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  1. Haha, no thank you for your feedback. I have a T3 tabletop 7” and looking to get a in wall one also so the lack of app use isn’t a problem really. It would be if it was stuck like that forever as I would like to use my iPhone etc in the future. I read about problems digital and analog echoing and was advised to go analog only. This would mean getting two HC800’s to get min 5 analog outputs but they are so cheap it’s worth it I think. Even if I managed to get hold of the EA5 I bought I would be stuck with just 4 analog outputs with one HC800.
  2. Just read up about the migration wizard so should be easy/cheap to be swapped. Also, if I’m using it as a slave at a later date is there any point of getting the HC800- B1 over the HC800-B? Lastly, while using the HC800 As the master until the EA’s arrive, what do I lose in terms of functionality in not having the cheaper B instead of the B1? Many thanks
  3. Cheers for the quick reply. I am fine with the lack of audio quality to be honest, CD is enough for me really. I have some semi decent in ceiling speakers: • 1 x Elan 800 Series 8” Single Stereo (for bathroom) • 1 x Elan 800 Series 6.5” Pair • 3 x SpeakerCraft Profile CRS6 Zero 6.5” Pairs I think I will do that and get the HC800 going first while I wait for the EA5 or your EA3. Can the HC800 be updated to 3.0 or does it not matter as a slave? Also, if I wanted more sources I could use the HDMI out from the EA for the OSD (the rack is in the garage on the other side of main TV so hooking it up via HDMI would be easy. Also I could have audio via my sitting room 7.1 amp running in stereo or could I use Zone 2 on the amp to run separated ceiling speakers but that would require a stereo amp from then Zone 2 RCA output before the speakers.
  4. Hello all, Have a slight problem with the EA5 I bought from the states possibly being lost in the post...thankfully its fully insured though! If it is the case of being lost and claiming insurance that's going to take some time and have found someone selling a EA3 which would work also. I was wondering if it's possible to get the ball rolling in having the HC800 installed initially as the Master/Director by the dealer (personal friend) then swap out to the EA3 or 5 when it arrives? Is that possible or a big job? Just saves all the kit doing nothing for at least 3-4 weeks. Also I require a min of 5 audio outs but ideally would like 6. If I was to add the HC800 it would bring the total number of outputs for the Matrix to a total of 7. This would be made up of 3 Digital and 3 analog as my C4 Matrix does not support HDMI in. Im sure I read somewhere or somebody told me that adding the HC800 would lower the audio quality, is that correct? If so, is that just for the outputs of the HC800 or both the EA and HC800? Cheers
  5. I guess I could use the UniFI G3 cameras through Blue Iris and use the C4 Driver for them though? The cameras (3 outdoor G3 and 1 G3 Flex for the dog kennels) are still all boxed up so could sell them on. Does the Blue Iris driver give full functions like notifications etc?
  6. I have a couple of UniFi G3 cameras and the cloud key which has a internal HD. Is there a C4 driver for it or would it have to go through Blue Iris?
  7. Here is a better English link: https://www.loxwiki.eu/plugins/servlet/mobile?contentId=16744695#content/view/16744695 Install Ubuntu on unRAID and pop in the 7.1 sound card for 4 zones. More zones then add an extra £30 7.1 card!
  8. Just noticed the EA3 has the audio outputs listed as HDMI, digital coax and analog stereo. How would that work regarding the connection to the C4 Matrix I have? if I bought a HC800 as a slave it would give me a extra digital coax and two extra analog to the Matrix which is perfect as there would be 5 outputs in total for my zones: Living Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Large Spare and Bathroom. Or I still have the option of using the EA3 plus Fusion Research Duet (3 sources). If I was to use the Fusion would the GUI look just the same as if I was using a HC800 slave (Album Art etc)? What I really wanted to do was use this on my unRAID server: https://music-server.net/help/Willkommen.html
  9. That’s a shame, I was hoping the music could be ‘pushed’ somehow through the EA3. What do people normally do in my circumstance? Could you give me a price for a EA5 please? If it’s to much I will go down the HC800 route as they cheap to pick up on eBay. The other option I thought of which I think is similar is to get two EA1’s where the main TV’s are and slave that way which would also mean I get the C4 OSD?
  10. As the topic suggests, I may be getting a EA3 instead of the EA5 due to possible lost parcel and outside insurance time 😩 so if that’s the case I will just get the EA3. I 100% need 4 but maybe 5 after the winter. I do have a brand new Fusion Research 3 zone music player which would create 6 audio/music zones but that might be to much really. i have a few Apple Airport Express pucks kicking around doing nothing. Could I use one of the Airport’s 3.5mm jack as source with the EA3 to create 4 music zones? Cheers
  11. No worries, thanks for the reply! Moving open source/DIY?
  12. Hi, How much for the EA3 and is it the V1 or V2 please? What’s the condition like please and also, do you have any photos of the unit if there is any damage. Lastly, do you have the Rack Ears for the EA3? Cheers! PS, from the UK also so postage would be easier than international.
  13. Hi, What is the condition like of the EA3 and the SR260 and also do you have any photos of the items if there is any damage etc? Price and location also please. Cheers ATA: Lastly, do you have the Rack Ears for the EA3?
  14. Just wondering what everyones suggestion or client request regarding the location of AV receivers for Videos zones with 5.1, 5.2.4, 7.1? Do most installs have the receivers rack mounted with speaker cabling routed to the various locations of the speaker location. Or is the video/audio distributed to the zone and HDMI fed into the AV receiver locally and speaker cable laid from there? ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
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