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  1. yeah im using one driver for one device. but it suddenly stop. but i want to stop it wherever i want as like dual blind driver works. normally it should be full open or full close and beside that i will stop it anywhere. so how to setup the driver fir this requirement? in dual relay blinds driver had no issue like this. it was fully opened and fully closed and also can be stopped wherever i wanted.
  2. sorry bro i have no screenshot. but can you please advise me about the operation of 2 relay blind? i didn't get that.
  3. Hi Good Day. I’m using 2 relay blind driver for both roller twin blind and motorized curtain. Usually client used to set the twin blind in every step for day and night scene and used to open, close or stop the motorized curtain in every position. I was setup dual relay blind driver in this project though it suggested me to replace this driver with 2 relay blind but it was so cool in operation that's why I was not changing. But when upgrade the project to OS 3.2 then all driver stop button has been obsolete. That’s why I had to add this driver in this project and try to setup. But it
  4. should this driver works through ethernet that i added in the project?
  5. I added this driver QA85Q950TSWXXL from database instead of QA85Q950TSKXXL. and i connect the tv network through wireless. and i put the tv's IP manually into the address box. A few minutes later it shows online but didn't work properly from app. have any suggested driver for this?
  6. Hi, above tv driver shows in SDDP but can't add to the project. Says driver not found. anyone can help me out?
  7. Hi, For the first time going to work for pool control by Hayward Omnihub. i got two smart relays, one wiring hub and one control panel in packet. plumbing has been done by local vendor and they used so many gate valve and electrical equipment like single speed pump, heater, filter, valve actuator has also been installed. the main thing is there is no auto mode option in any equipment. so i think everything should have auto option. In Details: Four pumps: two pumps connected with filter through valve actuator, one pump for fountain and one pump for swim jet (its a 3 phase connec
  8. i personally like Venetian Bronze with snow white caps. thats really cool.
  9. most of the clients only just focus on keypad. because they have to choose keypad for every room. client gives us an example with Lutron, Crestron and Schneider keypad. though we dominate the city with Control4. but few projects we have lost for keypad issue. that's why i am asking for any up gradation if have plan about that.
  10. most of our clients doesn't like keypad look. they want more attractive keypad. we have lost our few project for this keypad looks.
  11. Any Upgrade design for Control4 Keypad. this is so odd and lost most of the project for only reason of keypad outlook. anyone know about that?
  12. i have been worked with amcrest driver. that was good.
  13. i think it should work. if not i will let you know. Thanks
  14. i can give you an example .. say when i enter room motion will trigger and light will go on for 5 min as per sensor occupancy holding time. after that i press training mode what i created as a scene in my training session.then what will happen? lights will go on as per scene. in that time motion will not trigger again because its hold 5 min. but when 5 min expired then what will happen? motion will trigger again and light will go on as per motion program. then training mode is not having there. so that there will be created awkward moment when everything will be changed during training se
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