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  1. Curious what network gear you have in your showroom?
  2. Thanks Jeffrey, we appreciate your support -)
  3. We recently sold all we had listed, but if you are interested we have the same generation 3-button keypads.
  4. BUMP - make us an offer. Touchscreen model. Includes Control4 Zigbee module. $90 $130 USD shipped to Canada / US. Other countries please inquire.
  5. Please refer to this thread:
  6. No significant differences between V1 and V2.
  7. Thank you buyers, many items sold now. Updated list to follow.
  8. Tokead: We are working on the white colour. We do have a lot of almond and black if that interests you.
  9. BUMP Shipping US or Canada included, other countries please inquire. All items used, except where noted, and guaranteed not DoA. I will factory reset or flash IP devices to specific OS version where possible. I will add simple devices e.g. touchscreen and lighting to your project at no charge if no OS upgrades are needed. For controllers and other scenarios, please inquire. For larger orders, we can calculate a custom price and shipping. $85 - Pakedge RK-1 router used for only 2 weeks $40 - 2 x 7 inch in-wall touchscreen black C4-TW7C0-BL OS 2.10.6 $45 - 2 x 7 inch portable touch screen black (same generation as in-wall above) $30 each - 2 x HC-200 C4-HC200 -E-B OS 2.9.0 $30 each - 2 x HC-300 C4-HC-300-E-B $80 - Planet WGSW-28040P4 24 port POE switch 802.3af with low noise fans purchased from Blackwire $40 each - 1 x HC-250 controller new in box (unused except for upgraded OS 2.10.5) C4-HC-250-BL (no MyHome and Intercom software licenses) $35 each - 10 5 x HC-250 controllers C4-HC-250-BL (no MyHome and Intercom software licenses) OS 2.10.6 Legacy dimmers / switches - ALL SOLD $25 each - many 3 button keypads in black and light almond
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