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  1. Same with us, we did a lighting design also. He seems, at least to me, to be very much alive as he's reviewed our invoice.
  2. We (Coolabode Automation) worked with Paul Sushereba @Cycleguy0623 over a period of a couple of weeks, going over his house layout and what he would need. He purchased Composer HE from us and we added it to his project. We spent literally hours and exchanged Dozens of email and phone call communication. In March we sent over the invoice for his Composer HE 4sight 1 year subscription and a minimal amount of hours worked and he then changed dealers and has not made contact since. We have tried to reach him several times but he does not respond. If he was not happy with our service, we would
  3. Hi, I've just sent you a DM.
  4. Hi I’ve just sent you a private message.
  5. Shipping US or Canada available, other countries please inquire. All items used, except where noted, and guaranteed not DoA. I will factory reset or flash IP devices to specific OS version where possible. I will add simple devices e.g. touchscreen and lighting to your project at no charge if no OS upgrades are needed. For controllers and other scenarios, please inquire. For larger orders, we can calculate a custom price and shipping. $40 ethernet speaker point new $40 - 2 x 7 inch in-wall touchscreen black C4-TW7C0-
  6. Get a new controller, HC-500 is so old it is not worth spending even a minute on it. Allocate the remote programming funds to a new controller and leverage your 15% discount opportunity. PM me if you need more info.
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