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  1. Here's the deal, it can be done w the hardware you have. Yes it will require some effort/work whether it be get a Z2IO and solder it to openers or to a remote (so when relay trips it's like you clicked the remote button) and get a couple wireless tilt sensors. What @msgreenf is saying is that when you do that you've already paid for 1 opener and you will know open, closed and be able to open and close. If you want partially open/closed and open/closed than you will likely need a new opener or wired door open status sensor on the rail which is more time + $$$. At the end of the day $$$ is the answer what's the question/what do you want to do. You can do it though.
  2. Update inbound very shortly that addresses this. Look at the C4 webinar.
  3. Seems they know the lot #s and production dates and those are years ago now so shouldn't really be an issue unless someone has very old stock they sell someone.
  4. If you want a nice wifi remote have you seen c4 Neeo remote? I like it. Some can't live w out more buttons but we like it.
  5. Looks great if interacts w C4 similar to what is shown. Huge step forward. May have to get a couple of them if they check out.
  6. Theory is the remotes in question were produced so long ago that if they were going to fail from that issue they should have failed already. If it took you 3yrs to ask your dealer about it well..... At some point they have to move forward.
  7. S21 Ultra same way for me. Don't think as yet any better heard iOS they were working on phone call like option but had to get into that api which is locked by Apple. Also sucks bc no matter what volume ringer is can't mute it have to acknowledge it to mute it. Just hitting volume down doesn't work.
  8. Generator, 2 120v sump pumps/wells, auto water shutoff and a water powered backup sump pump. Really don't want my basement flooded lol.
  9. Extended replacement ends today.
  10. Flo seems to be the most popular, I have Dam-It
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Elk-Contactor-Lockable-Structured-Enclosure/dp/B004HMZOUS/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw7fuJBhBdEiwA2lLMYYtbokifKZY60h-qSRYD3UbDSHFA9z_YyjzUHvmNxUCMbFenau5N6BoC32wQAvD_BwE&hvadid=409954750972&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9015093&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=14521941063210878202&hvtargid=kwd-311608925436&hydadcr=26613_10407659&keywords=elk+9200&qid=1631566221&sr=8-2 Use this elk relay 240v 30 amp. Uses a regular C4 switch for on/off. Can't do levels but does on/off perfectly for me. I have 3, 1 for each outdoor heater and 1 for our shower fan/heater/light.
  12. Can always program one of your ., .., ... buttons to be AVR input. But w control 4 if you wanted to watch something different you would likely just click watch and go to what you want and the AVR will switch not sure why you need input button (unless like me your Vizio TV 60hz 4k port is HDMI 5 w the driver doesn't have smh).
  13. Agreed I bet you can get a lot more out of the system with really only a controller upgrade and some remote programming from @chopedogg88 or another remote programmer/installer on the forums.
  14. I second that nomination! All in favor say aye.
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