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  1. Sure, there are basic elements that work fine. However, not being able to view, modify, or clear the queue while a playlist or station is playing is a big deal for most. I use the queue all the time at parties or even just by myself to move songs around a bit and make edits on the fly. The solution, of course, is to just control the music from the Sonos app once you set the rooms to "listen" on the C4. But, then what's the point of this entire system if you're just using it to set inputs? As a more practical example as it relates to customization: In my situation, i tried to program some custom buttons for my wife and I that would set lighting configurations and turn on specific playlists in the master bath in the morning. Basically make a nice 1-button / 1-voice-command scene for each of us as we get ready for the day. Simple enough request and something C4 seems perfect for, right? Except, I quickly realized when u change playlists on the same device (even hours or days later), the default behavior is to BLEND the new playlist into the existing one that was playing previously. Why? Because there is no ability to clear the queue FIRST before sending the new commands. In our house... we have 3 Sonos Connect's integrated into the system with a mix of wired room speakers and individual Sonos devices. We share those 3 connects with a family of 5, so u can imagine the music i sometimes heard in the middle of my playlist from my 16 year old's playlist he was playing the night previously. 😲 Anyway, I think what is most frustrating is it's a very simple fix for Sonos (and then C4 to tie into). But, here we sit nearly 2 years later. It shows very clearly that neither side gives a damn. To me, having music service control with no queue control is like having a car w no engine. What's the point?
  2. Yes, i'm saying i wouldn't have tried XX control system, period. I would've just used all native stuff and dealt with the headaches. Going this route has done nothing but force me to spend a lot more cash up front, with the same number (but just different sources) of headaches.
  3. I agree 1000%. That's what I just said. Every single manufacturer of hardware could do the same thing TOMORROW. C4 can be "capable" all they want... But, they better have an ARMY of licensing / business development folks who try to limit the damage on as much of this stuff as possible. Sadly, I see this doing nothing but continuing slowly but surely... One by one, product by product. Hence why i said if I had paid more attention to their reliance on API's to survive, I would've done things very differently.
  4. By all accounts, it has been somewhere between 16 and 18 months since the new API broke the ability to clear the queue. So, if there are... they are spectacularly bad at their jobs. Again, we're not talking about convincing a company to add a new feature to the API. We're talking about getting them to fix something that was ALREADY there and working in a prior update. I work in video games where we are constantly under the thumb of Sony and MSFT. It's their world, and the rest of us are just living in it. I get that. I deal with arbitrary changes to platforms, rules, regulations, and new APIs every single day. But bottom line, if they WANTED to get it fixed for their consumers, they would have it done by now. I'm not suggesting it is easy... I'm suggesting they need to put in more effort.
  5. Are we not allowed to have opinions on these forums? Like many other things on C4, the interface on the app is odd and clunky on top of the blatant lack of features, which I already said was Sonos' fault? But since u asked... Had I known what I do now... I NEVER would have bought this system in the first place. Not because it's "bad" per se, just because it relies on WAY too many external factors that I didn't fully take into account when I bought it. Yes, individual apps for everything sucks. But, so do half-assed integrations. If I were a product manager at Snap, a dealer, a marketing director, technical director, etc.... I would be riding every major companies ass every day to get C4 better APIs. The company is literally nothing without them. If everyone "pulled an apple" tomorrow and wanted to focus on their own ecosystem, C4 would be useless aside from their overpriced internal options. Again, there are a few exceptions where they are better in certain situations, i agree. But, there are ALWAYS things in the native apps that are BETTER. And, for those of us who don't have to tow the company lines, it's OK to be frustrated by that! A few more examples: My security camera integration in C4 is a joke. You even admitted that to me yourself after you fixed it and re-installed it properly (and I had already paid you, of course). The list goes on. Again, had I known... I never would've bothered to have you look at it. Lutron and widgets are another GREAT example. I have an awesome full screen page widget on my phone that has all my major lighting scenes and a few other things on it. No need to even open an app. C4, on the other hand... The alleged leader in smart home control automation... Not a single widget available for it's app. The one thing I have had ZERO complaints with (and again you know this because you helped me here too), is my video switching system. Again, it relies VERY heavily on Key Digital equipment and systems. But, it is truly awesome, and I admit I'm not sure there is even another way to do it WITHOUT C4. So, again, there are exceptions to everything. But yes, IMO, there is plenty to still be "mad" at C4 about. They need to do better. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. Sonos control SUCKS in C4. Can't clear, edit, or even really view the queue. Part of it is actually Sonos' fault for taking features out of the API that C4 needed for proper control, but there is equal blame to go around. I have actually been going around in circles for months with Sonos on this very topic in one of their own support forums. They actually used to support it in a prior release of the API, and then they killed it? Enraging, but they absolutely will not budge.
