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  1. Why? This is weird for user i think. they obviously ask me why i shall i go to another room for the device operation. this wont user friendly i think.
  2. Hello Good Day, I have two Projector of same model in my conference room and two projector screen. all this appliance is connected through IR. I have added two projector driver and bind with controller. But one projector is showing off. i can find only one projector in this room. i don't know why its missing. Can you guys tell me the solution? And another thing is for third party IR screen which driver is better to work in software and interface also?
  3. Hello Good Day Can u guyz tell me the actual rating of circuit breaker for Control4 relay and Dimming module. what actual rules do you follow for all wiring? Voltage rating 220V
  4. you can see your room list above and there right of the top you can see a pen symbol. select this and make your home favorite.
  5. Triad Amplifier says in its documents need to bind with output of AMS(Audio Matrix Switch). but i have only this amplifier nothing else. so how can i bind this without using any AMS device? i have directly connected the Amplifier to EA5. Sounds good but volume doesn't control. i also connect the Amplifier through A/V Switch but still doesn't control the volume.
  6. hello buddies, can it possible to get the notify about the log from which device/source user operates the light, AC, sound and so on? if possible my humbly request to let me know the way or process. Thanks in advanced.
  7. Need a suggestion regarding floor heater which can be integrated with Control4. Thanks in Advanced.
  8. I found nothing to customized in GUI. Neither icon nor anything like Crestron. i m not clear about the GUI system yet. Can anyone explain it?
  9. have any flickering problem in every percent? such as 2% or 3% or more?
  10. Hello Good Day, Looking for a suggestion regarding lighting brand which dimming light is operate smoothly with adaptive phase dimmer. recently i have tested a Chinese brand light which is flickering when i ramp the light in 2 percent. i need a flick free light. Thanks in Advanced
  11. my plan is energy management by using this sensor. i get enough sunlight in day time. so i want when i get 70% illumination from sunlight then only 30% i get from the room light. it works every percent illumination with sunlight.
  12. Hello Good day I bought an Axxess Motion sensor for use as a day light sensor. I don’t understand how its work as a day light sensor. Can it ever automatically detect sunlight and control the dimming light? I have tried so many time. If it can be possible by programming then how to program it? Can u please share the process that how it works? anyone have any experienced by experiment this product in my way?
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