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  1. Sounds like I might just go for that then. No driver cost either I gues? What kind of doorbell?
  2. I do like the sound of both options, I couldn’t find the faceplates though? Would the push button also be able to give a simple notification to an iPhone? Other option is to simply use a spare camera I have and mount that under the poach eves to view when the bell goes. I guess that could be automated?
  3. My Mastermind integration of cheap blinds into C4 IA rock stable. Don’t fully understand what you mean sorry?
  4. Fantastic reply fella! Just what I wanted to hear regarding the Unifi Cam's! I take it your not referring to the old Unifi NVR driver and its for the the Unifi Cloud Key 2+? Ok, regarding the Doorbird, like I said, it's not as nice looking as the DS2 but hey ho. So let me get this right, it does: Notifications/video too the C4 iPhone/iPad app Can make all the speakers make a noise around the house Video on the wall mounted screens/TV's (which are connected to a the EA1's) Cheers
  5. Hello all, Been away sometime and was left stranded away from home during lockdown so there are still some wires etc to be worked out! Couple of quick questions: I already had quite a few Unifi Cameras which I know are not compatible with Control4 directly so I have to use my server to have them go to Blue Iris and then use the Blue Iris Driver to display on the C4 screens etc. Just wondering if there has been any change and can skip the Blue Iris part and have them directly stream from the Cloud Key 2+ to C4? Secondly, I have a door bird which is not fitted as yet, I was wondering if what other options there is as I'm not a massive fan of the design of it. Video and notification is not essential but would be nice. I would mainly like a the C4 whole house audio to sound when the bell goes as I sometimes miss the doorbell. Like I mentioned, there is some network cable to the door which runs too my POE switch so power would not be a problem. I just don't really fancy paying out so much for a DS2. Cheers and hope you are all ok everyone!
  6. Why the mix if you don’t mind me asking?
  7. Cheers. The amp I have is the C4-16AMP3-B. I have both matrix’s from a job lot I bought so was wondering which one to keep for myself?
  8. Hello, Just a quick question, what’s the difference between the C4-16S2-E-B and the C4-16ZAMSV3-B? The C4-16S2-E-B has a display on the front but apart from that what is the difference please? Cheers
  9. Where abouts are you located? Also, does it fit into the Yale Conexis Door Lock?
  10. My Nest thermostat is still working fine with C4. If I purchased a couple of Nest Protects would they work as the Nest Master driver is still working?
  11. Hello, I have a couple of OLED Samsung TV's and was wondering if its possible to install the US firmware on a UK TV? Reason being is that my QE65Q8DN works fine via IP (there is a setting in the TV Network menu to turn on IP control) but my QE55Q6FAM does not have the option. I noticed in the C4 drivers section that there is a driver for the QE55Q6FNA which I think is the US version with IP control so would like that option if possible?
  12. I couldn't manage to get the CFW to work and broke the camera about six months ago. All I get now is an orange light even after following the instructions fully also. I cannot even use the normal Wyzecam app etc soo be careful...especially if you go through the hassle of importing to the UK...
  13. Highly recommend this if you use WeMo devices.
  14. Is there anything in the pipeline for C4 having the ability to display floor plans on the screens? Elan have them and they are fantastic if done correctly: Also, I know there is D-Tools but is there a free or cheaper alternative? I would love to do some floor plans for myself as I’m about to lay the Cat6 and speaker cabling. Would also be useful to have a rack diagram software included. I currently use Numbers (Apples version of Excel) for all my devices like IP address, wired or WiFi etc. If there is a program like that but not mega £££ that would be grand. Cheers
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