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  1. Power view shades use Poe for data and power in 1 cable.
  2. You can't do that with overlapping names. But you can do "turn on kitchen pendant", turn on "Bar pendant" etc right?
  3. Get a tplink in wall plug (so it's flush) and turn the power to the tv off at night. Can def program to not allow watch I would think.
  4. Doubt they would tier it when they can get that $
  5. Again i recommend Hue bulbs or similar and an alarm that has ability to log in remotely to ensure it's on. I'm sure an alarm installer could recommend a panel to hook into the system. Still not seeing why you would spend a few grand on C4 that requires dealer integration. Look I'm all for C4 or I wouldn't be here but seems like a very limited use and waste of $ unless you plan to expand in the future.
  6. That merger has been a while now, seems like this is what will happen with that merger. But I understand waiting, especially if you don't HAVE to change anything out.
  7. Why not just get some light switches or hue bulbs that can do it for you at a cheaper price. Then you aren't tied to an integrator. Most newer alarms will let you log in remotely I would imagine.
  8. My question too. My integrator is using them bc they have POE and Data over same Ethernet so it's better in that regard.
  9. Sony does get oled panels from lg but they process image much better. Their master class are best picture quality imho. Sony makes the monitors studios shoot on so they know how to match best what directors want you to see. Also they have best motion processing for sports of any oled except maybe Panasonic which isn’t sold in the USA. For bright rooms go qled, for medium or dim able rooms Sony Oled. Hope that clears up a bit.
  10. That's fine that you think it should be more, but there has been a lot of posts that are all basically the same thing.
  11. Think you mean "replaceable" as most all have rechargeable..
  12. I completely agree, if you don't like it don't buy it. If you are happy with your 250/260/phone/tablet etc just use that. No one was forced to upgrade remotes.
  13. Not sure if it helps but there are Elk 220v to 110v relays that maybe you could put a smart outlet on the 110v part and use that for the hot tub? We plan to use these for infared heaters on the porch. https://www.amazon.com/Elk-Contactor-Lockable-Structured-Enclosure/dp/B004HMZOUS We did home run the 220v to separate spot in electrical room though just for these.
  14. Neo1738


    Right but they are talking about having C4 read the weather/drive time and adjust your wake-up settings to wake you up earlier.
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