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  1. Hello, Good Day, Need a Graphical Touch Keypad Solution in a Control4 system. Have any 3rd party Touch keypad which is integrated with control4?
  2. Hello, Want_To_Know Can be possible to integrate all Model of Yale lock with Control4 if i use zigbee module in that lock? Or have only specific model for Control4 what we see in the control4 website? as far i know all lock is not compatible with zigbee module. anyone please give me the proper concept about it?
  3. you mean motion sensor. is it work as a day light sensor? as far as i know about motion sensor it will detect any kind of motion. so how can i work with day light sensor?
  4. Can it possible to display separate room on separate tab? i want every room control by its tab. no one can see and control from different room or tab. thanks in advance
  5. i have 8 zone power amplifier. not matrix amp. i didn't understand clearly. can u tell me in details? i mean how can i bind it in separate zone in composer soft? can i play the song in separate zone? And can u show me the RCA y adapter?
  6. Hello Good day i have a EA-5 Controller. It has 2 analog and 2 digital Audio output. if i use 8 zone amplifier then how can i connect 8 zone with EA-5? thanks In advance
  7. if you have a switch board then you can replace all light's switch board which you want to automate and set up dual load square keypad and connect with light line which is zigbee connected with control4 controller. the square keypad size is same as normal switch board. you don't need to cut drywalls.
  8. For Thermostat I have connected the AC with IR Cable and integrate the Alexa with Control4. When i command alexa to operate AC then Alexa relied me the AC does not support. Why AC Doesn't support? What should i do? For Audio In my Alexa App i didn't find any audio device when i discover it. Can it possible to hear stored song or local radio station by voice command in multi zone room speaker without physical connection between alexa and amplifier? Thanks in Advance
  9. Hi, Can be possible all zone drawing layout set on my display where i can easily understand which light i want to control when i as a guest or user? thanks In Advance.
  10. third party device available.but control4 device is not available.anyways thank you. can you please give me some link where i can get all device..
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