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  1. So when I updated to tvOS 13 a couple days ago I lost Control4 Connectivity. My C4 integration was done with the C4 driver that supports AppleTV v1 to v3. The newer C4 AppleTV driver v4 is now required for the ATV v4. I added the C4 v4 driver and the HouseLogix universal driver to make the audio connection and everything is working perfectly again. It was rather simple.
  2. I've been waiting to see if a driver gets released. I would love to switch my house over to Baldwin Evolved but since I have 10 outside doors that I want to do I want it to be native and not go out to the "web". I would guess there would be a decent market for the driver if someone created one.
  3. Has anyone had any success with any direct wire T8 bulb (4 foot) replacements with control4 dimmers? I've done a bit of research and I can't find anyone listing any compatibility. I purchased a couple bulbs from Home Depot or Lowes and they are not compatible and I need to do an entire garage with 40 bulbs.
  4. I'm curious about this as well. I'm looking at switching out all our locusts and I'm going to want to use Baldwin and would prefer to use the Evolved series.
  5. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth... My background: I'm a software developer and have been "playing around" with home automation for about 18 years now. I did my first house back in 2000, wiring and all, using some of my own programming and a Russound platform with 11 zones. At the time I did it on my own, including the wiring, due to a lack of qualified people in my market at the time. My last project: We just purchased a new house a year ago and did some remodeling. I GCed everything for the remodeling. The smart home portion of the project included: 20 audio zones, 8 4k video zones, a theatre, lighting control, integrated alarm, etc. I considered doing the smart home work on my own but I went with a local company. Why did I use someone instead of doing it on my own? 1) Someone that does this all the time knows the nuances of the various equipment available, how well it works together, and if the equipment can accomplish what you need today, and in the future. 2) When you have problems, notice I didn't say if you have problems, you have someone you can reach out to that knows what they're doing. In addition, they have more contacts than you do and more knowledge than what you can find on a forum. There are some really smart people on these forums but someone local is invaluable. I don't regret for a single second going with someone else to do this integration.
  6. I also logged out of the app, deleted the user from within composer and re-added by logging into the app.
  7. I refreshed the gateway on the app and within the ea5 sip server communication agent. I'm wondering if it's the original setup itself?
  8. I have an odd issue with intercom anywhere: When on the wifi network the audio and video works fine on my phone, when not on the wifi network only the audio works, there is no video. Any ideas on what to check before reaching out to my dealer?
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