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  1. I will try it and see if i break anything else. 🙂 THANKS guys!!!
  2. You nailed it... So, what happens is one of us gets stereo output 1, and the other gets stereo output 2. Are these set dynamically by other devices when in use? Or, can I just make them the exact same to fix this???
  3. Actually... It seems to be related to who is playing music first. They are louder than the other??? As soon as I stopped hers from playing in another room, my volume came back up to normal (and now hers is quiet when she restarted playing). VERY strange.
  4. Pulling my hair out over this one... I setup 2 separate music selections from the "Add Music" plugin. Both for Amazon Music, one that has me logged in, and one that has my wife logged in. In the same room, with the same volume setting, our default volumes are DRAMATICALLY different. i.e. the room on 60% from hers is twice as loud as the same room at 60% on mine? I have checked Composer HE on my audio switch for any "source leveling" differences... but, i dont see any? I also have no way of telling where those are even coming from (what channel) i dont think? But, all 16 are set the same at 8.75db. Any ideas?
  5. DW886, that is exactly right. No matter what I do... Anything involving the sonos connects, tends to wind up in a situation where everything is fighting for control instead of "giving" ultimate control to the Control4 system. Volume has to be adjusted in 3 places, trying to control the queue is virtually impossible, etc. etc. Its a nightmare. My hope was that adding the Amazon Music control directly to the C4 app would make things better and less complicated. But, if i turn on the Amazon Music app via a voice command, then the challenge is that there is no way to feed it the names of the playlists on the cloud to the media scenes in composer HE (that I know of?). It can only handle old school mp3s on a hard drive somewhere. BraydonH... that is one HECK of a workaround though! Except, you also just taught me that my THREE $500 Sonos:Connect Amps can actually be replaced by three $30 echo dots???? I know it's silly to be dissecting all these things instead of just pulling out my phone... but, isn't that the point of the "automation" part of this hobby? I want to wake up and say "Alexa, good morning" as I walk to the shower, and the magic just happens. :-) Gold star for this solution! I will try it this weekend!
  6. Also, anyone else having trouble with the Amazon Music control only playing 3 or 4 songs of a playlist and then stopping, and making the app unresponsive? Doesnt quite happen EVERY time... but, enough that it's incredibly frustrating. Maybe 70-80% of the time? I've reverted back to running everything through the sonos connects again (which has its own large list of annoyances).
  7. Is there a way to automate these into voice/media scenes? So far, I have been successful in creating a voice scene that turns on a set of lights, and sets some hardwired speakers in a particular room to one of my sonos connects (or to my new Amazon Music input directly). However, this results in the Sonos (or AM) just continuing to play whatever it was last. Is it possible to force a particular playlist (shuffled) from Amazon Music by voice scene? Nobody actually keeps hard-drives full of mp3s any more, do they? 😉 Control4 seems DRAMATICALLY behind the times on media control in general.
  8. Thank you all! This was VERY helpful. Turns out, I was looking for the "Amazon Alexa" setting at mycontrol4 before i actually set it all up in the alexa app (control4 skill). Once I did that, it showed up. Lighting scenes already working through C4. For anyone hunting for answers about lutron control vs C4. The main difference for me is that C4 allows you to TOGGLE scenes (if you have composer HE). This was a BIG frustration of mine with Lutron. It just made for goofy commands... ie "Alexa turn on all off." Now, i can just say turn on everything, or turn off everything. And, it toggles the same scene. Well, technically it's still 2 in programming on HE. But, the nuance in how you command it w voice is worth the change. YMMV Now Im off to figure out how I can control my Sonos connect amps, through the CF audio matrix and out to the wired speakers in each room. Wish me luck i dont break anything. 🙂 Sounds like "Voice Scene" is where i should go. Couldnt figure out why there were no "listen" commands showing up on the alexa settings in mycontrol4. So... THANKS!
  9. Oh, and if that IS the case... Is there a remote dealer that anyone can recommend who is super responsive? Thanks, -M
  10. I am trying to change my alexa from connecting directly to my lutron app and instead use the control 4 skill. I have Composer HE, as well as 4sight, but it looks like my dealer never activated the alexa drivers perhaps? There is no "Amazon Alexa" setting on my control4 homepage to be able to set what can be recognized, etc. Let me guess..... I have to get a dealer to do it???
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