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  1. I'm in the market for a couple of these as well. Please PM if anyone has one for sale. Located in California. Thanks.
  2. Just had a Luma 510 NVR and twelve Luma 710 cameras installed. Question about c4 integration: Using the Luma control4 driver, is it possible to send the main stream to the native Luma app (4k quality) and then send the substream to T3 screens? I thought this was the point of having 3 streams in the 710 camera (the 3rd substream being specifically made for control systems). But my local dealer is saying this isnt possible and that the mainstream will have to be degraded in order to view it on the T3s. Do I need to maybe just set up a generic camera driver for each camera and not use the Luma based c4 driver at all?
  3. Anyone know details about this? Couldn't find anything more other than this small article https://www.soundandvision.com/content/sonos-streamlines-control4-integration
  4. I just purchased a QRS PNO 3 and was able to figure out a way to browse the music selection from my T3s. When you connect to the QRS from your phone/tablet, it basically re-directs you to a webpage. Jot down that IP address/URL and input it into the generic URL driver. This will allow you to open the QRS interface on your T3. Only problem is that the connection is SUPER slow. Takes forever for the music playlists to load.
  5. Update: 2 Wemos left and the wemo driver is still available
  6. For sale are 5 wemo minis and the control4 wemo driver from chowmain. $10 per wemo. I've had issues with my wifi connectivity and am moving away from the wemos. Barely used for less than a month.
  7. I have for sale a lightly used 4232 CBM with the C4-CBL3.5-DB9B serial cable. My dealer couldn't figure out how to make it work with my Vista Panel so ended up getting a HSIM instead.
  8. How much for the KC120277? I'm interested in buying both.
  9. I was having issue #1 as well. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the intercom anywhere app and it helped. Give that a try if the reboot doesn't do the trick. It seems like Google Play doesn't automatically update the app. You have to uninstall and then re-install to get the newer version of the app (at least for me).
  10. Completely understood, no offense taken. Better safe than sorry!
  11. Thanks, appreciate it. I'm new to this (as you can tell lol), I'll have an electrician look at it just to make sure I'm being safe. Thanks guys
  12. So it's not as simple as just connecting everything according to this diagram. I'll definitely have someone take a look at this.
  13. Yea, basically those two wires were connected to this switch when I removed them.
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