distributed audio and have NO plans to add EA3 is plenty.
  7. Or get wireless NYCE Tilt sensors and use 1x Z2IO for relay for the doors. NYCE work great and they're so small don't even notice them.
  8. Forgot to add I got a few extra kasa outlets and automated if the sewage ejector pump for the basement loses power it cuts water to the house so people can't really screw stuff up. Also put ones for the water shut off valves that if power to them goes off I get notified.
  9. Made a "Happy birthday" (Or cake day for those across the pond) scene in the rooms we most commonly celebrate the Kitchen and Keeping (Den off the Kitchen). Takes snapshot, Lowers shades, dims lights, stops music/TV/ etc for 1 min to sing, then all goes back way it was. I need to find a 30 sec mp3 or wave of Happy Birthday and I'll add in that announcement too.
  10. Yeah Samsung S20 Ultra and still not fixed for me either.
  11. Agree never Kasa issues love them. Maybe a bad batch if wifi isn't the issue but would be anomaly not the norm.
  12. but it comes with the outdoor speakers....
  13. I will say I have 5 indoor and 1 out door about 6400 sq ft 3 stories and it covers great with Araknis. 2 is definitely not sufficient for 5G coverage.
  14. Room Control Driver set source to Tidal and pick the playlist is best way.
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