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  1. I'll be looking into some IFTT way to send message to moen based on my calendar. Will be a while though before I'm there. House just getting all the mechanicals.
  2. Moen U does support Alexa integration though.
  3. I believe you still need a T3 on your system for this to work at all. Sure someone can confirm or deny that.
  4. Yeah was trying to find a cheaper solution. Not sure if you can monitor the 110v for voltage changes to indicate on or off?
  5. Not sure if this will help but maybe a 240 to 110 relay and monitor the relay? https://www.amazon.com/Elk-Contactor-Lockable-Structured-Enclosure/dp/B004HMZOUS I plan to use this relay to allow C4 to control infared heaters w/out paying for a 2k unit they want.
  6. Make sure no hvac from the house sucks up dirt/dust and pushes it into the C4 area as well.
  7. I feel like the advent of FireTV, Roku, AppleTV, and "smart" TVs has made people more used to OSD. I for one like that as sometimes people get confused with easy remote buttons (My mother...sigh). Sometimes it's easier to just have it in front of them on the screen resembling something familiar.
  8. Used to have an 86, loved it. Sold it for school unfortunately but was definitely the right decision. Good luck on the tint. Also here is a forum for you. https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c4-corvettes-1984-1996-19/ I was on there, good people willing to help.
  9. Also you can give alexa commands to your phone. May somewhat defeat the purpose but just throwing that out there.
  10. Any ability to do weather alerts, specifically Tornado Warnings?
  11. That is a totally separate issue than a complete OS upgrade. That's a driver specific issue with 1 item that was there before the update. I'm not saying C4 shouldn't work to make the driver work better for DS1 but i also don't think they should be forced to support it in OS3. Maybe they never could get it to work right and frankly gave up after years so decided 3.0 was the time to make it obsolete. Idk but either way expecting it to be updated is different than it's broken and won't work. They didn't break it when they released 3.0 without you upgrading forcing you to replace it with something new. It works the same now as it did the day OS3 was released.
  12. When did the stuff you have installed stop working? Please tell me that Control 4 created 3.0 left you on 2.10 and your stuff broke. If you tell me that then I would have some sorrow for you. But like others have tried to tell you all your still works just like the day you bought it. With the software you bought it with. C4 didn't make it obsolete. It STILL WORKS. IWhy don't you understand that? I feel like there is no getting through. They didn't break it, disable it, etc. All they did was say if you want newer software you need newer hardware that supports it. Even windows stopped updating on certain computers with not enough ram, processor, etc. This is technology in the 21st century. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, TOUCHSCREENS, CONTROLLERS, etc won't support the newest software forever. Your request to always be able to update is definitely unrealistic. I don't care how much you paid. Samsung promises updates for 5 years. IPhone about the same maybe less. Do you get pissed you spend over 1k every few years on a new phone? No. HVAC isn't the same, controllers are basically glorified relays at this point. NEST and the like haven't been around THAT long to say they will last the whole life of a house. I'm guessing at some point my NEST v2 will stop getting updates. It's about 3 years old now but not expecting updates forever. As long as it still works I don't need the update. Maybe it would be nice but I understand that after a period of time you need new hardware. Maybe the 250 or DS would "Work" with 3.0 but it might bog down requests, create memory loops, etc on the controller. You just don't know what limitations it has. I bought a laptop in 2010 about when those things came out, does it run every program today, def not. They need hardware upgrades to work sometimes. When that happens you have to stay on the software you are or upgrade. Think people never had to put more ram or storage into their computers (or gasp, but a new one!) in order to install a new piece of software? So again I ask when did C4 break your current setup and it stop working? Not talking about trying to update software. When did your CURRENT setup stop working? If it is still working like when you paid good $ for it than C4 hasn't done anything to you.
  13. I'm not a C4 dealer and from an outside perspective from what I have seen everyone is blaming the dealers on here and C4. Again, go pick up your 8 year old cell phone and see if it updates to the latest iOS or Android with full functionality. Technology is developing so fast at it's current rate it can't help be outdated in 5 years. If the company decides a device will cause problems with an update they have every right to EOL it. I get that this is expensive technology but it doesn't change the fact of how old it is and that at the time it was pretty cutting edge. Additionally, this thread was supposed to be about features for the new 3.0 but all I keep seeing is people complaining that something was rightfully EOL. Then the most people who are most helpful on the forum are being attacked as if they are the ones who made the decision. Look at my posts, I'm a pretty even headed guy on here but enough is enough. People are unhappy with the decision great, but don't rag on the dealers who are trying to explain why it's not a crazy thing for technology to get out dated so quickly this day in age.
  14. Yeah really not sure why people expect old stuff to be updated forever. Like has been said cell phones, cars, etc don't get updates forever. Why should your C4 be any different? And 8 years is definitely long enough to stop updating. They didn't decrease your functionality, just didn't give you increased.
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