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  1. Cheers for the info, I have a 10" T3 with a cracked screen so I was going to see if I could somehow get hold of the display only from the manufacture.
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows who makes the T3 wall and table 7" and 10" screens?
  3. It supports Apple's HomeKit and can be accessed anywhere so it must be WiFi also? EDIT: Just looked and your right its bluetooth one sadly.
  4. Just stumbled across this nice looking device and was wondering if there was a driver for it? I have looked but not found as yet? https://level.co/shop
  5. As above. Also interested in 7" in wall touchscreen in white.
  6. Hello, Very interested in the following: DS2 doorstation (does it have the keypad?) EA1 (is it V1 or V2?) BINARY MOIP RECEIVER B-900-MOIP-4K-TX x3 B-900-MOIP-4K-CTRL Z2IR Zigbee to IR Depending on prices I would take the whole of the above. Could you PM me asap please.
  7. Ah ok, so just contact dealer for new one? What about your insurance, did it go up much?
  8. Home insurance you mean, how did it effect your premiums? Also did they replace the whole thing including the dock? What is the current price of just the screen (without dock) if they only replaced the screen? Cheers
  9. Hello, I dropped my T3 screen the other day and it has a crack on the screen now 🙁 I was wondering if you can order the parts for just the screen or do they pop up on eBay? Its still useable so I will either keep it, sell it and buy a iPad Mini 4 or replace the screen (if possible). Cheers
  10. I was wondering if the Zigbee2mqtt devices work with Control4 Zigbee devices? What is Touchlink? Touchlink is a feature of Zigbee which allows devices physically close to each other to communicate with each other without being in the same network.Note that not all Zigbee devices support Touchlink, but most bulbs of common brands like Philips and IKEA support this. https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/touchlink.html
  11. also interested in buying both of them asap
  12. Sounds like you have a few! I have ethernet running through the house but would mean chasing down most of the walls as they are nearly all supporting walls downstairs. Fine to do but messy.
  13. Cheers, just found it and ordered it! Its a steal at 29 euros! If it was Control4 it would be more like £100+!
  14. I do have it running it on a tablet...I can either use Splashtop (Remote Desktop) to stream a Windows 10 VM from my Unraid server that has Bluestacks running (Android Emulator) so I can have Intercom Anywhere on my iPads around the house although I do have a Control4 7" tabletop T3 Screen and I'm considering installing my 10" wall mount T3 Screen but I have not decided as yet... Where do most people install their wall mount screens?
  15. Cheers for the info. I do already have the D101 like I mentioned but was not 100% sure on looks etc but now I know the functionality its a winner over the Ring devices (even the Ring Elite). I would like to paint the front Polycarbonate housing if possible as it looks very tacky as it. Is this something that's possible? I looked on the Doorbird website and could not find any metal covers to swap so the next step would be to maybe sand is slightly and paint it in a metallic colour to match the August Smart Lock Pro I just bought. What would be the process of this?
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