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  1. Does anyone if you can buy their products online without going thru dealer?
  2. Can you run a matrix with out a controller? Also what is the cost of this unit and its better to get one with down mixing?
  3. Can you change the selected room on the SR260 remote so I can use same remote for several rooms?
  4. SR260 can I have info,DVR access on cable box? Was hoping to have only one remote for all functions.
  5. Does this remote control all functions that a Cable box remote? Also how many remotes can be connected to a EA3 or EA5?
  6. Sorry no surround sound at the moment
  7. I'm hoping to get bye with about 5k for start and grow from there. Was anyone used the Key Digital Matrix? Seems that there is not many places to purchase it the states
  8. thanks for the help, in my area there is only 1 dealer and seems like he only wants to sell and not give advice
  9. Would anyone have an example how to connect 4 tv's to 4 different sources and 2 audio sources using a AV matrix to a EA3 or EA5. Video will be HDMI over cat 6 to all tv's? All components are located in basement. Also how would control different sources from 2 different rooms if there is only 1 remote?
  10. I have recently started looking at Control 4 and having hard time understanding all the components. I want to run 4 tv's off 2 cable boxes I wanted to run HDMI of ethernet for all those tv's ,1 fire tv, 1 SlingBox. Plans to run them on different tv's or the same. Also for audio I was looking at 2 sonos for 2 different audio sources. I was told I need 2 controllers but not seeing how I can connect all sources.. I started looking at the AV matrix but not sure all these connects and the cost is expensive.. Any help would be great just not trying to break the bank and have a system I can grow with
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