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  1. Comparatively I would say it is. Compared to EAs, CAs, or other smart home control hubs.
  2. Eh I have a basement bar/billiard/game area w 3 TVs it's nice to sync a game to it and audio. Or sometimes we just use the bar TV but down mix the audio to the other areas speakers. There are definitely use cases for it. Also you can pause on one TV go into the bedroom and pick up where you left off without any hitches. Not as easy to do if you're loading a new Roku/ShieldTV/AppleTV etc. It's definitely more of a convenience than requirement. That being said our theater we have dedicated Roku/Shield into the AVR to get full surround sound.
  3. Our installer actually told us he doesn't install TS where cameras can see the bed in a BR or something like that (unless kids room) he recommended wireless for those purposes so you can just swing it away.
  4. Ordered an Oz about a week ago, made it's way to SF just waiting to clear customs and get to me in OH! I got sliding panels for a standard 6' slider and this is the only one that allows use of smooth cord that I could find, plus easy bond integration (already have Chow's Bond driver) were all appealing to me. Will report back when integrated. Couldn't find sliding patio door panels that had beaded cord or really anything but a wand until the one's I got. Simple Bali ones.
  5. Also FYI you didn't properly indent your fountain commands if you wanted to use an IF statement for them.
  6. Take thermostat off mount (just pull it off) remove all 4 batteries, wait a minute, replace all batteries than place back on mount
  7. Or leave current ones in place and then when ready to update unplug them all, update and install new ones. Could do it that way. I do get this eliminates the "want to have it all in place" part.
  8. MIght need to reboot the thermostat and see if that helps first.
  9. I've been waiting 2 years for this. There was a driver just over a year ago but then I think apple bought the api of the weather agent that was being used and it broke. No replacements since.
  10. Could have dealer put a dummy light and maybe set the light to be on when custom button set to on and off when set to off.
  11. Just curious if a dealer why can't you get the modules from C4? Do they only ship those to outside US?
  12. My guess is as stated only Partition 1 is being used so if you're trying to program any others it will error.
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