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  1. Thank you. I will be in touch with you also to get more of your opinions.
  2. Thank you. I will be sending you a PM probably today!
  3. Guys thank you for all of your knowledge and opinions! Sounds like I need to save up and go the C4 route.
  4. Will I honestly have any problems with my Ubiquiti network, that is already purchased, integrating with C4??
  5. Hey guys! New member here and have spent a couple days reading and searching the forum. I have a completely remodeled home that I am trying to setup. This is my personal property and I am a contractor and have done all the work. The entire house has been prewired, 4tv's, 1 surround + 4 zones of audio, cameras, security, and network with AP. This is a small house around 1600sqft and everything was wired to a central location. All network equipment and cameras are ubiquiti. My tv sources will be 2 cable boxes, blu ray, a fire tv or nvidia shield and cameras. My main goals are to have the cleanest look at each tv, control each tv, have music playing in different zones when we want, view cameras on tv and mobile devices, control t-stat, some lights and security. Alexa control is also on our list Main question: is C4 my best bet? I have read it has problems with Ubiquiti. I like everything about it but don't like the idea having to rely on a dealer for add ons since I probably will not buy and setup everything at once. Or do I go with maybe Smartthings, Harmony Hub, Sonos, Video-Storm or anything else? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
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