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  1. Highly recommend this if you use WeMo devices.
  2. Is there anything in the pipeline for C4 having the ability to display floor plans on the screens? Elan have them and they are fantastic if done correctly: Also, I know there is D-Tools but is there a free or cheaper alternative? I would love to do some floor plans for myself as I’m about to lay the Cat6 and speaker cabling. Would also be useful to have a rack diagram software included. I currently use Numbers (Apples version of Excel) for all my devices like IP address, wired or WiFi etc. If there is a program like that but not mega £££ that would be grand. Cheers
  3. Oops! Yes your correct but might as well delete this thread as I’m not buying 4 EA-3’s after just selling one!
  4. Hello, I have a dual load dimmer in my living room but also just bought a C4-KD240 (240V version of the C4-KD120) and have two lamps in the living room connected to a WeMo outlet. Is it possible to assign the lamps to the Control4 keypad at all instead of just using the remote, touchscreen etc? Cheers
  5. Hello, Just occurred to me that the EA-1's have a 3.5mm audio output along with the HDMI audio/video. Is it possible to display the GUI via HDMI but use the 3.5mm as one of the outputs to a Control4 single amplifier (im sure I read they do one?) connected to a set of ceiling speakers? I intend on using my EA-5 with my HC800 to output to my C4 16 channel matrix >>> C4 Amp >>> speakers which gives me a total of 3 analog and 3 digital outputs. The HC800 only outputs 44.1 kHz / 16 bit instead of Up to 192 kHz / 24 bit which the EA-5 and EA-1 do. It would reduce wiring length but I would like the same GUI as if I was to use the matrix and also not use a Sonos Amp. Just wondering if Control4 does a single amp or anything?! If not I will just use the EA-5 and HC800 in the rack. Cheers
  6. Selling my EA-3 V1 as upgraded to a EA-5. Boxed with accessories (IR blasters etc). It does however require a standard 3 plug UK power cable (small version of 3 plug kettle lead) but works absolutely fine plugged into a U.K. socket. Only selling without due to keeping it for my EA-5. £450 + deliver https://imgur.com/a/wogXndU
  7. Just wondering what size back box is required? Is it a standard USA light switch size? If so what is it please? Also, what is the recommend depth? Thanks
  8. Ahh I see, so analog and digital audio outputs together are fine?
  9. Ahh I see! Thank you very much for explaining. I was really looking for a cheap way to add more inputs as I only have a EA-5 but have ordered a HC-800 to act as a slave. On the subject of outputs, I read that combining analog and digital is not good? Is that correct? Cheers
  10. I thought I asked the question before. Found this I asked a quite ago: msgreenf replied: So it sounds like it would work?!
  11. Ahh ok, so you would be using the Alexa app on your phone, not using the C4 navigator? If so that's a shame. Im 99% sure I read msgreenf mention something about what I was wanting but maybe a read it wrong
  12. Shame, would be nice to have some of the features like the contact and motion sensors.
  13. Hello, I may of asked similar before but using the native C4 music GUI on the 3.0+ navigator can you plug a Amazon Echo and/or Amazon input into the C4 matrix to add another source? Example being you use the C4 music GUI to play a song and select bedroom for example or play music while in the bedroom section and it outputs via the Amazon Echo/Input to the C4 matrix which then goes to the C4 amp and then to the ceiling speakers in the bedroom? Cheers
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