  7. I'm not demonizing anyone. You've done a fine job of that yourself. But similarly, I dont understand why you continue to argue with someone's OPINION and tell them they're wrong because they don't agree with your almighty decree's. To be honest... Nothing about 2017 matters except that you CHALLENGED me about why I could possibly have a bad taste. All the rest of it was merely me trying to explain my reasoning to you. If you don't agree... Frankly, I don't care. My goal here is to help others by leaving them my findings and why I made the decisions I did. As a side benefit, they can also learn which dealers they should use on here and which they shouldn't. The router is a problem, and so are the WAPs. Those are the facts. Your take is noted on the Ubiquiti gear. But, as others continually state here and in the sister thread (that is also still going), there are many examples of it working flawlessly for years. But... That is the difference between you and me. I won't tell you you're wrong or try to insinuate you're an idiot for having an OPINION that doesn't agree with mine. I also acknowledge that even you yourself said it's possible for it to work perfectly as well. Finally, I'm sure you DO know much more about networking than I do. I would certainly hope so, given that this is your profession. Is that what you're longing to hear? But, that doesn't give you the right to belittle people. +3 points for you use of "puerile," though. It fits with your psychoanalysis perfectly. LOL Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. Sorry, on second thought... it's definitely more of a pompous / arrogance blend with perhaps a compensation complex. But, I'm just guessing at this point.
  9. You're making my point in your own ignorance. Thanks. A $340 dollar router that ended up being the deadweight anchor of an ENTIRE system that cost nearly 100 times that. it was never right for the job.
  10. Did i not just say right or wrong? I am certainly entitled to my own opinion having paid a PRETTY penny for this system just over 2 years ago. So, here's mine: The DAY that router was installed... it was already nearing the end of it's usefulness. Gigabit had been flourishing in my area WELL over a year before that. So, it may have been a "good choice" at the time for my dealer who used SnapAV products almost exclusively in my house, but in a network full of other FULLY gigabit capable devices it was out of place from the moment it was first powered on. That's not opinion... that's just fact. And again, with the word "gigabit" in the product name itself... I never even thought to question it. Now, whether all that is fairly pointed to Araknis to blame? Of course it's not. But, that's my perogative as the end consumer. But, it's not just the router... Judging by many other threads on the topic, their WAPs are crap in comparsion to so many others. So, why would I want to stick with that? The Ubiquiti debate seems never ending, for sure. But, i like the idea of managing everything with a consistent interface and REALLY like the idea of even pulling my cameras into the mix at some point as well. Our clunky IC Realtime / ICDDNS system is clunky, antiquated, and annoying as well. But as i said... I am leaning. I've got some more research to do before I make any purchases. But, certainly you are smart enough to realize WHY Control4 would be a slightly biased resource as to who and what all of their consumers should and shouldn't use? Perhaps for the same reason their dealers like to sell and recommend $napAV product$ almo$t exclusively???
  11. INDEED! I work in video games... and, on any given day in this "work from home" world, we are now needing to sync our entire projects 2-3 times per day on an avg day, or 5 or 6 times on a busy day. Each time, the download is somewhere between 1.5-2.5GB of data and assets that need to re-sync. On Tuesdays and Fridays, we get the latest builds which are somewhere in the 12-15GB range. This was the original reason of why I initially started looking for all the lost bandwidth I was experiencing. ADD all of that to a family of five including 3 boys age 16, 15, and 11 and my old connection didn't stand a chance. For $72 bucks a month when 300 was 55, it is a no brainer. Right or wrong... this entire experience has left a pretty bad taste in my mouth with Araknis in general. So, I'm leaning towards a UDM Pro and 3 or 4 nanoHDs. Again, the cost difference vs the pro model is negligible and helps future proof me (for now, at least). I do appreciate everyone's guidance and thoughts. Most of it was very helpful! Cheers!
  12. Yes, that's exactly what I want... To waste as much money as possible so I can have a "BSD" and see big numbers on a speedtest. That's exactly the point of this entire thread. Thank you for your intelligent insight. [emoji2357][emoji2369] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. Definitely looking to do BOTH! And both are equally bad (in my opinion). Admittedly for different reasons. Dismissing a router that claims to be gigabit but is actually only half that seems like a much bigger deal to me. :-) Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  14. With respect... this makes absolutely no sense to me? But several of you have made a similar comment. Even forgetting about just the wifi for a moment, this is cutting my wired download speeds in half. I routinely download 2GB folders for work all the time. And, i would've never thought the router was my problem. ESPECIALLY with the word "gigabit" in the name of the product itself? May not be my "biggest" issue as it relates to the wifi speeds overall... but it is at least AS BIG an issue as the APs, is it not?
