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  1. The NAS drive i have is Synology 718+ , do you know if there are drivers for C4? BTW - i love this forum and the quick response everyone provides... I know this is off topic, but i just moved to LI and i cannot say how disappointed i have been with contractors and company who installed my C4. Seems like everyone just want your money and leave - no one is proud of their work. they just care about taking your money, not one company has given me satisfaction work!!
  2. Honestly i think a room name change is very basic functionality and a user (or at least the people who purchase composer HE) should be allowed to do that. - just my 2 cents How do i connect my external NAS drive to C4? I hope that's also not done by a dealer.
  3. I just had my C4 system installed and needless to say the dealer didn't follow how i wanted the rooms named. He came back to fix them and screwed them even more, I don't want to deal with that. i am tech savvy enough where i wouldn't mind having the capability of doing it (hopefully only once).
  4. I have all new equipment, Triad 8x8 amp and audio matrix with EA5. The equalizer isn't a big deal. I am more concerned about changing room names, is there a way I can do that myself without calling the dealer every time? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ok. Are there additional apps I can get in my control4 software? So, there is no way to rename the devices/room names other than the dealer doing it?
  6. Oh. Just curious, I can't get any of the 4store apps on my system? There are some nice apps, i.e. equalizer app.. : ) Also, is it possible to load additional driver files to Compose HE? I found a driver online that allows a user to modify room names.
  7. How do I load this app? I can't find any options on my TV where Control4 is loaded. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello. I am new to Control4. I am looking to purchase Composer HE so i can create my own macros and make update to my control4 app. Can someone please let me know how i can purchase it?
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