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  1. Yeah if you can get a 3.5mm or bt connector that would work I would think.
  2. I keep 1 FireTV with IRUSB for Kodi and 2 Roku for Netflix etc.
  3. Probably too late but we actually wired a 3.5mm jack to the bedside to watch TV w Sennheiser wireless headphones. Could see if TV supports BT connectivity and create programming to work with that? I know someone asked not too long ago on the forums and something was figured out. Might want to do a search.
  4. cy I couldn't either must have been down.
  5. Agree with msgreenf, sounds terribly unsightly. I get the purpose but definitely better ways to do that.
  6. I would just like a stable weather system to get Tornado warnings. Really want woken up as opposed to sleeping through it.
  7. Seriously love to know what they all do that having a TS wouldn't be more beneficial for.
  8. I have been a die hard FireTV guy but recently decided to get 2 Roku for channels and YT, Netflix, etc and just use 1 FireTV for Kodi as we don't use Kodi that often.
  9. Saw these somewhere else. Looks like a good way to add dampers if you don't already have them.
  10. Maybe program off time since sunset? Ie If sunset + 2:00 then light = ...etc?
  11. Only know of Powershades as having POE at this time for both data and power.
  12. My understanding was aprilaire/C4 therm will do 2 stage but not continuous variable.
  13. Condolences to you and the family/community.
  14. Could throw a Ring Flood on there, has a camera and I think will do motion sensing. Cheap and easy but not direct C4 integration.
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