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  1. Well, I genuinely tried to even get to the right people at Google to make this request, but after 52 minutes of tail chasing... I am giving up. I *DID* however get something posted to Sonos, who generally seem to be pretty good about responding. So, we'll see what they say about bringing back the option from the dead. The thread is here for anyone who wants to pile on: https://en.community.sonos.com/smart-home-integrations-229108/api-feature-request-queue-control-6827158
  2. Man, I just got caught up on this monster... Have to say, there are some great points (from both perspectives) if perhaps over-dramatized a bit. 🙂 But, I really think knowitall and blub made some points worth repeating. The statement above is *mostly* the cold harsh truth, except for one glaring omission to choppedogg88's point later in the thread... They still own the best PRODUCT for merging everything together into one user friendly system. So, while the "business" is currently running away from them. The PRODUCT needs to be better marketed and flipped to at least some level of more mass-market adoption in order for any company in the space to succeed. I have had my system for about 3 years now... My friends and family are constantly blown away with the features it offers, simplicity, etc. But, in 3 whole years (and we have a LOT of company), not a single person we have ever had in our home has heard of Control4 or even knows what it is. That is a MASSIVE problem. I don't necessarily agree that IoT and DIY are exclusively the future, because i think the unique combo of hardware and software is what makes the system more stable than others. But, the efforts on marketing need to be quadrupled at a minimum. We can argue all day long about whether the dealer model will continue to exist or not, but both sides are speculating. The truth is... there is (and will continue to be) a need for both. The dealers will always have a small market of people that either a. don't want to deal with any of the headaches and just want stuff to work 24/7 or b. Have more money than they know what to do with and just want the latest and greatest anything. Neither of those are going away. But, as a dealer, if you don't want the market to expand to the other 98% who are literally clamoring for better solutions across all their devices, I simply dont know what to tell ya? But, i do know... if you continue to wait and try to force the old model, eventually you will become Blockbuster and the big boys will squash you like a bug once their products catch up and pass you. I went through 3 different local companies before finding this forum (and thereby un-earthing the beauty of the remote dealer). I can't believe that is a coincidence? The service SUCKS out in the local markets. And, the profits and revenue show it. Simple as that. Of course, none of you guys on here emulate that... Because, clearly you care about the end product and the service to customers. That's why you're here is to further service the community. And, we truly do appreciate it. So, what's the answer? How do I fix it if I am Snap? Yes, lower prices on hardware, but sustain it with subscription tiers. Basic systems have basic hardware and free software. And, it goes up from there. Cut dealers in on the subscription tiers. Bonuses if x% of your customer base are level 3, for example. Same thing for consumer access. Different tiers have different levels of access. But, the BIGGER idea (i think) is two-fold. 1. Embrace the model you guys have basically built on here! I guarantee that every dealer would rather work out of their home remotely if they could sustain enough business doing it? The only way that happens is to increase customer volume with better (more attractive) pricing. Those local companies i mentioned wouldn't even show up for less than 150 bucks. Then, each request was + + +. I was lucky to get out of just about anything without it being 300 or more. There should be an ARMY of remote dealers on Control4.com right now. But instead, it's an antiquated 1994 system of locating a local guy and leaving a voicemail, hoping he even calls you back. It's the complete opposite of what a "technology" company should be. If everyone is compensated to get MORE users instead of worrying about stealing ones from other dealers... everyone wins. 2. Focus less on the hardware side and MORE on this notion of being the "glue" that binds everyone together. Google is pissing on Amazon, who is pissing on Apple. Sonos is just off on their own little planet. Etc. etc. Consumers don't give a DAMN about the politics and revenue implications, they just want their stuff to work with other devices as well as humanly possible. C4 does that REALLY well, but back to my point earlier... nobody knows who the eff they are? Focus on being THE solution, and make it your #1 priority. Bottom line, none of us know the answer as to what's planned. But, I can promise you NOBODY buys another company (especially a fledgling one) to just do "more of the same." Frankly, I'm shocked that notion has been repeatedly mentioned in this thread. You guys are much smarter than that! I spent the last 17 years in the video game industry... Imagine how hard it was to convince publishing executives to give away games on mobile devices for free. But, it was a very similar migration of thought. Sure, for every candy crush there are 600 failures, but C4 is a winner if they put the right pieces in place, and make the right chess moves. Whatever it is... I hope Snap will move QUICKLY to clearly define and roll out a 1, 3, and 5 year plan. If they don't, sadly the bleeding will just continue. Sorry for the long-winded rant. But, I'm passionate about the topic. 🙂
  3. https://duncan3dc.github.io/sonos/controllers/queue/ All these must be old, then? Gotta be honest, it makes me even MORE frustrated that you used to be able to do it... and now u just can't. smh
  4. Then I should maybe change my argument to ask them to support Google Play / Youtube Music natively instead? I was saving that one for next month. LOL Sigh...
