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  1. hi good day. i just need to know that can be possible to have a security code in every icon of the apps in residential project? so that user needs to type a code for every icon prior to give a command. TIA
  2. Hi, got a requirements of intruder system for standalone basis. so looking for a best intruder system in Europe or US. Looking for your suggestion. TIA
  3. i have a plan to experiment this. they have established a dedicated system for Crestron only. And a common punch for Crestron, Lutron, Control4 also. Very clever move.
  4. I got Vitrea touch keypad which is compatible with Control4. but I don't know about the performance of this system with Control4. I don't know even anyone here who have that experienced with this keypad.
  5. Hi, I was shared the environment of my area regarding keypad which looks so odd as the client said. I have lost so many big project for only this reason. though Control4 now released their contemporary keypad which is cool. but many of my clients wants touch keypad. I don't know if Control4 have any plans with touch keypad as they have already touch panel. so if you guys have any reliable third party system where i can get smart touch keypad for integration please suggest me. Thanks
  6. i just created a new account with US number and verify it instantly. yeah i got the skill easily and linked successfully.
  7. i have added this skill in my previous project but now i couldn't find this ..
  8. I got SimpleC4 in amazon alexa app and linked up as well. but couldn't get any link on customer account. even i couldn't find Control4 in this app. how to link that?
  9. its solved. just left to change H265 to H264 from camera.
  10. here is the message in attachment. whats the solution for it? how to solution the Gstreamer ?
  11. I have configured as per driver instruction. it seems okay and tested also okay.
  12. Hi, Good Day. I'm having some hikvision camera with C4. All are showing on security navigator simultaneously. but when select individual camera to see then streaming is loading. nothing is shown.. what's wrong with that actually? anyone have a solution? OS 3.2.2 Camera: DS-2CD1043GO-I DS-7608NI-I2
  13. I'm a Control4 dealer. the requirements came from the escalator guy. its a foot over bridge escalator. its a govt project. the following requirements are below: One point controlling system for escalator (by using mobile apps): 1. Real time view by using mobile apps /web-based CCTV camera of those escalator. 2. Remotely off/on by using mobile apps /web of those escalators. 3. Schedule turn on and off for those escalators by remotely configuration. 4. Auto start if there any passenger is near to the escalator. 5. If control off then auto start (no. 4) will not work able. 6. If counting passenger is possible the apply by camera. 7. Current status represent (ie. running or stopping status) by coloring Green/Red It will be the best for us if it will be controlled by the mobile apps. As per this requirements we are planning to go through Control4.
  14. its not inside the building. its foot over bridge escalator.
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