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  1. I’m using Ethernet, as others have stated that’s the only way to go. I have full control over everything. Valves, pumps, pool light, temp, and chlorinator. It works flawlessly. I’ll also add that the pentair IntelliCenter portal was down about a week ago for 24 hours and I could still control my pool through the C4 app while away from home.
  2. I just did the pentair IntelliCenter system and it integrated flawlessly with C4. I wired into the network. It is my understanding that there is a Wi-Fi interface available but I didn’t want to use Wi-Fi.
  3. I’m not sure. Pentair support is very knowledgeable. I went through my Pool Company and they called their Pentair rep to know for certain what was needed. It was very smooth. I would check through your dealer or reach out to Pentair directly.
  4. I just added the IntelliCenter to my pool. Had no pool automation prior and it was a pain when the kids or wife wanted to use the slide, fountain, etc. I ended up doing the install and I am impressed. I specified that I wanted to hard wire the network instead of using Wi-Fi. What is nice is that the kids already have the C4 app on their phones so the integration of the IntelliCenter directly within C4 makes things simple. I also recommend adding the IntelliCenter indoor touch screen remote panel if you have a cabana or pool house. That way the kids can just touch a feature they want and it com
  5. My C4 installation is rock solid. 22 audio zones, 11 4k video zones, wifi mesh network, over 130 zigbee devices on 2 networks, etc, etc. The equipment itself is VERY solid. It is all about the installer. Like others have said, if you are having issues you need to be specific and you may find help here...if you actually want help.
  6. And, if you happen to be there when the pros are doing their work, it is amazing to see the "storm" that is going on when they are working but when they are done and gone it is also just as amazing that there is no mess, everything is completed, and it all works as it should. That is the best part about it!
  7. I hear what you're saying. And, in some ways I do agree. However, I'm not sure...a team of 6 guys wired up my entire house and mounted everything (except build and program the cabinet and install all the light switches) in only three days. All the wires were pulled, speakers were installed, door stations were installed (3) and wall panels were installed. I guess it all comes down to what you want to spend your time doing.
  8. Working with a good installer is the only way to go if you have the budget. Wiring - A good installer has the right tools and the experience to get wires into places that will amaze you with minimal to no damage. I did an existing home with 3 levels and about 7000ft with 21 audio zones, multiple wired touchscreens, IP cameras, over 200 network devices, wireless access points (4), etc. that needed either wired in or considered as to where they should be placed (light switches and C4 controllers). My installer only ended up having to cut 1 hole in a ceiling of the entire house and they were
  9. AVPro Edge products are rock solid. Be sure and purchase the latest versions of their products especially if you're operating in a mixed environment.
  10. I use remotes to control my lights constantly. The number keypad is the best way to dim them. You can also select scenes as well from the remotes.
  11. The HVAC units are Daikin units. The contractor I am using prefers these because they can use commercial grade zone controls that are not specific to the HVAC units (Like Carrier and Rheem). It gives them more flexibility on zoning and, according to them, the only units they know of right now that can do this (at least from my understanding).
  12. So what I have found is that some furnaces do control the continually variable speed from the furnace board itself. What I am leaning towards is a zoning system that is driven with ecobee thermostats in each zone.
  13. I’ve found the exact same thing. What would be smart is for Control4 to be able to integrate with the manufacturer thermostats for simple temp and schedule. I want to keep the variable speed especially due to the zoning.
  14. I'm replacing the two furnaces/hvac units in my house. Between the two furnaces there are 9 zones. I'm primarily looking at Rheem's newer systems that are modulating variable speed and their systems have a deep integration with their zoning control which is EcoNet. The main drawback I am seeing is that from what I can find there is no EcoNet integration with Control4. That's not a deal breaker for me because the systems I'm replacing don't integrate currently with my Control4 setup. With that said here are my questions for everyone: 1. Has anyone hear of any potential integration wit
  15. It appears to be a bug with the app itself. I can confirm the same bug in the iOS app.
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