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  1. They is C4. I think people who aren't as in the know would be more apt to pay a subscription to C4 if C4 developed more drivers and had a more robust library; as well as, maintained them. Have a model where if a driver was leased for 5 years then you own it. Similar to cell phones, you pay off the total cost over time but in this instance maybe up the cost a couple $ a month to add in development coverage/profit and encourage C4 to maintain it.
  2. Maybe they should create a subscription to “control4 driver services” and ac4 could do a lot more. Hey pay x amt per year get all the c4 drivers you want. Pay for 5 years and you own those drivers. I think it could work. I would be interested.
  3. I guess if I want to hit 0-9 keys on a remote I still need to at least look while I hit the first #. Guess I'm the rare one that doesn't see a lack of physical 0-9 as a big deal. Very rarely would I ever sit there and hit a specific channel multiple times.
  4. I will say cell phones/phones in general moved from tactile buttons to looking at the screen to dial the # you want and I have heard zero complaints in the last what 5 years. Do you think there would be a point where people would accept you have to look at the device to enter a specific number? Don't most people just go to guide and use page up/down then select what they want already (that's what I do) and if I do choose specific channel I have to look at the remote to make sure I'm starting on the right #. Just saying for all the people who want tactile 0-9 to what end? We already got rid of it on cell phones and it works great.
  5. Not sure why people keep saying they won’t buy because it has no backlight and not enough hard buttons to use without looking down in the same stroke. Either you plan to look down (hence need backlight) or not. If you are a n the backlight category than what do you think a light up screen is? I think it looks good and is more of a put up n the room company sees to make it fancier rather than replace all 260 remotes deal. I will probably pick one up for the den off the kitchen most ppl see rather than all rooms.
  6. Correct. I was saying for those who want a microphone GA able TVs such as Sony are a good option to have that microphone when it's not included on a C4 remote.
  7. How do the lambs feel about being illuminated?
  8. I would also say a lot of TVs have mics built in for instance most Sony have G Assistant built in. With the new integration that might be a way (in the future if you don't already have Sony) for you to get the microphone integrated neatly.
  9. 720p not 1080p per spec sheet fwiw https://www.doorbird.com/downloads/datasheet_d101s_en.pdf
  10. Again ipad with pin code is easiest way to restrict access. That is unless you want just one room available but anyone to have access to it. Either way pin code might be easiest.
  11. Did you read the thread on new remote leak? Basically looks like original Neoo with C4 software.
  12. Another option is get a cheap ipad and put a pin code on it.
  13. Would be nice if it had BT so you could communicate with a PS4.
  14. Other than the little C4 logo on top left nope. But we've been told that was a prototype software and NOT what will be on the remote. We'll see when C4 officially announces it what is really going to be.
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