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  1. Picked this kit up either ex demo or damaged box for £2400 inc vat: - Autonomic Mirage M401E - ex demo @ £325. Compared to the Control4 or Triad how good is it? It’s around £3k new. - Sim2 3D - damaged box and scratches on the top It’s only 1080p but at £13k rrp why is it so bloody much?! Keep or sell? I paid £900 for it. - RTI VHD-4x - new but missing something but works fine. I have a Leaf 1082, how does it compare as I only paid £600 for this. Need receivers also. - LG65GX MINE!!! - Elac Sub 2030 at £225. Was going to keep as a upgrade from my monitor audio radius
  2. In perfect working condition. Looking for £125 ono + delivery
  3. Decided to change over to Shelly devices so no need for my driver anymore. Im sure it's ok to transfer the license. £50
  4. Hello! I have a nice new August lock (well two in fact) and also the adaptable Danalock Euro Cylinder. I need the deadbolt part where the screws line up with the mounting plate. I already have a backset (I think it’s called that) but the screws do not line up so I need one that a Euro Cylinder can fit in and also the mounting plate screws can fit to it. Photo below with blue dots representing where the holes need to be so the bolts/screws that hold the mounting plate against the door line up through the door and lock: https://imgur.com/gallery/xtTdjZ3 At the moment I h
  5. Never been used. Was purchased from Doorbird themselves as a refurbished product. Comes with separate mounting kit so you have lots of spare parts if needed. Boxed with loads of instructions and parts. £295 + delivery [https://imgur.com/a/JJr2dVc](https://imgur.com/a/JJr2dVc)
  6. Hello, I just picked up an DS2 on eBay for £500 in perfect condition but had to but the backplate and it looks like I need a tinny Allen key or some sort. Before I order a bunch of small sets off Amazon does anyone know the exact size?
  7. Hello, I have a EU Samsung QE55Q6FAM which on the IP has not option for IP control unless the USA version QE556FNA. I can still control my TV via various iPhone Apps (It shows on the TV if I want XXX to control it to which I say yes) and I can turn TV on/OFF, volume etc. The QE55Q6FNA which doesn't work on mine tries to use port 1515. The Control4 driver is for QE55Q6FNA which doesn't work on mine tries to use port 1515. Is it possible to either change the post it uses or should I just use EX-Link from the EA-1 in the room? If its EX-Link what else do I need apart from 3.5mm jack? I
  8. As above. Full Belkin WeMo licence for £60. Cheers
  9. Is it HDMI 2.1? If so I will buy now!
  10. Just wondering how everyone assigns there IP's, vlans, subnets etc? It would be interesting to see how dealers address the situation so it doesn't become a random way.
  11. I currently have 2 Tiles for each set of keys and also the wallet one and find them dammed useful for finding things. Anyone able to make a driver for them if possible? You attach the little fob to your keys or bag etc or get the wallet one which is slightly thicker than a Credit/Debit card. You have an app on your phone that can make the individual Tile make a sound and vibrate. Also, f you have lost your phone you can press the button on the Tile to find your phone! https://www.thetileapp.com/en-gb/ Cheers
  12. Sounds perfect! What about my UniFI Protect? Shall I use UniFi Video instead?
  13. Hmm, I'm running the Cloudkey 2+ so I can use UniFi Protect also... If I installed UniFi Video and Controller on my Unraid box would it work the same as it is now and could sell the Cloudkey 2+?
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