  5. This is one example of what leads me to believe it's possible: https://en.community.sonos.com/controllers-software-228995/api-to-manage-the-sonos-music-lists-6790067 There are a few more that mention it... but nobody ever really confirms.
  6. When u control Sonos directly from google play app (or youtube music), it overwrites the queue as you would expect. So, there has to be a way to do it in the API. Though... I do agree it's likely going to be an uphill ask either way, just not because it "can't" be done. C4 wants u to buy their hardware, and sonos wants u to use their native controls. It's what makes this whole world so frustrating for us end consumers. We just want the things we have accumulated over the last 10 years to all work decently together. Not perfect mind you... just decent. 🙂 Stuff like this makes me crazy! C4 does a better job than most. That I can give them.
  7. So, I had this exact debate with my dealer today. I have 3 tstats in my home. All 3 of which were previously TCC Honeywells. For reasons totally unrelated to C4, i recently changed the 2 main floor units to ecobees with sensors to help balance temp a bit better. When I asked my dealer what the cost would be to integrate all 3 into C4... I'll just say it was a very small number for the ecobees, and a very large number for the Honeywell because of the price of the driver. In fact, I can change the 3rd tstat to an ecobee and get it installed into C4 for less than the cost of just the honeywell driver. Not trying to beat anyone up... Just stating some facts to give perspective. Sure, the customers who have a boat load of honeywells may find this a great deal. But, just giving the other side of the coin.
  8. Looks like there was a HUGE uproar on the Sonos forums 2 years ago when the devs were debating which way to handle this. needless to say, "Mixing in" won. I've reached out to one of the dealers on here to see if he can help me route a feature request to the Composer team. Fingers crossed...
  9. How do I contact Control4 to ask for a feature request in Composer? Either a "replace queue" conditional when selecting a new playlist, OR a "clear cue" stand alone command sent before selecting the new playlist. From other 3rd party control forums... it seems both of these methods are possible. I think I have a much better shot of getting C4 to help than I do of getting Sonos to change the default behavior.
  10. Sending STOP first doesnt fix it either. Such a HORRIBLE implementation. Who would want to "mix-in" songs as the default option???? I can see it as a feature... but not the default.
  11. Just trying to have some simple buttons to switch between different playlists. My setup is: Sonos Connect setup to pull playlists from google play music. Distributed to ceiling speakers in various rooms throughout house via control4 audio switch. I have 1 custom button in the master bath (for example), that then has 2 options (his and hers playlists). If I MANUALLY clear the queue, and start fresh with one or the other... works fine. If I run hers, but then turn the room off, then come back and turn mine on... It just mixes some of my music into the queue along w hers? What am I doing wrong? I dont see a way to programmatically clear the queue on the Sonos first. Is that even possible? Seems like when I select a sonos playlist it should overwrite the queue? When you do it in the app though, it does give u a "this will clear the current queue" popup. Is that why it doesn't work?
  12. Related but different... I am working on a sort of "roundabout" wake up function for my wife. The general idea is to tie to a certain light in the bathroom. When it's on, I want it to start a playlist on a Sonos connect (from google play). I have the programming done in CHE to trigger the sonos favorite (her playlist), and it also sets the ceiling speakers to the sonos connect 1 input. However, I cant figure out how to make it shuffle by default? Is there a way to do this programatically? Secondarily... once I upgrade to OS3, will I be able to make a custom button in the app on our phones that would do this instead of tying to a light? We dont have a touchpad. Thanks,
  13. Maybe i am blind or missing it? But, can i not do this in Composer HE? i.e. Rename "Audio Output 1" to "Living Room?"
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