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  1. I was wondering if anyone has integrated an Omni Pro II or something similar like the LTe with Control 4. If so, which driver did you use and which functions were available with it?
  2. Willing to sell for $650 if you're interested.
  3. It can be controlled IP, Serial (RS232), and IR. I personally use the IP driver.
  4. The other one he has, is working with Control 4, yes! We thought we were going to need two 8x8's for his system, but he ended up not doing his office afterwards. So it's just a left over device (WITH WARRANTY). I see you're in Colorado. I am as well! https://www.amazon.com/J-Tech-Digital-HDMI-Matrix-Switcher/dp/B01MTLCRD5
  5. Appreciate your reply! Only reason I put $250 was that's what I paid after tax and shipping. I'll knock that down. Also, $200 off a brand new matrix isn't too bad in my opinion. I do respect your reply though, and appreciate your reply!
  6. Hey guys! New to the forum. I've been using URC as my main controller, but recently reached out to C4. Hoping that I can get in and become part of the family. I've been following some C4 stuff and they're blowing other controllers out of the water. It seems as if C4's controller is taking over! I'll keep you updated, and hopefully soon will be able to install and program Control 4.
  7. Hey guys! I just finished an install and have a ton of stuff I can sell. All items are brand new. Some have box's and some don't though. 1. J-Tech Digital 8X8 HDMI Matrix Switcher 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 - We purchased from Amazon for $909, I'll sell this way cheaper. Probably: $700.00 2. SpeakerCraft Vital Series V10 120W Powered Subwoofer - New but no box! Selling for: $450.00 3. SnapAV Strong Contractor Series Universal Articulating Dual Arm Mounts (SM-CS-ART2-L): $175 4. BRAND NEW Araknis 300 Series Router Dual-Wan Gigabit VPN Router: $130 Pictures will be below:
  8. Hello everyone, I currently have a few clients that are using URC. Would love to get them updated and moved over to Control 4. I don't have any experience with Control 4, but I do have actual computer programming experience and am confident that with my knowledge and drive, I can figure out the programming etc. My question is: Do I need to have a dealer account setup to implement hardware and program? These clients have big setups, and will need IP control, RS232, and IR control. However, like I said, I'm not a dealer. What's the best way to deal with this? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, Quick question! I’m starting a little home automation project, and wanted to ask before I went this route. Is a regular person like me able to buy a controller, and set things up? I know a few other companies require you to have a dealers license or something similar in order to get full potential of the software to program!
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