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  1. Hi, I need to control an analog dial with my C4 system. I found the following tutorial on setting up an IR-controlled Arduino unit that allows for remote manipulation of an analog dial: https://www.waste.org/~knobs/arduino_remote_stereo_volume_control.html Of course, I imagine that the Arduino unit can also be set up to accept input via WiFi or IP. In my specific case, I am trying to control a variable speed chimney fan. The fan is controller by an analog variable speed controller(http://acim.nidec.com/drives/kbelectronics/-/media/kbelectronics/documents/triad-fan-controls/data-sheets/kbwc-data-sheet.ashx?la=en). I do not need fine control of the fan, which is what the variable speed knob does, but I generally need a low, medium, and high setting. The C4 dealer was hoping that the fan controller would fit the bill, but only the "Off" and "High" button work. The "Medium" and "Low" buttons function like "Off" buttons. I was hoping someone has a better suggestion for control of the fan, either using an out-of-the-box C4 solution, or using a set up similar to the Aruduino-controlled analog stereo receiver dial described in the above link (i.e. if you were to use an Arduino controlled option, what would be your ideal communication method with C4 and what driver would you use, etc..). Thanks very much, A
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