  15. Yeah, i think I am probably attacking the problem incorrectly... We are a family of 5 w two teenage boys, so u can imagine the device usage overall. Right now, we have admittedly gotten in the (lazy) habit of just using the 2.4Ghz network 98% of the time to avoid the wifi gaps in the house. That way, we never lose our signal completely... But, at the cost of much slower speed (typically between 10-30, max of about 40). To the point that I even make my phone forget the 5G exists because i got tired of it flaking out on me all the time. Basically, I only use 5G on occasion if I am in the living room or the bedroom (the only 2 places it really works reliably). So, what I'm hearing is... instead of focusing on trying to make the 2.4G better/faster, I should instead focus on getting better WAP coverage for 5G throughout the house, and then make sure ALL IoT devices are on the 2.4 and then we can all use the 5G w our phones, etc? But, before any of that... I need to first address the wired router issue which is likely crippling everything from the start? I assume there is a decent app out there for walking around and checking signal strength throughout the house? The good news is... there is no shortage of wire in this house, so adding additional ones wherever needed seems pretty trivial. But, is there anything complicated about setting them all up to overlap each other? I do have the wifi analyzer app and there is a CRAP LOAD of other networks that show on the 2.4 network. (neighbors, community rec center, etc). It shows a minimum of 6 at any given time, and a max of 10 or 11. But, for each WAP I add I also need to set it to it's own channel to try to limit interference? Is that right? Last q, does putting all the IoT devices on their own SSID solve anything? Or do they need to be on their own physical connection to help limit the issues?
  16. Wow... Those prices are STEEP though! LOL Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  17. Yes, mine have individual injectors and are plugged into a powerstrip that is connected to the wattbox as well. Looks like the 231c would be an exact replacement for what I have. Thanks a lot for this info. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  18. What did you replace them with? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  19. Great info so far guys, thanks. Definitely going to replace the router. I've seen mikrotik mentioned several times in other threads as well. On wifi, it sounds like I should leave the 2 upstairs then, and just add more down in the basement? And. The main floor can be sandwiched between the 2. 2 more questions. Why is the 2.4 band so much slower currently? I mean, I know it will always be a bit slower (but wider), but it shouldn't be *that* much slower should it? If I add more WAPs do they all need to be the same type / brand? I will need two that have PoE and mount to the ceiling if that is the case. Mikrotik for those too? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  20. Hi guys, Many of you have helped me through various updates and changes to my system, so I am asking for some suggestions here... I have an all Araknis network setup right now: AN-300-RT-4L2W Router AN-310-SW-48 (2) AN-500-AP-I-AC I have been having a ton of problems with the wifi lately (speeds and deadzones), and honestly was never a fan of the way my original installer set me up. We have a 5500sf house with a basement, a main floor, and an upstairs. BOTH of the WAPs are in the top floor ceilings (via PoE), and the switch and C4 rack, etc are all in the basement. But, that also means the basement and just outside in the back yard get nearly zero wifi. 😞 Anyway... we also recently upgraded from 300 Mbit to 1Gbit internet w Windstream and I have been going CRAZY trying to figure out why I can never get anything over about 380 or so from my wifi system (even on 5G at the top level). On 2.4, it's consistently under 50 just about everywhere. For a while, I thought maybe I had the 300 series WAPs instead of the 500, but I have logged in and verified they are both 500s. But, then it hit me.... The friggin ROUTER he installed is only a 300 series??? Sure enough, i found this when I looked it up: LAN - LAN Throughput: 1GbpsWAN - LAN Throughput: 492MbpsIPSec Throughput: 75Mbps First, who on EARTH would put in a Gigabit switch, and 2 Gigabit WAPs, but choose this level router to run the whole setup??? 😭🤬 Second, this still doesn't make complete sense because on my wired pc connection, I do occasionally get in the 600s (well over the 492 it says above)? So, I am completely confused now... So, question 1 is... Is my router a problem as i suspect it is? If so, I've got a bunch of video switching that happens on my system, etc etc... So, is there an "easy" way to upgrade if i stick with another Araknis router without losing all my settings? How do you guys recommend I tackle this? Also, any suggestions on better WAPs while I am at it? I shouldn't need two of them on the upper floor should I? But, that was the only way he could get the loft area to work at the time. Surely there are better quality / more powerful options to where I could move one of them to the basement (basically at the switch) while I am doing all these other changes? SO, SO, SO, FRUSTRATING! Not like I had this all installed 10 years ago... it was in 2017!!! I know it's a lot... but any guidance is much appreciated.
  21. I was getting it all day last 2 days... Finally stopped for me late this morning. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  22. Yes I do. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  23. Very, very frustrating.... Let me know what u hear. Thx! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  24. 3rd time today I have had to remove my system and re-add it to get the app to connect. Only thing that has changed is that my OS3 was auto-updated in the play store 21 hours ago. Coincidence? Anyone else seeing this issue? I have rebooted my entire system multiple times with no luck. Seems to work for about an hour or 2 each time, then stops. [emoji2369] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  25. Mujtaba helped me fix my system remotely as well. He is very thorough, and has been a wealth of information on some of the finer points of setting everything up and getting the most our of your C4 system. Much appreciated!
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