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  1. Get a new controller, HC-500 is so old it is not worth spending even a minute on it. Allocate the remote programming funds to a new controller and leverage your 15% discount opportunity. PM me if you need more info.
  2. Still have some items left -))
  3. Any takers perhaps just the Zigbee radio?
  4. Do you have Cat6a or better between your video matrix and TVs?
  5. If you have an Atmos theatre room and a video matrix, it would be a step backwards to connect the ATV to the matrix. Buy a dedicated ATV and connect it directly to your AVR to get the maximum 4K video and audio experience your equipment supports. Then use a second ATV, presumably with audio settings forced to stereo, connected to your matrix for your stereo zones to enjoy (I am assuming if you have a video matrix you have stereo video zones).
  6. Curious what network gear you have in your showroom?
  7. Thanks Jeffrey, we appreciate your support -)
  8. We recently sold all we had listed, but if you are interested we have the same generation 3-button keypads.
  9. BUMP - make us an offer. Touchscreen model. Includes Control4 Zigbee module. $90 $130 USD shipped to Canada / US. Other countries please inquire.
  10. Please refer to this thread:
  11. No significant differences between V1 and V2.
  12. Thank you buyers, many items sold now. Updated list to follow.
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