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  1. i have never experience that before. so how can i install the certificate patch?
  2. yeah it is 2.9.1.. i dont understand the certificate patch. Can you please tell me details?
  3. i have reset this controller. but now this controller cannot be added in the composer.. can you guys help me out? Error massage is attached below.
  4. i have enabled 4-sight license in two projects. everything was fine. but now-a-days it does not work properly. customer cannot connect to their home from different network. so why it doesn't work? anyone please help me out.
  5. Hello, Good Day, Need a Graphical Touch Keypad Solution in a Control4 system. Have any 3rd party Touch keypad which is integrated with control4?
  6. Hello, Want_To_Know Can be possible to integrate all Model of Yale lock with Control4 if i use zigbee module in that lock? Or have only specific model for Control4 what we see in the control4 website? as far i know all lock is not compatible with zigbee module. anyone please give me the proper concept about it?
  7. you mean motion sensor. is it work as a day light sensor? as far as i know about motion sensor it will detect any kind of motion. so how can i work with day light sensor?
  8. Can it possible to display separate room on separate tab? i want every room control by its tab. no one can see and control from different room or tab. thanks in advance
  9. i have 8 zone power amplifier. not matrix amp. i didn't understand clearly. can u tell me in details? i mean how can i bind it in separate zone in composer soft? can i play the song in separate zone? And can u show me the RCA y adapter?
  10. Hello Good day i have a EA-5 Controller. It has 2 analog and 2 digital Audio output. if i use 8 zone amplifier then how can i connect 8 zone with EA-5? thanks In advance
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