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  1. Pulling my hair out... I've had a single room (tv) of my 9 total that has stop responding to commands from the Control4 system. I have 9 inputs setup and 5 outputs. 1. It still shows video (whatever it had last) so the cable(s) are good. 2. If I force it from the Key Digital software on the PC directly... it switches properly. 3. If I switch on C4 OR the Key Digital APP... it does NOT work properly. I have been troubleshooting / guessing for hours but with no knowledge of how C4 passes in the commands (only HE access) I can't figure out what the issue is? I initially thought it was a bad receiver after rebooting it as well as the controller, and noticing that the KD app didnt do the trick either? But, then I stumbled on #2 which tells me its NOT the receiver. It's not any of the transmitters as those work on all 8 other rooms. Any thoughts / suggestions on what else i should be trying? Is it possible something went bad in Composer to cause this? Seems like it wouldnt be composer related as it doesnt work in the KD app either. It is the first receiver in the list that is messing up which seems strange, I'm just out of ideas...
  2. Say i had a string of programming that could be triggered in many different rooms of my house, but i wanted to create a single button for it. Then, from any room, I could just press the single button and it would happen (but only in the room i was currently in). I know I can add a custom button that appears in every room, but how can i find out the current room selected on the app and/or navigator in programming so that I could then execute the commands I want? Yes, I could just create a bunch of them customized for each room. But, just wondering if this is possible?
  3. Don't have a local guy any more. Just use some of the guys on here. @msgreenf any other thoughts? How hard is it to remove the room itself and add it back?
  4. Tried that last night. I had only a couple other buttons so I was fine wiping them out. But, it didn't fix the issue though. 😞 All I did was "remove it" and then add it back. I'm assuming that's all u can do, yes?
  5. Anyone else ever run into this and/or have a potential solution? We checked the system. No leftovers or partially deleted buttons, etc. Rebooted the controllers, etc. Any other things I can try?
  6. So strange... It's like there is a setting blocking the functionality just for that room? But, I cant find anything that would do that? When I add a button to "All Rooms" it adds for everything except the master bedroom as well.
  7. I have a custom button i want to access from the master bedroom. No matter what i do, i cannot get the button to show on the Master Bedroom screen in OS3? I'm not out of buttons... and I have tested it's function in various other rooms and it works fine? Any ideas?
  8. I have 3 sonos connects (among other devices) connected to my system. I have recently noticed that when using them in one (or multiple) rooms... When I turn them off in the app, they don't actually go away in the app status list (though they do actually stop as expected, in the room itself). I have to force close the app and re-open it to get them to go away. Anyone know why this would happen and/or how to fix it? I'm using OS3, btw.
  9. When I selected "roku 2" on the remote or app. It was actually switching the video to roku 3 and vice versa. So, the controls were working... I was just looking at the wrong ones. Thats why it made it seem like lag, cuz when i went back it had changed. But that was while i was viewing the other device.
  10. Dunamivora for the WIN! 👏 The device names was the problem! And, of course Roku doesnt list the device name on the Network page... it's in a totally different area in system. Any idea how those could flip? I fixed it by just swapping the HDMI cables on the transmitters. But, somehow the Tx's must've swapped IP addresses, right? Even though the problem is fixed... That still leads me back to the original q. If IP reservations aren't set in the Araknis router table... where else could they be set? My system reboots every Sunday morning, so i have to believe I would've seen this problem many many times over the 3 years i have had the system if at least the transmitters and receivers weren't reserved? The key digital setup is a complete mystery to me. Perhaps they are stored in the KD controller somewhere? I don't even know how to access it.
  11. So........ hang on a sec. The name on the Roku device does NOT match what I select in C4. Somehow 2 and 3 got flipped? When i select Roku 2 on the remote... the box that actually shows there is 3. Maybe the transmitters swapped ips somehow? i have no idea. Gonna try swapping the transmitters...
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