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  1. Get an iPad and set a lock code for it.
  2. Agreed AMD, Nvidia, and Intel all do this as well. Maybe because they don't want people to get set on the road map and complain?
  3. I think you mean SEC and again you have to release the information with purpose of helping someone profit off it. Release in a public format is not insider trading. Again think if all the phone leaks prior to release. No one gets prosecuted for insider trading because they are releasing to the general public not personally.
  4. It’s notoriously difficult for federal prosecutors to prove securities fraud It may not be illegal to trade on information you overhear in public, on the train or at the movies. The standards are high for proving such cases. In 2014, two hedge fund managers, Anthony Chiasson, cofounder of defunct Level Global, and Todd Newman, a manager at Diamondback, had their insider trading convictions overturned. The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit said the evidence was insufficient to sustain a guilty verdict, because “in order to sustain a conviction for insider trading, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt” that the person providing the information, the tippee, knew that an insider, the tipper, disclosed confidential information and that he did so in exchange for a personal benefit. Prosecutors also need to prove that the person making the trades knew the tip came from illegally obtained information. In Billy Walters’ case, Walters also encouraged World Golf Hall of Famer Phil Mickelson to trade in Dean Foods stock. Ever hear of the Samsung, Motorola, Google, etc feature or phone leaks? EVleaks the website hasn't been arrested for releasing information prior to public release because it's disseminated in a public forum. This is a public forum. If they took those features and traded the stock without telling publicly could be in trouble.
  5. Yes but you have to prove the OP is the only source of said information. That OP was someone with privileged access to the information (ie worked for or contracts for and has this information) and then prove someone on this forum is going to profit from it. My understanding is that this thread wasn't the first mention of version 3.0 features.
  6. in·sid·er trad·ing /inˈˌsīdər ˈtrādiNG/ noun the illegal practice of trading on the stock exchange to one's own advantage through having access to confidential information. My understanding is that this post isn't the first one out there to discuss 3.0. Also you would have to prove the person who posted on this forum was purposefully giving privileged and confidential information with the purpose to themselves or help others make money by buying stocks ahead of the release. Then the stocks have to actually change based on said release of software. Sorry but many stocks drop after software releases if they traders don't think it's sufficient enough to keep up with competition. So telling people they are going to jail for posting on a public forum with already known information is a bit much.
  7. Does this include thermostats w humidity sensing?
  8. Correct but this is hardly insider trading. A new GUI isn't going to substantially move stock.
  9. Breaking the law? Not so much unless they signed a non disclosure which means civil not criminal penalties.
  10. Yeah but the mmWave is what makes it so fast. I don't think plain 5g using low-mid band is nearly as fast. It will actually piggy back on the 4g LTE to boost speeds to an extent. Haven't seen many articles on 5g without using the mmWave portion which is what leads to the Gigabit speeds.
  11. Honestly for me it's like a $8/mo difference to have an easier to use situation that is more fail safe than internet. Additionally my internet does go out not a tone but every 1-2 months for a few hours or more. Have to do what's right for your situation.
  12. Millimeter-wave 5G isn’t for widespread coverage, Verizon admits Verizon and T-Mobile confirm 5G's highest speeds will only be for select areas. JON BRODKIN - 4/23/2019, 6:12 PM Verizon's early rollout of millimeter-wave 5G is producing high speeds a https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/04/millimeter-wave-5g-isnt-for-widespread-coverage-verizon-admits/48477/
  13. Weird I was told by my dealer and the alarm installer that cell phone is standard.
  14. If you read the comments from Verizon, At&t etc they don't plan to widely roll out 5g as it's not financially feasible. The amount of hardware per area i s cost prohibitive. Will only see it in certain parts of large cities. 4g LTE as a backup for basic operation would be the best backup for truly just keeping the system running.
  15. I was thinking more like a Bluetooth such as mirror phone audio to speakers. Regular YouTube videos you want to show a couple friends quickly is one example. Another is audio from a phone recorded video.
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