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  1. Ok - so right now I only see one ShairBridge option on my iOS device. However, it sounds like you are saying that a dealer could setup ShairBridge such that there are multiple ShareBridge options linked to scenes or specific rooms? Just trying to figure out what exactly I would need from the dealer versus what I can do on my own in Composer Home.
  2. Thanks everyone! I've got it working through ShairBridge now.
  3. Just curious if something changed? When my remote integrator setup my system, he asked if I wanted to add Apple Music - at the time I wasn't using it, so I said no and he added Amazon music. How do you listen to Apple Music through Control4 if it's not a "native service"?
  4. Trying to figure out how to add Apple Music to my system (EA-3) but don't see it on the app as an option for a service to add. Am I missing something or do I need an integrator to add it for me?
  5. Just want to add on to this already long list of extremely satisfied customers. Neil helped me install a new system for my entire house that included 11 touchscreens, 2 doorbells, security system, whole house audio distribution for 15 zones, video distribution using JAP to 5 zones, dedicated movie theater equipment setup (including a relay switch to turn on/off dedicated amplifiers and a digital movie poster), 10 light switches and 4 keypads. Neil is genuinely the nicest and most sincere person you will ever work with. He follows through and never needed any harassment from me to complete
  6. For those still following this, it looks like the cost difference for the Control4 hardware is on the order of magnitude of $15-$75 higher per switch using wired instead of wireless (assuming MSRP). This range is a function of how many dimmers vs switches you are using. This does not include any cost of the actual electrical wiring or labor. It also assumes that your are using the full capacity of the 2 slot panel (16) or 5 slot panel (40). If you did not fully utilize it, the cost difference would be higher. So, if you have roughly 16 light circuits that you want controlled by Contro
  7. Thanks for sharing. My goals are almost identical to yours. Start with the critical ones...expand over time as desired...minimize wall plates. I’ll wait to see what info I get back on the pricing for a design that suits my floor plan. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I’m counting I would want 8 switched light circuits and 8 dimmed light circuits. I would want 6 keypads. Now, I just need help with a rough cost comparison for wired vs wireless. It’s a 5100 sq ft 2 story home with 6 bedrooms and the media closet is in one corner of the first floor. I’ve got 4 wireless WiFi hubs around the house to ensure coverage ( 2 down and 2 up), so I’m worried the wireless switch solution will require similar coverage and potentially drive cost to be equivalent with a wired solution. Obviously the other benefit of wired is eliminating hidden switches in closets
  9. So, if I used a CA-1 or EA-1 for extending the range, how would it connect to the primary controller? Cat6 or Wireless? Just trying to make sure I have all my rough-in wiring in place to provide flexibility until I make final hardware selections.
  10. Good suggestion. I can imagine that there are alternating tipping points depending on how many total loads you have. Have you ever conducted an evaluation on this for your setup?
  11. Thanks everyone. These are all excellent ideas and they avoid all the extra kit and hassle of the wired option. I really appreciate all the examples. Question about zigbee range...adding switches between the C4 controller and the furthest spot away is the only way to extend range? Or is there another range extender option?
  12. Thank you SO much. You just saved me a lot of cash and headaches!!!! Really appreciate it.
  13. Wow! I didn't realize that was an option. So, let me just clarify...I can hook up all these lights to C4 switches in a location of my choosing (out of the way somewhere - any location that would make sense) and then put the Decora keypads at a strategic location in the house? Do these keypads need to be the wired (C4-KCB-WH) or wireless (C4-KC120277 or C4-KD120-WH)? I'm assuming wireless. Same for the regular C4 switches installed out of the way? Thanks alot for the reply!
  14. Hi All, Currently building a new home and we are beginning the electrical rough in. I discovered 2 lighting challenges that I think could be resolved with a Control4 lighting solution (already planning on using Control4 in the house). I need a recommendation and then design help from a dealer (preferably one of the friendly ones on this site ). Here are the 2 situations: 1. Have multiple flood and soffit lights around the perimeter of the house. Electrician is asking how we want them wired and where to put light switches. After researching Control4 lighting today, I think
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