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  1. It's happening with a 2017 Shield and the newer 2019 Shield Pro. I'm experiencing the same behavior both in my theater room connected to the receiver>projector on the new Shield Pro as well as in my other rooms with Samsung/LG TV's with the older Shield routed through my Atlona HDMI matrix. The only thing both setups have in common is the VideoStorm driver (and the Shield firmware, but slightly different Shield hardware). My installer is coming over this week to help troubleshoot. I'll update you when we figure it out.
  2. I have C4 controlling the display devices in both Shield setups. The IRUSB is only controlling the Shield. Hmmmm... I'm stumped.
  3. I have a recurring issue where the Shield puts my projector/receiver to sleep if it sits idle for ~5 minutes. This was happening on my original Shield that's connected through C4 via an Atlona HDMI matrix and I chalked it up to something going on with the HDMI handshake through the matrix. I just picked up the new Shield Pro that is dedicated for my theater and connected directly to my receiver and it's still doing this. I've obviously disabled all power options in the Shield, including the Stay Awake option in the Developer Mode menu and any CEC options in the Shield/receiver/display devices. Still getting the same behavior on both devices, oddly enough... Is there anything in the VideoStorm driver that might be causing this? The IRUSB and C4 are the primary similarities between the two devices and I haven't been able to come up with a solution.
  4. Is the IRUSB dongle still required for the "new" Shield Pro box? I have an original Shield and the IRUSB dongle works great - about to add a dedicated Shield Pro for the theater room and just wanted to make sure nothing has changed.
  5. Where did you find the JVC NX7 IP driver? My installer says there wasn't one in the database.... I believe we're using the HouseLogix free trial driver right now and it's extremely sluggish.
  6. Is there an IP driver compatible with tvOS 13? My dealer and I are not able to figure this one out. Kind of shocking this wasn't better planned for, as Apple is a C4 partner and AppleTV is likely the most popular streaming device in most C4 environments?
  7. Is this working with the recent tvOS 13 update?
  8. How about getting it to work with the most popular browser on the planet, by far (Chrome)?? I absolutely despise IE and am forced to use it with Luma. Had I known this I would have pushed my installer to use a different company.
  9. I'm picking up Emotiva's new RMC-1, supposed to have the same IR codes as the XMC, but I can't get a straight answer on the IP control abilities beyond the obvious compatibility with Emotiva's own iOS control app. Were you able to find an IP driver for your XMC-1?
  10. I got a replacement remote and was able to get the Shield updated (to v7.1) and the IrUSB is responding again. Really odd, not sure why it wouldn't respond to my SR260 remote without the Nvidia remote active...
  11. My IRUSB is suddenly not allowing control of my Nvidi Shield and I have (of course) misplaced the Shield remote. I have tried various power cycling and IRUSB pluggin/unplugging routines, but can't seem to get it to work again. How can I get it to work again? On a similar note, my installer set it up and it was never really 100% stable, I have a feeling it has to do with how it was configured. I have access to Composer HE, is there anything I can do with HE to re-install or reconfigure the Video Storm C4 driver?
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