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  1. I have mine integrated. You can add generic control4 sensors in the project and bind the alarm sensors to them. I have push notifications going for doors, lights programmed to turn on at night when doors are opened and the alarm is on. They work great and are very fast to respond.
  2. The only other thing I did was to delete and factory restore the Neeo after updating settings in unifi. I then went through setup again on Neeo and no issues since. Hope you get it working.
  3. Just spoke with Tech Support the other day about another issue and was told that they cannot turn down the power on an outdoor AP. They have to be left at 100% and not able to be turned down due to the FCC?? No idea why, but that is what they said. Their solution if it is stepping on other AP's and causing problems is to paint it with a thin coat of outdoor paint and that will effictively kill some of the power!
  4. I believe it is the High Performance Devices setting. I setup a 2.4 only SSID and then disabled this setting on the unifi controller and have not had any issues since.
  5. Do this and it should fix it. Did for mine! We learned that Ubiquiti has a setting call "High-speed device optimization." This setting must be turned off for NEEO remote controls to connect Properly.
  6. I know the driver states it "may work" with other switches, but can anyone clarify if it will work with the TP Link HS210 3 Way Kit? The one linked below! https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Switch-HS210-KIT-1-Pack/dp/B07724HNTX/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=tp+link&qid=1563135892&s=amazon-devices&sr=1-6
  7. @alanchow I have the TP Link driver and a HS200 in wall switch. After getting the driver installed and verified, the switch will turn the light on, but not turn it off via composer. It will not take any commands via the Control4 app. Any thoughts? Running OS3.0
  8. Can you tell me how you have this wired. Looking to integrate my Skybell with Control4. Thanks for the help!
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