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  1. The scenario is this, I have created a Media Scene called "Deck Music" Under Programming, When Scene is activated I select the audio source for the Room. As long as this is an audio source that is "already active i.e. Satellite OUTPUT etc" the sound works perfectly, and the Audio Zone comes on. What I want to do is be able to select Deezer as the Audio Source and get it to play my Deezer Flow ... but when you select Deezer manually as the source, you have to select either "Start Flow" or pick an album or playlist. How do I program it to select the "Start Flow" command after selecting Deezer as the Audio Source? Essentially to get it to Auto Play my Flow on Deezer for me when I Activate the Scene? EDIT: There are Deezer Specific Device Actions: SelectAlbum, - you can specify an album - and set it to shuffle SelectPlaylist, - same as album, StartFlow, BUT none of these ACTUALLY turn the ZONE ON.
  2. Chasing wires are always fun. Or, a rat chewed an RCA cable. Now the real problem, where are the rats sleeping? Thanks for the help.
  3. Hi Guys, Next Problem. I'm having issues with the Music Streaming Services. Specifically Deezer. Set up is HC800 connected to a C4 Audio Switch and a C4 8 Zone Audio Amp. Samsung TV connected via Denon AVRx-3000 Amp connected to HC800 for Home Theater. The deezer subscription is active - and when I select listen to Deezer - and "Start Flow" - I see the Album Artwork come up on my iPhone and I can change tracks and everything, but I am not getting any sound, not from any zones, Satellite Sound is playing correctly - so I know that the speakers are working in all zones. I am not getting sound from Deezer or Airplay when airplaying to an audio zone controlled by the 8 zone. Inside Composer under the "Status" I get "Streaming" when I have a device connected. IF I send the audio to the "TV Room" - Which plays via the Denon amp - the sound works, so it's related to the 8 zone. Thoughts?
  4. @C4tune "LEGEND". This solved my problem. I used a very simple HDMI Splitter. 1 in and 2 out, and I am only using 1 of the outs. Works like a charm!
  5. I tried that, I even tried down to 720p and 50Hz and 60Hz respectively. Didn't make any difference. Thoughts? EDIT: The Denon is set to pass through.
  6. Ok, So my setup is as follows: Monoprice HDX-404E HDMI Switcher / Splitter 4 input sources Input Source 1 - Amazon Fire TV HDMI Input Source 2 - Apple TV HDMI Input Source 3 - Satellite TV HDMI Input Source 4 - Satellite TV HDMI Output goes from the 4x4 Matrix via a Denon amplifier to a Samsung TV We custom developed an IR controller for the 4x4 matrix - which is working as per the 4x4 specific remote The problem that I am experience is as follows: When I select Watch - and one of the Input Sources - the 4x4 Matrix changes Input Sources correctly. Regardless of when I select "Watch" and pick one of the Satellite TV options - I get Video and Audio Immediately, BUT, I don't get video or Audio content from the Apple TV or the Amazon Fire TV. IF the HDMI Switch is set to the RIGHT Input source for the Amazon Fire TV or the Apple TV, and I disconnect power from the Fire TV or the Apple TV, and reconnect - then I get video and audio works perfect. (Exactly the same behaviour from both Fire TV and Apple TV). If I change (via the C4 Remote or the 4x4 matrix remote or the buttons on the 4x4) to satellite I get video and audio immediately - but when I change the source back to Fire TV or A TV ... NOTHING. I've checked all the HDMI cables - and they work perfectly when connected directly to the Denon Amp. ANY SUGGESTIONS Please guys.
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