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  1. If LED backlighting is on even without engraved keypad maybe some light bleed? I would make sure LED backlighting is turned off. If engraved maybe decrease brightness at night.
  2. Is house 2 on a well? Apparently some Franklin Well pumps cause significant zigbee interference.
  3. Yeah they keep adding and pulling it. Guessing iphones are giving them some trouble.
  4. Make sure you're using the app for OS2 not the OS3 app for control4.
  5. So you're saying that room doesn't have the doorbell announcement at all playing in it? Next I would check programming make sure someone didn't implement a way to try to see camera on TV or something which may be altering your source.
  6. Agreed, it's this kind of thinking/capability that really pushes C4 further and sets it apart from a lot of the other systems. These things give people lots of ideas how to make their system even better.
  7. Glad it's working and yeah if keeps happening may have to check that Z2IO maybe it's failing?
  8. Need more info are you using Z2IO for open close sensing? Are you soldered to a remote for control? (Most myq today don't allow relay direct wire open/close}.
  9. My point was to completely separate C4 from wife's networking gear. The vpn would be because you couldn't use the C4 app as if you were in the home without it if you were on the wife's network.
  10. Oh geez thought you were talking about zigbee sorry. Not sure about Z wave.
  11. Yeah but simplisafe can be beat with a simple radio on the same frequency being transmitted. Too low voltage to overcome interference if you know their frequency which is easy to find on fcc documents.
  12. You will need a dealer to add the driver then add the device to the Controlers Zigbee network.
  13. I know what TVs/electronics are on the generator. For instance if it kicks in although the Receiver for the theater is in the rack and powered via that outlet I would probably not want to draw that amperage so I could then send command to turn off the theater. Things like that. HVAC etc would be another thing to cut back on.
  14. I haven't integrated mine. Have a generac w natural gas. It does send notifications when turned on and maintenance etc. All networking, c4, most all lights, and all essential appliances are on the generator. Only thing I could see from integration point is maybe turn off some outlets/lights/electronics if the power goes out to not overload the generator.
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