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  1. Thanks, that’s what I was afraid of...the current consensus among dealers I’ve communicated with is that, due to lack of communication & other issues, we should avoid doing business with them.
  2. Thanks for the info. I can’t seem to find the new Intellicenter driver anywhere.
  3. Well said. Basically, don’t do it unless you need to; but if you need to, don’t be scared to.
  4. You didn’t mention what streaming service(s) you want to use, but I would look at the Denon HEOS SuperLink, or possibly Autonomic MMS-5A.
  5. 1. The answer is yes, but you’d have to have those switches wired elsewhere. You’d be better off just replacing the switches with C4 dimmers in their current locations. 2. These are 3-way switches. They are supported. You’d have a dimmer (or keypad dimmer) at the location where the load is wired to, and an auxiliary keypad at the secondary location. 3. Nope 4.You’re sure they’re less than 300W? 5. There’s a dual-load dimmer available in Europe I believe but I’m in the US & know nothing about it.
  6. EZ style connectors should definitely be avoided. Patch panels & keystones should be avoided—with non-HDBT extenders. However, use of patch panels & keystones is perfectly acceptable when dealing with HDBT.
  7. I’m a couple weeks late to this thread, but we are running UniFi on ~50 of our C4 systems with no issues.
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