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  1. i dont have an ultra, but i have a roku 3, roku express, insignia roku tv and tcl roku tv all work great with c4 and all is working well again. i would never recommend the insignia roku tv though. mine is very slow and junky compared to the tcl.
  2. just updated first thing i noticed was my rokus stopped responding, i tried to reassign by roku player and none of them would show up in the list. I had to scan my network find the ips, set them by ip, then wait 10 seconds and the name of that roku wold show up in the list then i would marry the connection by roku player. If i notice anything else weird i will post it, just wanted to give a heads up.
  3. The same thing happened to me too, I had the Sonos app open while I was in another room and hitting the okay button it was playing/pausing my Sonos in the my daughter's room. If I go to change the room to the exact same room again it'll fix it sometimes but in these cases I pick up my sr260 because it won't do it. And it doesn't do it to me everyday on the neeo but it does it enough to be bothersome.
  4. I'm in San Antonio so we don't have Comcast, is it IR or IP? Everything in general IP or IR responds faster for me. You can program 5 custom buttons, they show up on the home screen you just have to swipe to the left and they show up there.
  5. I did favorite the lock to the room and it did show up! And okay awesome I was hoping so because on the website and video they advertise the comfort function on there. But I really like the look and feel of it, I'm sure there is way more to come!
  6. The remote actually responds alot faster then the app or sr-260, it does connect on WiFi through 2.4 GHz. Def. think it was worth the buy its very slim and built very tough, seems like there needs to be a few updates with new features, but its very exciting.
  7. just got mine today, only thing that doesnt show up for me is the comfort or security screen i have door locks and cams, dont expect the cams to work but expect the same options i have on my sr-260. Didn't know if anyone has seen this remote yet or played with it? And as far as programming not many options.
  8. they have the wattbox on the switch so they can reboot it remotley if there is issues because i am sure thats what your NVR and some of your other equipment power is plugged into, but when your network is down it does you no good. and youre right 2 into a POE switch and 2 in the NVR would make no sense. I was thinking they needed the POE switch because the NVR would dish out private ip's to the cameras. Could be they needed an excuse to sell you a poe switch if they needed it for another purpose too and just didnt want to over explain? really not to sure
  9. SOLVED IT! had to go to my connections and change my audio end point! i had added a receiver in my project to get some ir codes and deleted it after i was done with itand it changed it i guess
  10. i tried that and i even reloaded the project, rebooted the remote, and rebooted the ea1
  11. whenever i click listen on my SR-260 then try to click an activity it doesnt select it and takes me right back to my current activity. so i put all the same devices that are in my listen button to my watch button in composer and whenever i click the device under watch it works perfectly fine and lets me select it. i dont know why this would happen all i did was edit an ir code on one driver then it started acting up. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated!!!
  12. I ran into an issue at a client's house where I could not find an att uverse driver that would work properly some of them would skip channels or the up or down button would skip a couple times then the 2 I found wouldn't let enter 2 of the same digits ex. 1005 would enter 105 or if you tried pressing 5555 would get 5, very weird I know long story short built a driver for it (can post it if you need it) and after making it my double digit issues we're fixed but the channel and up and down still we're doing the same thing even after I copied the same exact it code. After another 10 mins of messing around I found the fix in the picture below, the original repeat count number was 5 and I changed it to 1 and fixed my problems instantly!!!! This works for volume as well, my TV at home was going up in increments of 2 even though it said 5 in the repeat count box.
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