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  1. I bought this with our home last year from the previous owner. I was going to go the Control4 route for automation but opted to just use Alexa and Sonos. The amp powers up and looks fine. If you have Control4 gear, this is supposed to be an amazing smart amp.cash please. you can email me at garden17@gmail.comThanks martin
  2. I have a Synology NAS and an AE1 on the way. The new house has a couple of coax+2 lead runs that go to the NAS location. Can you recommend a camera and coax to IP solution? Thanks Martin
  3. Right now, there are no C4 switches or keypads. I'd like to add some controlled switches for when we are traveling. Is there a recommended compatible dimmer switch? Thanks Martin
  4. I'm going to get an EA1 to make use of the C4 amp and potentially add some control to lighting. The idea of having control of inputs over 8 zones is compelling. With the other amps, I can keep those more simple and add echo links as needed to break up those zones. What I'm most excited about is that I've got enough room for a rack that has wheels that I can pull out and re-configure.
  5. We just purchased a home that is about 10 years old. The previous owner left some C4 gear. The house is set up with speakers in every room with local volume controls with speaker wires running to a single location. The owner took some of the gear with them. I'm assuming that they took some home theater gear. I'm really only interested in the home audio. I do have a couple of multi-zone amps and a couple of sonos connects. The gear that was left if a nice looking amp: C4 16AMP3B, an old C4 ipod unit, a C4-HC300-E-B (home controller), C4-HC200-E-B, and a remote. The controllers look
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