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  1. I'm a Control4 dealer. the requirements came from the escalator guy. its a foot over bridge escalator. its a govt project. the following requirements are below: One point controlling system for escalator (by using mobile apps): 1. Real time view by using mobile apps /web-based CCTV camera of those escalator. 2. Remotely off/on by using mobile apps /web of those escalators. 3. Schedule turn on and off for those escalators by remotely configuration. 4. Auto start if there any passenger is near to the escalator. 5. If control off then auto start (no. 4) will n
  2. its not inside the building. its foot over bridge escalator.
  3. hi i got a requirement regarding escalator control. it will control remotely from office or anywhere. so there are few escalator in different places. it will operate when motion detect. so i decide to go through control4. is there any challenge? if anyone have any better idea please share with me.
  4. actually i control a heater through RF code into the custom button. but it's not show the status whether its on or off. i want to see the status.
  5. Hello All, Good Day, We know anything can be control through custom button. That's good. But Custom button has no icon and even user can't realize that remotely is the device on or off? cause it has no identification sign that makes the user understand the device is on or off as others system has the clear status. So is there any way to make it easier? TIA
  6. Hi, Good day. Hope you all are doing well. I have a query about intercom system where have 9 storied building and every floor has the automation system with wall touch panel. In reception there have a SIP phone and it will be incorporating with every floor. So when guest will be there then receptionist will be connecting to the wall touch panel in certain floor. So what’s the solution and system architecture? Can be possible to integrate SIP phone with all the floor? Awaits for your early reply.
  7. Architect and Consultant convinced Residence owner that phase dimming is an old and not so good as much as Dali is a new concept and works very well.
  8. but i didn't get any Dali driver into driver list. if i add only homeworks qs processor driver then everything will be shown in interface?
  9. Hi, Suddenly Architect changed the lighting system phase Dimming to Dali. So Want to integrate Lutron Homeworks QS Dali system with control4 in my running project as per Architect plan. Any Challenge? What do you think?
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