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  1. It appears to be a bug with the app itself. I can confirm the same bug in the iOS app.
  2. If you’re talking about doorstation snapshots it’s already possible.
  3. Sorry...I figured you were a dealer or an installer. It makes sense that you wouldn't pay attention to these things. 18 months ago it was known to developers that the new driver was the one to begin using for Apple TVs including Gen3 apple tvs. I'm not a C4 dealer but I knew about the new driver and knew enough to ask my dealer about it because I had access to "resources." My dealer was also aware of the new driver at the time but had justifiable reasons (IMHO) to not use it at the time.
  4. Yes. Control4 has said this all along. You aren't uncovering anyone new. Awesome! Here I thought it was being said that the Gen4 driver wasn't released 18 months ago. Glad we're on the same page!
  5. Interesting...for posterity sake I figured I would cut the BS and lookup information on the driver at hand from C4 directly. According to C4 the Gen4 AppleTV Driver has a creation date of 4/20/2018...18 months ago. Bottom line...if you're having issues with your AppleTV running tvOS 13.x in your C4 setup you should probably change your driver if you're using the Gen1-3 driver like I did a few months ago.
  6. The gen4 driver was available at the time. Not sure if it was a full release or beta at the time. I knew about the driver...enough to ask my installer about it. I’m not a dealer but a software developer that has a high interest in automation, including home automation. I would hope that when you reference publicly announcing “dealer incompetence” you aren’t referencing me or anything I’ve said about my dealer. They’re pretty good and I’ve never said the word “incompetence” or anything close to it. What I don’t like seeing in this thread is how upset people are getting one direction or the other. Dealer or C4 vs Apple. People who point fingers aren’t very useful imho. Regardless, it doesn’t matter to me. Just trying to be helpful with those having issues with tvOS 13.x and C4. My setup is working perfectly and rock solid since I’ve made changes to it. Anyone wanting to nitpick dates for anything can do it with someone else.
  7. No, you certainly don't know! You may want to check your dates. The Gen4 driver was available in early 2018. I'm not positive on the actual first release date but it was certainly available at least 18 months ago when my system was installed.
  8. The only caution I would give is to be careful having Beta Updates enabled on the Apple TVs. I should note that these Apple TV "issues" should not have caught anyone in the business by surprise. Everything has been rock solid for me since switching to the Gen4 driver. Gen1-3 had (has?) issues with tvOS 13.x. I'm guessing that many installers used the Gen1-3 driver lately because it had audio split out within the driver. When tvOS 13 beta came out I saw that it wasn't working properly with the Gen1-3 driver. I knew that tvOS 13 was bringing changes to security for home automation. This was no surprise at all to developers that have been paying attending for the past 18-24 months and, quite frankly, as a developer I applaud the changes Apple made. So, I switched over to the Gen4 driver on my C4 setup. The Gen4 driver required me to use the Houselogix A/V Switch to "split out" the audio connections. Once I switched everything to use the Gen4 driver everything has been solid, including the tvOS 13.x betas. The only thing I had to do was reboot the controller recently after the last update to the gen4 Apple TV driver and/or the apple bridge driver. I'm guessing (assuming) that many of the C4 installations in the past couple years that used the Gen1-3 driver with EA controllers was due to installer comfort with the driver and limited knowledge of what the Gen4 driver was or other software/hardware transitional issues caused as technology was changing. I'm guessing that the Gen1-3 driver was used in my installation because of the audio split being done within the Gen1-3 driver (I asked the installer and recall being told that the audio split was built into that driver). Anyhow, I can understand and appreciate the frustrations but the finger pointing (going both directions) serves no purpose whatsoever to the end user. The end user just wants something that works. They don't care where blame resides. And, personally, if I had a dealer that was blaming Apple for this issue I would be looking for a different dealer. My setup that works perfectly is EA controllers running, AppleTV Gen4 v26 driver, Apple Bridge v39, Apple tvOS 13.x (including one on the latest beta).
  9. I’ve done the same thing. Certainly not the right solution but apparently the only option for now.
  10. So far I have been unable to figure out how to get the Luma 510 series to see and record motion from the DS2-Mini. It would be great if that would work!
  11. So when I updated to tvOS 13 a couple days ago I lost Control4 Connectivity. My C4 integration was done with the C4 driver that supports AppleTV v1 to v3. The newer C4 AppleTV driver v4 is now required for the ATV v4. I added the C4 v4 driver and the HouseLogix universal driver to make the audio connection and everything is working perfectly again. It was rather simple.
  12. I've been waiting to see if a driver gets released. I would love to switch my house over to Baldwin Evolved but since I have 10 outside doors that I want to do I want it to be native and not go out to the "web". I would guess there would be a decent market for the driver if someone created one.
  13. Has anyone had any success with any direct wire T8 bulb (4 foot) replacements with control4 dimmers? I've done a bit of research and I can't find anyone listing any compatibility. I purchased a couple bulbs from Home Depot or Lowes and they are not compatible and I need to do an entire garage with 40 bulbs.
  14. I'm curious about this as well. I'm looking at switching out all our locusts and I'm going to want to use Baldwin and would prefer to use the Evolved series.
  15. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth... My background: I'm a software developer and have been "playing around" with home automation for about 18 years now. I did my first house back in 2000, wiring and all, using some of my own programming and a Russound platform with 11 zones. At the time I did it on my own, including the wiring, due to a lack of qualified people in my market at the time. My last project: We just purchased a new house a year ago and did some remodeling. I GCed everything for the remodeling. The smart home portion of the project included: 20 audio zones, 8 4k video zones, a theatre, lighting control, integrated alarm, etc. I considered doing the smart home work on my own but I went with a local company. Why did I use someone instead of doing it on my own? 1) Someone that does this all the time knows the nuances of the various equipment available, how well it works together, and if the equipment can accomplish what you need today, and in the future. 2) When you have problems, notice I didn't say if you have problems, you have someone you can reach out to that knows what they're doing. In addition, they have more contacts than you do and more knowledge than what you can find on a forum. There are some really smart people on these forums but someone local is invaluable. I don't regret for a single second going with someone else to do this integration.
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